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  1. Adam you made this the best birthday ever!!!! Go RV!
  2. I have purchased dinar at the 1st Convenience Bank inside Kroger in Mesquite,Tx.
  3. Just called 1st Convenience Bank in Mesquite, Texas @ 525 N. Gallaway. They are not selling Dinar, when asked why she said she couldn't tell me why. GO RVVVVVV!!
  4. Thank You!! I thought this question has been asked before. My sister-in-law picked up Dinar she had purchased and when she asked the teller if her husband could cash in, the teller told her the person who purchased it had to bring a receipt and it would have to be in his name. Thank you again for you help.
  5. Do you have to have a receipt in you name when we cash in? The reason I ask the question, say I know someone who can't afford to purchase Dinar. We give them Dinar. I hope I haven't screwed up trying to help others!!
  6. Good post been watching it for awhile, I've never seen it. Good for you.
  7. Has this been posted ? Any thuoghts ? Notice CBI decided to cancel the auction No. D 81 held on 15/9/2009 for period (182) days because the cut off yield was high . Dir.General Hazim N. Abdullah
  8. Hey mrref had you a big bowl sugar frosted basher flakes this morning,huh?
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