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  1. Oh Yeah !!! And Jim Taylor and Paul Hornug and Boyd Dowler and Max McGee and Jerry Kraemer and Fuzzy Thurston, et all. Man those are some fond memories. I once served Fuzzy Thurston and a couple other players I don't remember breakfast at a local drug store lunch counter where I worked as a soda jerk right outta high school. That woulda been a few years before Super Bowl One. Damn... I must be really old.
  2. I was camping up north in Wisconsin many years ago as a young man. I was sitting on the shore of a well known Muskie lake. There was a long log from a fallen tree that extended 20 feet or so out into the lake. I noticed a squirrel sitting out at the far end of the log munching on an acorn. All of a sudden a huge muskie came up out of the water and grabbed the squirrel and disappeared back into the water. I couldn't believe my eyes... I just sat there in wonder staring at the log not believing what I had witnessed. A couple minutes past and then something even more unbelievable happened. That muskie came up and put another acorn on the log and then sank quietly back into the water.
  3. grand pubah.... I think your sense of humor is being missed, but I love it. Well time to go back to work... speaking of DoDos, there's a few there.
  4. Hey RodandStaff..... WOW.... That's a trophy for sure. Glad you put it on the site to share it with everyone. Incidentally... Those two 69 Lb records you spoke of weren't both caught in Wisconsin. One was caught in the St. Lawrence River in New York State. Supposedly another one weighing 77 Lbs was caught and released without registering it a couple years ago in the same river. Those of you concerned about the fish being kept, don't be overly concerned. The Muskie is known as the fish of 10,000 casts. They are plentiful but not easy to catch so they're not in danger of becoming extinct. Almost all are caught and released but everyone is entitled to one trophy mount on the wall. They, and the Northern Pike are not that good for eating anyway. They're full of small bones known as "Y" bones that are impossible to remove when cleaning and fileting the fish. Thanks again RodandStaff for the post and the pic. Remember after the RV we're meeting up there in Wisconsin to hunt for a trophy also. The best Muskie fishing is in the Fall so let's hope.
  5. So what you are saying is WE'VE BEEN HAD. The old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" is unfortunately still true.
  6. That's my question also. I've never understood this three zero issue. If I own a million dinar, am I gonna now own a million dollars or a thousand dollars?
  7. Clarification ???????. These articles drive me freaking nuts. Why in the world has not someone in this Dinar World figured a way to translate the news from Iraq into proper English? The way it comes out now is just plain confusing and to me utterly annoying.
  8. Hi Hntr..... Thanks for your take. You are obviously very happy right where you are and that's great. I was once right there too. Things just changed for me. And that's OK too. I'm very happy where I am now. BTW, I too am an avid outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman, although i haven't hunted in awhile. When I'm standing in the midst of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, I don't need to believe it was created by some mystical being in order to be in awe and to appreciate the majesty and beauty. I know the geology and the biology of it all. I don't think we can "KNOW" the source or beginning of it all, and I'm OK with that.
  9. Hey Delta22... Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not really looking for more to read right now because I have a backlog of purchased books. I plead guilty to being an information junkie. But I read the first 3 reviews of the book on Amazon, was intrigued, and immediately ordered a used, very good hard back copy for a buck and a quarter. Gotta love that, right? Lookin forward to gettin it. Thanks again my friend.
