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  1. Even if this is an old article, lets hope it is still the aim. My guesses is.
  2. It translated so nicely. Even if its an old plan, lets hope that is still the direction.
  3. Most conferences call are a waste of time...except for Adams. I rather get some fresh air.
  4. Iraq to Expel More MKO Members after Arab League Summit TEHRAN (FNA)- Another group of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) members who were under the Iraqi government's pressures to leave Camp Ashraf are due to be expelled from the camp after the Arab League summit in Baghdad. The fourth stage of the MKO expulsion from Iraq will be done after the end of the Arab summit in Baghdad late March, an Iraqi official said. Vice-President of the Diyala Provincial Council Sadeq al-Husseini told the Habilian Association - formed of the families of the Iranian terror victims - on Wedn
  5. Interesting. Could be parallels that relate. Lets keep an eye on this. Thanks bot.
  6. Knowing and talking to them, they aren't coming back...they got bad mouthed and accused of a hidden agenda that wasn't true... that was blown out of proportion. They are all doing good worries from them.
  7. I wonder if the US will start throwing out news that isn't necessarily true by guessing whats going on behind those doors.
  8. This is a funny thread. haha Computer automated responses...
  9. BAGHDAD (AP) – Drought and uprisings are threatening to undermine the Middle East's economy, Arab officials said Tuesday as they discussed plans to boost the region's stability at the start of a key summit in Baghdad. UAE Ambassador to Iraq Abdullah al-Shihy attends the Arab League Summit in Baghdad on Tuesday. For the first time in a generation, leaders from 21 states gathered in Iraq for the Arab League's annual summit. Iraq is hoping the summit will better integrate its Shiite-led government into the Sunni-dominated Arab world, and has deployed thousands of soldiers and police forces acro
  10. 21 countries. No issues as of yet. Kurds are coming. Kuwait seems to be happy. So far so good. Lets work on that Chap 7.
  11. It obviously means AFTER the summit. The US wants a unified Iraq...not for the Kurds to have an independent state... This article doesn't mean much as of yet
  12. Thanks Carla...I get your directions . You always find the good stuff. The printing began years ago with even newer denoms being printed with specifications as of now. hmm.
  13. That top picture is so old. I've seen that picture dozens of times. Until the media blackout is over, news cannot be trusted!
  14. When has 3/27/2012 been "so old?" Matter of fact, its in the futtttturrreeeeeeeee. Recycled if this may be, lets not just add negativity that is not talked about in the article.
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