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  1. this is scary stuff I urge everyone to watch & listen to this, then forward it to everyone you know. Very important information from Lt Genl. Boykin about the path to socialism … A video that will make you think seriously! IZZA
  3. NOT SURE IF ITS BEEN POSTED BEFORE if it has MODS please remove it Part 2 starts after part1, and part 3 starts after part2 Just found it interesting, and thought I would share IZZA
  4. WE ALL NEED TO BE MORE EDUCATED, WITH WHATS GOING ON'> Opposition to Agenda 21 Building Rapidly Posted: 22 Jul 2012 08:18 AM PDT Agenda 21 for dummies! Sustainable Freedom: Surging Opposition to Agenda 21,Sustainable Development Watch this movie and get your education, unless you want your property rights to go away. Mike Cole says he won't be spending much time on agenda 21 as a county commissioner. Can you afford to have a county commissioner who doesn't know enough about this issue to be able to protect your property rights. Can you afford a county commissioner who will be the pawn of the same people who gave us this agenda in Lincoln County Montana by a vote of the commission rather than submitting it to the people for a vote. Yes, the growth policy is part of agenda 21, and leads to property rights loss for all the people. It's time to elect a county commissioner who knows how to fight agenda 21. I believe that person is NOT Mike Cole. Resistance to this agenda is victory for America. Paul Stramer Written by Alex Newman The New American Alabama banned it. The Republican National Committee (RNC) officially opposes it. Even a group of Democrats has now joined the fight. And the movement to stop it is growing stronger every single day. Twenty years after the United Nations birthed the global sustainable development scheme known as Agenda 21, its tentacles have stretched across America into every level of government. But the battle to stop it is in full swing. While the planetary plot was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, the executive branch has played a crucial role in its success thus far, using grants and mandates to foist it on the American people. Bush, Clinton, and Obama all worked on implementing it. But now, activists from across the political spectrum Tea Party groups, Occupy Wall Street types, Republicans, liberals, and moderates are turning up the heat. Scientists are defecting in record numbers, too. Of course, opposition has existed all along, though it was largely ignored by the establishment press and the political class. In the United States in recent years, however, outrage over the controversial global plan has become overwhelming impossible to conceal any longer. So in response to the growing nationwide outcry, cities, counties, political parties, and states have all started to take action to defend citizens and their rights. It is paying off; more victories are being announced almost weekly. Read more here: IZZA
  5. this is the one that i liked "TRAVELED TO THE NECESSARY LOCATION TO FINALLY OBTAIN PROPER INTEL" Man of many talents Have a Great Weekend IZZA
  7. I agree with you on this, I worked with a man that did not pay taxes had a lawyer work with him to make sure he was doing everything legal? he did this for 15 years , not sure what all happened but the IRS won there case the man lost everything he had along with his home and was lefts homeless. He retired and still had to pay the IRS a large amount which left him with not much to live on being retired. lawyers fees, penalties, and all of the headaches would have made me sick Life is to short to play this game for me i AM to old to Change IZZA
  8. THE THIRD AGENDA CAUGHT MY EYE - WE MIGHT BE CLOSE ? July 20, 2012 - WHITE HATS REPORT #46 Posted: 19 Jul 2012 11:03 PM PDT A different call to action …CRITICAL INFORMATION! First agenda item: Over the last week we have heard of many different types of “calls to action”. The “calls” have to do with militia style activism and, although we do not discourage these actions, we realize how difficult it will be. First and foremost, Brother Drake has been putting the word out to a lot of folks during his weekly broadcasts. We have heard many of his shows and his briefings are informative and the depth of knowledge is heart warming to all of us here at the White Hats. The clear and precise message is “be informed” and “take action” when required to do so. The folks in the hallowed halls are listening to the thunder clouds of a pissed off nation and world, clearly approaching the steps of the Capital. So, to all of our “friends” in the Washington D.C. beltway, listen carefully, soon the people will be on your door step, taking you away. It’s not just Obama they will be after … it’s you. Second agenda item: To Homeland Security, tell us that you really didn’t pull the plug on Drake’s show. Who came up with that plan? Let’s review. Drake is a patriot … if you listen to the broadcasts you would know that. If you Homeland guys, and the rest of the government officials, would act like you cared about the 310 million citizens of the United States of America you wouldn’t have to worry about what the Drakes of the world are saying. They would be spouting just another conspiracy theory that nobody listens to. You do have a problem, everyone IS