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  1. Hey everyone I havent been around for a bit . . I have read several posts regarding Iraq may come out with a new currency . If so what do we do with ours? Will it be worthless? What if our banks wont take it ? Sorry it this posts has already been mentioned..
  2. But glad to see this website is still around and active .... yaayyyyy
  3. Hello, I started this investment in 2006. I stayed away and waited and watched was told yes this is a long time investment, but dang how long ? lol ... I check in every few years but its like a snail same info over and over, I guess I will check back again in several years! I still have my dinar safed away for that day !
  4. Sorry if this has been asked. If they call in old notes before new notes are released. what is everyone going to do? how are they going to turn there dinars back in? if they wait and change the value 1 to 1 with the new notes after all old is in. even if they coexist, but not raise the value until all old notes are in and destroyed. what will everyone do just keep theres as collectable items? thanks for any input
  5. They said the new bill will be 50 dinarS. not a 50 dinar note like what we have already. the new note will be printed as 50 dinars as in plurel.50dinars =50,000 will be worth 43 usd, as in 100,000. = about 90usd. ...there not leaking out any change of value yet.
  6. I see I called Citibank and they said thats not a valid account number anymore. Thank you for replying.
  7. Hey there, I just tried to wire money to warka, and Citibank bank said it wasnt the correct account number for Warka, Warka sent me wiring instructions they said the account number for them at Citibank Bank is 36908969, Is this the account number everyone else has too? Thanks
  8. 1 dinar= 1usd. call in large bills allow 2 to 3 years to bring them in. after bills in, come out with new currency at 1 dinar = 1usd. jmo though! after reading so much of the articles and trying to determine the truth from the tabloids.
  9. This article makes since to me, bring in large notes for 2 years come out with new currency 1 to 1 , and slowly increase in rate or even start 10cents and raise to 1 dollar in a couple of more years. So we may have a couple of years to sell our dinar when then call for them and if we dont they will be worthless. That way all investors can get most of there money back at least. Aren't the articles about removing zeros from the currency bills not the exchange rate?
  10. Heres the one I use ,
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