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  1. I couldn't see where this article had already been posted...thought I would share... Central Bank will issue new denomination bills 24/11/2011 08:29 BAGHDAD, Nov. 24 (AKnews) - The Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) has confirmed it will issue a new bill with a value of 50,000 IQD ($43 USD) but marked as 50 dinars. Deputy chairman of the ICB Dr Muzher Saleh said the bank is working to issue this new money in addition to coins in both Arabic and Kurdish in an effort to address the liquidity problem in Iraq. Economic adviser Abdul Hussein al-Ankabi said last September that this ploy to knock off some zeros will increase the phenomenon of money laundering. The largest currency in the country is now 25,000 dinars and its purchasing power does not exceed $23 USD. The new currency will include symbols that reflect the diversity of Iraqi sects and cultures including the Kurdish culture. "Iraq needs to support its economy and its currency through the issuance of a currency similar to foreign ones like the $100 bill," Saleh added. The main tasks of the ICB are to maintain price stability, implement monetary policy, manage reserves of foreign currency, issue and manage the currency and regulate the banking sector. The inflation rate in Iraq stood at 7.3% in September. WJ RN/JS/AKnews
  2. Been reading through some other topics about people saying currency traders and some banks are still selling dinar while others are not (my bank quit yesterday) and here is a crazy idea...maybe they are preparing for a new currency for Iraq and are slowly phasing the old one out??? I mean there has been talk about a rv and/or redenomination for a long time...maybe they are just super slow at enacting whatever they do...and heck who knows it could take months or years for all banks to be told to stop and the new currency to be issued...again just a thought...what does everyone else think?
  3. Just want to thank everyone who has been so nice on here...I didn't realize what a storm it would create posting what my husband had told me, I was just so excited something different had happended and I knew for sure it was not a lie! I definitly maybe should have worded my post much differently cause yeah once I started looking for other bank stories mine sounded pretty standard/lame...again thanks to everyone who has been supportive. Ok I am going to be brave and jump out there husband had made a comment to the teller yesterday when he was there that he coudn't believe that they had stopped selling it since they bought and sold it for more than what we see on forex so they should be making a killing especially on people who come back and cash theirs in (they said that their buy/sell prices were sell $1055.00 and buy was $674.00 per million, that was yesterday and they did comment that they still have a sell price but they are not selling any more dinar). What the teller told him was that they (the bank) did not make any money off of the dinar transactions, that it was the federal reserve, who they ordered their currency from, that was making the money...I know this doesn't really have anything to do with the RV just thought it was interesting...sounds like one of the other people making money off of this is our own government lol... Also my boss didn't get down there yesterday but hopefully she will today and maybe she will hear something else, she is much more talkative with the people at the bank...who knows if it will mean anything but it is nice to keep the hope alive!!!
  4. omg! I am not a freakin pumper!!! This is so absolutely crazy! I say that my bank ( which is in Marble Falls, TX) has stopped selling dinar and all of a sudden I am a pumper! That is absoloutely ridiculous! Now if I had said oooo everyone go buy dinar from anyplace you can...yeah sure bash me...but untill then...back off!!!
  5. lol yeah I thought it was encouraging husband had been in wal-mart getting a key made and just dropped by the bank to ask them about dinar...people on here are pretty harsh
  6. Which 1st Convenience did you buy it from???
  7. lol yes and that was why I had never posted...maybe I should have just kept it to myself...oh well it was something different and actually happened at my bank so oh well for the negativity!
  8. I don't really see how that makes me lose credibility but whatever...
  9. my husband was in there and the only thing he checks out about the dinar is if there is a post about it revaluing and the forex website...sorry he didn't give them the third degree!
  10. Have I encouraged anyone to go buy dinar...don't think so...and I don't remember posting anything about any clues given...what I posted was a bank is no longer selling it and it has not rv according to them...why can't people keep their rude comments to themselves?!
  11. It's actually in Marble Falls...which is prob no more than an hour from round rock...
  12. have you talked to your bank today? my boss had asked them yesterday if they were still selling and they said they no longer selling...just curious....
  13. well my husband I guess didn't really think to ask those other questions lol about why they weren't selling boss has to go pick up the last of what she had orded and will be asking *why they stopped selling it *will they still buy it back etc...when she tells me I will let y'all knnow!!! this is seriously the most excited I have been...hopefully the bank just didn't feel like they had been selling this long enough and were getting out! Has anyone else spoken to first convience? just curious to know if anyone else is getting the same response or has anything else to add!
  14. Ok I know I have never actually posted anything on here but I have been watching for a few months and just had to share this. I have purchased all dinar at my local 1st Convenience here in central husband was just in wal-mart and thought he would stop by and talk to the people at the bank and ask about the of today they have officially stopped selling it...said they couldn't give out any information and that they did not show it had revalued...please let this be a great sign!!!
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