  10. Hey Nelg... Been a while. You're right that truth can be relative to circumstances as well as other factors. We all have different needs and see things from different perspectives. Perhaps a better word here would be "facts." I wouldn't wish to limit anyones contribution to this thread. I have no rules to suggest. For me, the God Question has been settled, but what motivated me to start this was the Conspiracy Theory topic. Their are a number of members here that post stuff regularly on that topic. For them of course it's not theory, but truth. As I began to delve into some of their stuff I found it to be a strange mixture of believable facts and sheer nonsense. Reading the book that I'm recommending here, I was delighted to find some insight into understanding the whole conspiracy theory issue. In addition to that, the chapter that I loved the most is titled "The Politics of Belief." It clearly lays out why we believe the way we do regarding our political persuasions. Again, great insight. The author is the publisher of Skeptic Magazine and also writes a monthly column in "Scientific American." He defines his belief system as follows: "A skeptic simply does not believe a knowledge claim until sufficient evidence is presented to reject the null hypothesis (that a knowledge claim is not true until proven otherwise)." The burden of proof of course lies with the person making the claim. That all makes absolutely perfect sense to me and that's exactly what I need to be content in my beliefs. For me things need to make sense and be supported by empirical evidence. No more faith, just reason. I just thought there might be a number of other people out there on the forums that could relate to my journey and would benefit from this book and so I decided to recommend it in connection with these contraversial topics that we keep finding posted here.
  11. I agree with you estewart. For me however giving up my spiritual belief is what freed me to explore other things without the guilt that came with questioning my faith. Good advice Jax. Are you an Ayn Rand fan also?
  12. Blind Guy with a seeing eye dog walks into a department store. He grabs the dogs tail and starts swinging him around and around. A clerk finally approaches the man and says "May I help you?" The blind guy says, "No... Just looking."
  13. Those of you who frequent the OFF TOPIC Forum know that the 3 topics in the title of this thread are the ones that generate the most passion and the most debate. That’s OK. That’s a good thing. If we are intelligent enough to keep our minds open, we can All learn Something. Besides, it’s good entertainment for those of us who enjoy mental challenges and stimulating conversation. Hell, the Iraqi Dinar RV/RI/RD/RX? has become such a total aggravation and frustration, why not just spend 5 or 10 minutes checking the “What’s New” Section for some shred of REAL hope, and then spend the balance of our daily “fix” time on DV here in the Off Topic forum getting some intellectual stimulation. And Oh BTW, the jokes and other funny stuff here are great entertainment too, but that’s another subject. Now then…. I thought about expounding upon each of those subjects in the title, but then I realized that like a few others that frequent this forum, I can get a bit verbose if I let myself and this post would get way too long if I did that. So let me cut to the chase. For those who value TRUTH and are willing to admit that there are times when certain things that you have believed, maybe even all your life, are now on occasion raising doubts in your mind, I would like to offer you a challenge. I challenge you to bring that belief or beliefs up onto the table and examine them. If TRUTH is the most important thing to you, then if you believe something that is in fact NOT true, you should want to know that. Would you not agree? We all hold strong beliefs on the topic subjects. But we don’t all believe the same way. Obviously, we can’t all be right. All our beliefs can’t be true. Some must be wrong or false. Here’s my recently adopted philosophy or attitude if you will… “I will gladly change my mind if I am proven wrong. Will You?” I have spent the last 4 years studying and reading dozens of books. The last book I just finished, had it been published 4 years ago, could have saved me all that time and reading because it pretty much answers all of my questions. If you share my passion for knowledge and truth and you have any doubts about anything you’ve been taught or led to believe in any of these areas, I highly recommend this book to you. It’s Michael Shermer’s latest book -- The BELIEVING BRAIN, From GHOSTS and GODS to POLITICS and CONSPIRACIES – How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths. The title says it all. Shermer lays everything out clearly and conclusively and supports everything with extensive footnotes for those who need that. The book is a great resource and a great read. Let me close with this. I know that the subject of religion is a particularly sensitive one. I have been on both sides of that issue and I fully understand both sides. I am now an unbeliever. But I fully understand the value of the life of faith to most people. I have made it clear to my family members that I in no way wish to dissuade anyone from their faith. I know what it does to a marriage when one believes and the other doesn’t. So if your faith is important to you and you are happy and you have no questions or no doubts, then I’m happy for you. Please believe that. On the other hand, if you do have questions or if you are just interested in understanding more about How and Why we believe the things we do, pick up a copy of this book and I guarantee you will enjoy it and learn a great deal.
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