listening. Why? NOBODY TRUSTS YOU! Along with the freedoms we expect and are guaranteed, we specifically demand you uphold our 2nd Amendment Rights. Remember the concept of Freedom Of Speech! With regard to our Freedom Of Speech we want to know why you are involved with Foreign Nations in the development and reverse engineering of alien technologies for use against the Citizens of the country you were sworn to protect . We understand you think you are the only authority who can arrest and question people’s activities, but beware, your time is running out. You would be best served researching how the unelected elite bloodlines have stolen money from the United States through Pureheart, a Homeland Security owed and operated company, a Government Sponsored Entity (GSE), specifically attached to you. You own that company and don’t have the ability to regulate its activities. Or do you? Are you instructing Pureheart, your company, to take the stolen money and develop multiple underground tunnels and cities? You must realize that your mission would be compromised if it ever came out that you guys are the front for a clandestine, ultra secret operation that places the people of the world in jeopardy. You already know what we think, so why don’t we let the people decide. We know you won’t be forthright about your clandestine, ultra secret program. We do want to get our questions on the record for all of humanity. Is the clandestine, ultra secret operation due to your belief that something horrific will happen soon, like some sort of attack that would decimate the human population of earth? - OR - Is the clandestine, ultra secret operation due to the elite bloodline families, including the Bush Cabal’s, with the belief that they are superior to the rest of the people of the world, and therefore, have the right to extinguish our lives for their own betterment? - OR – Is the clandestine, ultra secret operation due to something in the universe that will alter humanity, as we know it, i.e.: like a large object hitting us? Maybe you would be able to provide other lines of logical thinking. If it’s not one of those three scenarios, then explain to us why the leadership of the G8 countries would be FULLY involved, right up to their eyeballs. You guys have approved it, now you should answer for it! What we believe is that if Homeland Security were just internal security for the United States of America, it would be doing just that. Unfortunately, you got involved in Pureheart, a Homeland Security company. Pureheart is solely set up for the thieving of large amounts of cash positions, i.e. Falcone, Tropos, and one that has not even been reported yet …all ultra secret means of financing your ultra secret underground activities. The tell-tale sign is that the Bloodline families and the Cabal can only control the Western European Monetary System - the same system the Bloodlines control. ONLY THE WESTERN EUROPEAN MONETARY SYSTEM IS FAILING FINANCIALLY, BUT IT IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE REST OF THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. We are right and you know it. Why else would you need to fraudulently develop a high level scam to steal $15 trillion dollars and trade it at a rate of 2000% a month? Where’s the money, General Rosier? Where’s the money, Mr. Bernanke? Where's the money Lord Steven Greene? Don’t tell the lie that you do not have control on your main and singular product … cash. IT’S ALL BEING DONE IN THE MONETARY SYSTEM THAT YOU CREATED AND OPERATE DAILY. That’s hundreds of trillions of dollars a month and the world is wondering why the Federal Reserve is failing and broke. No cash and no cash flow. It’s painfully hilarious that the very people who own and control the Federal Reserve System and the Western European economies are failing … and you guys are the best and the brightest we have! The Chinese have operated for thousands of years, yet you haven’t got it down after one hundred years. Maybe you just don’t want to let us know what the rest of the world knows and talks about. The Federal Reserve, along with your secret government system is controlling the underground activities and that is where you have lost control. No wonder the intelligent people of the world seem to think that 911 was merely a Bush and Cheney con job to get Homeland Security instituted, so as to facilitate the redirection of substantial cash to do your ultra-secret, worldwide G8 operations. More Later, if there is one. Once again we ask … WHO HAS THEIR TICKET? Third agenda item: A call out to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama. Tell us you didn’t really demand of Wells Fargo that they pay out your Iraqi Dinars above each and every person in the world. Again, we say, Really! The politicians and the big kahuna’s wife got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, Yet Again! What’s really sad is a bunch of “political speak” was issued from Congress Friday stating they would suspend business for an “internal work day”. You must think, WE THE PEOPLE are stupid. You all ended up getting your Iraqi Dinars exchanged for vouchers at Wells Fargo Bank. If we did that to our employers, we would be fired. Hmmmm … now that’s the ticket! No pun intended. For the “leadership” of this country, your actions are