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  1. They have much less than 30 trillion, it's about 4 trillion, and at a 1:1 ratio, it is very possible.
  2. The Iraqi dinar will RV. No lop, no RD, period. For you people on here who insist that there will be no RV please do us all a favor and find another hobby and quit wasting your time. If you need help finding another hobby other than being negative and depressing, please message me and I'll be happy to assist you and point you in another direction. Think about this whole dinar scenario like this: The world/investors are playing poker with Shabbibi. Now, Shabbibi is sitting across the table from us wearing his aviator sunglasses and a baseball hat with the Iraqi flag logo on the front. Now, being one of the top 5 economists in the world or "poker players in the world" , he knows that if he gives us even the slightest look at the cards he is holding, his whole plan will fall apart. So what is Shabbibi going to do to avoid this? He is going to bluff and bluff, and tell the CBI to put out articles that will resemble a Redenomination aka a Lop. Now, this is a smart move on his part because if he indicates an RV to us or shows us his cards, us investors and the rest of the world will smell blood, and his country and his economic plan of 7 years in the making will be toast. Now, I do believe we are at the point in this investment, where Shabbibi will be showing his cards very soon, and we will indeed see that he was bluffing all along, and the currency will Revaluate. We just need to be patient and watch this process play out. And just a friendly reminder for my lobsters out there: A lop is a a destruction of wealth. A revaluation is a creation of wealth. Do you really think after all these years of poverty in Iraq that Shabbibi would want to further destroy wealth? I will answer that: HELL NO!
  3. Keep, You remind me of the kid in my college class who challenges the teacher on everything he is teaching, meanwhile the teacher has a doctorates degree and has been teaching for the past 40 years. Don't look too much into things. Accept the fact that the RV will happen, no lop, and when it does you will have made a lot of money.
  4. I'm sure this guy is doing this because Iraq is going to lop to currency and destroy wealth right ? :lol:
  5. Yes it is much higher. The dfi funds were about 250 billion plus the 60 billion they are now claiming. I know for a fact the reserves are over 300 billion, but they wouldn't hold anything back from us, right ?
  6. I got news for you, every time I step out of my house I see something offensive. Does this mean I should never leave my home? This post holds no weight. Sorry dude
  7. This is awesome news. The troops leaving is the best thing that could have happened IMO. Things are moving full speed ahead and the UN is fully backing them in doing this. The RV is immenent, it's just when? I believe real real soon :D
  8. Sounds reasonable to me . That's what were all hoping for, so I'm going to agree with your boots on the ground !
  9. Articles like this make me wonder what Shabibi is thinking and how worried he is. To RV or not to RV? I'm looking for an RV real soon!
  10. Man o man these people take forever...looks like things are coming to an end though. Im confident all these issues will be resolved very very soon. RV baby !
  11. Nope I have it right. Hillarious is over in the middle east shaking hands and having face to face talks with the leaders of these nations, whereas Obama is having closed circuit tv meetings with malaki. Hillarious has encouraged investment opportunities in iraq and she knows what she is saying. Her talks and negotiations with the leaders of these countries shows results. Behind closed doors, I think Hillarious takes obama by the hand and tells him what to do...just saying
  12. I feel like Clinton is much more important and crucial to this investment then obama...she has so much more influence and power IMO...oboma is just a weak puppet
  13. Adam, I have heard many people state that rising inflation levels are pointing to Shabbibi RVing the currency sooner than later. How do you feel about the current inflation levels, and is inflation our friend right now? Thanks for all you do
  14. I love how these people keep talking about implementing it, and how it will help them, but they still haven't done it. Implement the policy already !!!
  15. Hey Sonny1, I just read on a chat by Med that you recently spoke with him about what took place this past weekend between the IMF and Shabbibi. Is it true that the IMF displayed a sense of urgency to Shabbibi to revalue and fix the economy. I'm sure I speak for most members on DV that your opinion is well respected, and if this is true, it sounds really good and I would love for you to elaborate on the issue. Thanks
  16. $3.33 !. I'll take that rate all day longgg ! Thanks Aqua Dude
  17. sounds good to me ! How many more possible signs can they give us that this thing is about to pop !
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