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  1. hook'em


    you are making no sense! is this OKIE in camo?
  2. biggest scam on earth!!! you really think the dinar will rv? if it seems to good to be true, it probably is? come on people get real we all got fucked!!!! time to move on to the next scam
  3. happens every week dufus!!!!! it is a acam buy more dinar!!!!
  4. as stated before "okie smokie" i need some of your weed!
  5. real simple no rv and you have no tax problem, period nuff said!
  6. You wanna buy 50K dinar, I'm in Tulsa, OK let me know where to meet and i'm there
  7. i did invest and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out we go scrwed. you wanna buy 50 million IQD for 50K? i can make it happen tomorrow
  8. Can you say SCAM!!!!! Your dinar will look great in your pool bathroom.
  9. I don't even know Joe P., but if he is leaving then that tells me he is as full of CACA as OKIE, SteveI and the rest of the guru's who have promised RV for years, so if you believe his BS then hall ass, if not let's find some people who can really provide good honest intel in Iraqi and make realistic projections when the RV will really happen.
  10. Now that they have offically retired let's get some real guru's who can add some real intel either good/bad/ugly so we can make some realistic predictions. "Is there anybody out there?"
  11. tTuth hurts! Let's move forward with some real rational dialog. Ido think it will happen, but have no idea when and for what dollar amount, but surely we can find someone with some contacts inside iraqi who will be truthful and honest. Is there anybody out there? Sounds like Pink Floyd.
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