despicable. So, just get the hell out. Go away. Take the money you have plundered from the American people and just go away! Fourth agenda item: A special message to President Barack Obama. When you and Michelle flew in on Nancy Pelosi’s Gulfstream and parked her bird at the far side of the hanger deck for Atlantic Aviation …where you obviously thought no one would see you … and while you snuck off to Wells Fargo Bank to transact your Iraqi Dinars … did you ever once think about the Country and the image you portrayed as you did that. Can you tell us why you think you deserve to be first in line at the profit-taking trough yet once again? Perhaps it’s like the CEO’s you say you hate who get large bonuses for bankrupting companies. Oops, another bird out of the bag … running the country like it is a profit and loss company. Imagine that, The White Hats calling you just another crooked politician with his hand out … go figure. Everyone thought you had a plan and that a change was going to occur? We guessed it would be inappropriate to talk about that right now but you certainly a quick study. We realize that shaming you for your greedy, self-aggrandizing action is useless at this point in your career but for God’s sake, at least put on the Abe Lincoln beard and Black Hat so that the hundreds of people that didn’t see you … ahem … don’t whisper. Hell, we found you just after the flight plan was lodged … remember Air Force One always travels to a location with a TFR in place. When one is not present, that means you are sneakin’ around and you were sneaking, weren’t you President & Mrs. Obama … sort of like the trips to Spain and London? Personally, we wish you would accelerate your plans to move to your newfound home in Costa Rica. The sooner the better … like maybe next week. ON TO BETTER THINGS Fifth agenda item: For months and months, the White Hats have been calling out for assistance in getting the word out to the masses thinking that all of the masses talk to each other. Go back and re-read the last sentence. We want to share some insights with you regarding the alternative media segment of the world. You have strength in a way that very few understand. The White Hats register on approximately 350 blogs throughout the world. To date, we are translated into 9 languages we know of, including all of the majors. We have been talking about stuff that no man in his right mind should talk about but we do it anyway and there will be more, much, much more. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be heard. But … The powers that be have kept all of the little people segregated for far too long and the little people need to do something about it. What do we mean when we say this? Let’s look. One of the best sources for UFO related stuff is Kerry Cassidy. This gal is hard working, relentless and, in our experience, she has been extremely helpful, sincere and always ready to explain things outside of our expertise. In the same breath, you have Dr. Boylan, who has been a long term member of the alternative community. There are more and we do not intend to leave anyone out of the loop, but look at how segmented the communities are … and the disinfo guys love it. Why, you say? Because it is easy to isolate and control any one of the blogs and the topics, to nothingness. As long as you isolate yourself to nothingness, the UFO's go to one corner and huddle, and the financial guys go to another corner and huddle, etc, etc, etc. We guess you only have to remember the Sadie Hawkins dance when the girls huddled on one side and the boys huddled on the other. What happens when the largest financial scam of the world to date occurs and the disinfo teams are able to control through the Sadie Hawkins techniques of control? You are all segregated, so no kissing is going to occur. After all, you know what will happen if kissing occurs. Let the baseball game begin. If you don’t kiss then your individual stories do not mesh. Let’s give you an example. The 911’s have their blogs, the Homeland Security haters have their blogs, the Secret Government people have their blogs, the UFO's have their blogs, the Bush Cabal haters have their blogs, and the Anti Bilderbergs have their blogs. However nobody hates the G8 because nobody knows what they do, including their clandestine ultra secret operations with the United States Secret Government. With everyone in their corners not talking to one another, nobody has the opportunity to put all of the pieces together…pieces that have been there all along … way before the White Hats showed their faces. Now, all of the sudden pieces of the jig saw puzzle started to fit in the White Hats research. And so we start to ask questions of the blog community. And then we all had to sit down and really think if this $15T scam, along with all of the other scams, is all part of the same agenda. Well folks, it is! Now you look at it and start to ask questions. Kerry, you need to move ahead and report what you know and think without the threat of accidental death. Dr. Boylan, get to it and start to make yourself available in a real world template with what you know. If the Cabal wants you to be eliminated, then so be It, but hell will pay with all of the millions of people worldwide that read the blogs and review the alternative media. This