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  2. I love the way Adam Jack Stomped the Small Denoms Paranoia going on lately !
  3. This sounded more like a late nite info-mercial than an intel update. Just sayin'.
  4. Idk but this sounds like Okies post. One of them was copying when the teacher wasn't looking. TPSprayduster debunked that the ATMs weren't being guarded in the post "Okie Update - ( Land ahead Captain ). I will take the word of a fellow DV member over these Chuckleheads any day. Just sayin'.
  5. Perhaps he's waiting for a call from Okie's " Encrypted " Phone ! Yo Snap. Wish I was in Okie's Fave Five !
  6. Not that I have my hopes up but the Security around the ATMs could be confirmed by B.O.G. I'm old school but when he talks about speaking on an encrypted phone I have a picture in my head of Get Smart talking on his Shoe Phone !
  7. Thx GasCan. Fresh air instead of Hot air from the Get Team ! Refreshing.
  8. It looks like Longfellow has degenerated into a Gossip Columnist covering the Baghdad Social Circle along with the rest of the Iraq-a-razzi. If you want to see real intel go to " The RV in Process " Post by Biker in the Iraq + Dinar News Section. Then watch the Rumor section tomorrow to see the Gurus pass it off as their own !
  9. A Smack can also be slang for a smooch ( a smack on the lips ). Right now I think a bunch of the Peeps on this site want to Kiss U ( I will try to restrain myself cuz I don't want to ruin my make-up ). What find Biker !! Keep it coming.
  10. Thx Biker. I love real Intel as opposed to the Guru-Mongering !
  11. Ur not alone Qman, the Fat Lady had a Restraining Order put out on Oakie for all the harassing phone calls and defamation of character !
  12. If there is a time period for cashing in large denoms then I'm not worried. I will be 2nd in line behind rsskelton to Cash in and GET IT DONE !!
  13. It seems that much of the recent hype about purchasing small denoms can be loosely traced to some people trying to sell them at steep mark-ups. Just ignore them. They're out of their Flea-king Minds !
  14. Don't waste your time with lower denoms. Currency is currency. Once it RVs the Dinar will be internationally recognized and many banks will then give you the option of setting up your account in Dinar as opposed to USD if you so choose. If you feel that the Dinar will continue to rise post RV then you may want to keep some of your money in this type of account. But don't take advice from a clown like me. Ask Adam tomorrow nite.
  15. Keep it going Bob. Your gut feeling may be like Okies Intel, 2 to 3 days ahead of time. Keep the wave going !!! BOOOOOOOYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!
  16. " " ( and you can quote me on that )
  17. Perhaps we can ask Adam about the lower denoms tomorrow nite. I thought I remember seeing something in a post about after the RV, placing the proceeds into an account electroniclly with dinar as opposed to USD. Several banks would offer that flexibility once the Dinar was internationally recognized. That would make the point of converting into lower denims moot.
  18. Wow. Too much material in this post to figure out what to comment on. I know it's only been 24 hrs but does anyone else miss that "Gag Order" ?
  19. Thanks for the Post Easy. ( you wouldn't be taunting Keep would you ? ) Breitling had said in a previous chat that after May 1st we would be in RV mode on a day to day basis thru the end of June. If it happens sooner then even better ! Btw is Pigs Tooth anywhere near Little Rock ?
  20. And rate of "only" 1.45 - is this the New GET Lite Team ?
  21. Thx for the post djg. It looks like a lot of the Gurus are shaking the RV present to try and guess what's inside. I just hope the May 15th timeline mentioned in other chats will stick so we can finally open it and see !
  22. May 15th would be great. I'd love to see Iraq meet a deadline, just this once. Check out the Investment Opps + Wealth Mgt section. Adam just added a new response to a post this morning. FYI
  23. Is Frank 1 of those "Leaders" who sees where the crowd's headed + then runs out in front of it !
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