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  1. They already printed the lower denominations anyways. They also already had the second reading. I wonder why they are having another second reading. Is this the 3rd reading in disguise?!?
  2. for something that's going to happen in "2013", so they say, they sure are talking about it a lot.
  3. So I read something a few weeks ago (can't find it now, anyone heard this?) that only 10k and 25k notes will be taken out of circulation. Other large notes will be kept to conduct large transactions in the banks (1k, 5k). And they will introduce other low denominations that will mirror the US dollar (1, 5, 10, etc). Question, if this is true... 1. If they are not retiring all notes, my 50 dinar will be worth .05 cents...forever? Are they printing a new 50 dinar to be worth 50? So an old 50 bill is a nickle and the new 50 bill is really 50. Sounds complicated. 2. Large denominatio
  4. Out of curiosity if you believe in a lop, what if I have low denominations without 3 zeros?
  5. Why would they care about smuggling old currency if it was worth the same as the new denoms? ie 25k is $25.00.... Guess it means they will be worth 25k still!
  6. I agree but we did see an article not long ago saying that the 000s stuff will take 2-3 years to be complete, so 2-3 years before 2013 is NOW!
  7. 1. RV likely to come in closer to $1 and likely to rise over the next 5 years to $3 or so. 2. Everything that isn't in an article in the news is just speculation, and even the news articles out of Iraq are not reliable.
  9. Yea I can see it now.. Caller: "Hi I'm inquiring about the RV" IMF person: "Haven't you heard? It's pinging, bank screens are green, Obama signed off, Shabs has a brand new shiny Easy Button and he will be pushing it tomorrow!"
  10. KURDISTAN SPOKESMAN CALLED PARLIAMENT TO REJECT THE DRAFT LAW --- parliament is NOT in session until tomorrow so this was NOT rejected by parliament yet. Iraqi cabinet likes the draft law --- Kurdistan spokesman's in parliaments hands for a vote ---- it's not rejected yet!
  11. "The coming months will see the introduction of the new currency for circulation, and that the Finance Committee, experts and the Ministry of Finance discussed all the means that would not affect the process of removing the zeros, the citizens' income, or money, or owned by, or on the economic side in the daily dealings." Oh really.... Months!? COOL
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