blog community could become a team if you work together... and that team would be capable of piecing together something akin to an internet network that would keep all the people informed of all the news and we desperately need that. It could assist the Mainstream Media in becoming obsolete due to their cabal controlled reporting. Mainstream Media - well, no guts to help save the world at this point, as you are totally controlled. News Media, get some backbone. We know you all do not have your tickets for the show … so are you laying down and giving up? We are guessing you have families that you love and cherish. Are they not reason enough to fight for your life and those humans that ultimately make a difference? Get a clue folks! We'd like to offer our blog to start the conversation. Sixth agenda item: And now more about this $15T scam situation. The Powers That Be decided a long time ago to keep the extraterrestrial situation quiet. We need to identify who the Powers That Be are. They are the bloodline families. They control everything that goes on in the banking world, the political world, and attempt to shape our individual reality on a daily basis. The control they are exerting has to do with control of the masses. I don’t think we need to create the long line of items that are currently before us ... oh what the hell why not? Just a few … Obamacare, the United Nations Agenda 21, the Libor scandal (the newest scandal of world wide proportion to rock the banking sectors of the world), the money laundering scandals, the aliens and their technologies, UFO’s, Homeland Security, and last but not least, our leadership. Let the White Hats help by asking this question. Do all of you folks that work for Homeland Security have your tickets? Are you expecting yours in the mail soon? Do you have a sense you will not receive one? Then you better start to question your very existence in the next three months, six months, one year to three years out. What are you going to do? Challenge and ask questions! Will you just stand there and take it? What are you going to do? The White Hats are going to be talking about the secret Government of the United States of America, really the world, but that is a dirty little secret for right now. If you really knew, you would go fetal in a minute. Right now, we want you to concentrate on sharing with one another and having blogdom come together in a way that is currently not done. WE WANT THE BLOGS TO COMPARE INFORMATION AND TALK TO ONE ANOTHER. If the White Hats have put it together but the blogs have been here for substantially longer,, then ”who missed the boat?” Blogdom, the powerful new alternative news media, is made up of two primary segments: those that report the news from developed and report the news, and those that report what other blogs report. Thankfully, you all get the word out but the ones who do the initial reporting have to do a far better job talking to one another. God Bless all of you! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYBODY IZZA
  9. GOOD ARTICLE Thanks for bringing it here Made me feel good for that old man, that still has it !! IZZA
  10. Good stuff Delta22 Thanks for the info.. Is there a Link? Thanks IZZA
  11. YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRY YOUR LOCAL BANKS That is where i have been buying IZZA
  12. Delta 22 and Snotrocket these are good discussion topics Thanks for bringing them up and i will be getting these books "Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel." The Harbinger: The ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future IZZA
  13. I know this is a long one.....This is one of the best videos I've ever seen. Very intelligent man and great at articulating. Please try to find the time to watch...even if it takes several "sessions". I don't think you'll be disappointed. Important stuff.‏ IZZA
  14. Synvista Therapeutics, Inc. (SYNI) SYNI DD LinksThis is very exciting! I've never been ground floor of a 200 bagger before! SYNI caught my eye on Friday so I did a ton of DD over the weekend. It looks like they are getting ready to announce something about one of their drugs. I've uncovered a paper trail indicating Dr. Noah has been busy working with other companies to get Synvista's drugs approved. Here are some links so you all can help connect the dots. Dr. Noah with Enzon pharmaceuticals Phase II RESULTS for "ENZ-2208 / PES-SN38" dated "06/05/2012"!--> Here is another report for the "PES-SN38" which refers to the 2012 ASCO meeting!--> Clincial trials results for "EZN-2968" start date 04/26/2007 and finished date 07/06/2011--> Synvista's patent's from 05/14/2009 through 12/29/2011!--> Patent #20110294730 filed on 12/01/2011 for drug to treat glaucoma. See Example21, paragraph (0244)--> just one to think about SHARE STRUCTURE 150 MILLION A/S VS 2.5 MILLION O/S! be careful and do your own DD izza
  15. Congradultaions everyone, were all debt slaves with mandatory healthcare now. If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait till its all we need is a nice carbon tax so they can charge us for our god given right to live and breath on this planet.... Its official, our supreme court is full of communists, I know, tell you something you dont already know.. IZZA
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