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  1. This is the only site I use. Facts are facts and there is no bullsh** here. Adam and his staff are amazing! Love to all
  2. So who won?????? Confused. All this talk of emergency sessions but I haven't seen who won and why the commotion
  3. When did 50's get cancelled. Is it 50,000's. I'm confused. Don't want my invest lost. Help. Freaking out right now I have $25000's so I'm safe. Right🤑🤑🤑
  4. When did 50's get cancelled. Is it 50,000's. I'm confused. Don't want my invest lost. Help. Freaking out right now
  5. I look forward to all the help I can get in investing and the dinar. My situation however does not allow me the freedom to invest. Monies are tight as with most people now a days. The dinar was a major jump in faith for me and hope this will allow me to invest in future ventures. It's hard to watch opportunities pass you by but if it's not an option what can you do. Not from lack of wanting
  6. If you invested in dinars, you should by now understand that this is based on a country that has no logic or follow thru. It is a waiting game! If you do not like the responses that Adam provides then you might want to rethink your investment. I along with all devoted DV members here at Dinar Vet admire and TRUST the information provided by Adam and the staff members who dedicate their own personal time to scan for factual information and then digest it down for those of us who can not.
  7. When does the new irag year begin? Do you think they will wait until then to push the GREAT RV button
  8. I believe if the government doesn't act soon then the people of mosul will take matters into their own hands for the terror and Slaughter that this man had released by on them. That will be true justice and use isis techniques as their point of reference
  9. Why is it so many people forget this fact. Especially once fame hits them and their tongues start wagging about why we should turn on the very people who have and still give them the freedom to wag those self centered tongues to those Innocents who look up to them as role models. My children and grandchildren have been raised to shake the hands of those selfless heros when ever they see them and thank them personally for what they and their families sacrifice everyday for our freefom
  10. Married 39 yrs together 42. Married at 18. Lot of hard work but worth it in the end
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