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  1. D Thug, not sure why you got a neg but I gave you a +1 to even you out my friend. Guys and Gals, he just brought this over for us to get a chuckle and see what is being posted from all over. He didn't make it up so don't shoot the messenger.
  2. Bond Lady’s News Updates: Bond Lady’s Corner 6/8/11 Allawi empty-handed: Goodbye Policy Council On: Tuesday 07/06/2011 7:55  wrote: Ali SADA Allawi may be out of the game. Close to him say he was worried his coalition in the event of adjournment Older Nuri al-Maliki to declare a majority government, ending a partnership flabby. Documented sources say that the components of the Iraqi secret conduct dialogues with the state law without the knowledge of Allawi as a prelude to acceptance in the government of the majority. These sources indicate that the National Alliance are dialogues with the National Dialogue Front led by Saleh al-Mutlaq and pool (Iraqi), headed by Osama Nujaifi gathered (future) and the other with the exception of the National Accord Movement, headed by Iyad Allawi. But Iraq denies this and believes that Allawi has the political gravitas and maturity. Rep. Alcdhir measured to the extent that the information which refers to the secret talks with the state law in isolation from the movement of reconciliation is not correct, and that happened, the dialogue within the framework of the Cluster, led by Iyad Allawi. Since the formation of Iraq, and throughout the negotiations to form a government, it appeared that the political structure of the block difficult task of Allawi’s leadership, it was difficult to control the political tendencies of aspiring to Tariq al-Hashimi, Saleh al-Mutlaq, for example. In a meeting held by the parties at the home of Kurdish leader Rose Nuri Shaways, Allawi, as he emerged from the meeting, angry and saw journalists out quickly and stuffy, while the remaining Saleh al-Mutlaq in the room with the leader of the state law Hasan al. The next day news was a disappointment to indicate the level of Allawi’s powers in the policy, while the on-Mutlaq, a senior post in the government as well as to clean up his life in the mop. Split and rivalry Since the entry Allawi in the 2005 elections, the Iraqi bloc, did not know the political stability of his being, not his political standing on solid ground. And soon abandoned its partners, and subjected to its list of schisms, deviated from the Communists and other deputies are allied to the liberal trend, including Wael Abdul Latif and Safiya al-Suhail and others. “In meetings that were ready inspect the Iraqi elections, Allawi was the first restless observations and proposals for its partners, so that the exclusion of Snubs, and ultimately do what he wants.” This is what the leadership in Iraq, on condition of anonymity, which is due to the reasons for the failure of mass personal Allawi himself. But Allawi in the last election tried to show a new way, and was adopted without a large list of heads that seem to set itself ensures that all management. Allawi method Says a source close to the Iraqi leadership that the leading contact Allawi and told him about the mistakes and shortcomings mar the work of the Iraqi, and this was weeks after the agreement of the Declaration of Erbil. Allawi met with his colleague in the cluster and listened to him, and agreed to another meeting for the development of quick fixes to those deficiencies recorded by the top leader. But next time you run away from Allawi’s appointment. Of observations that have been made to Allawi The components of the Iraqi leaders hold daily meetings with the organization, but Allawi does not do it, and busy Besrall power. After weeks of this incident, deputies defected from Iraq and formed a cluster and white was the leading owner of the notes from Arabi Declaration schism. Last month, joined Iraqi leaders in an important meeting in Amman, said that the meeting was very important and sensitive issues for a very specific process of partnership, but has been meeting in the absence of Allawi, who was then settled in London. Aides said the leaders in the list that the impression prevailed in the meeting that he plans to study the coup against Allawi. The only loser According to reliable sources, Allawi has the sense that it is the only loser of the Iraqi bloc, the other leaders have received part of the power in what made possible by agreements Irbil, Valengeevi presided over the parliament and al-Mutlaq became deputy prime minister, while his Rafie al-Issawi the finance ministry, and engaged all of us in government. However, Iyad Allawi, who is still his council of policies ranging strategy in place. Iraqi politicians say that Allawi missed a lot while limited its role to address the political and mass Bhajsh old prime minister. Says of a senior Iraqi who declined to be named, said the leaders of many in the cluster reported Allawi in November of last year that continue to talk about the prime minister will pay the Iraqi loss of everything, and that it had to deal with the fact that the prime minister went to the al-Maliki, in the end convinced man, but reluctantly. And even time to consider the performance of Allawi, he is limited to the old desire to obtain the premiership. Says deputy Izzat Shabandar of state law that some Iraqi parties want to return to square the political process of conflict on the Prime Minister and the formation of new alliances to return to competition for the post of prime minister. Saw the relationship between a coalition of state law and the Iraqi List, arrived somewhat strained exchange of letters between Allawi and al-Maliki about disabling the principle of national partnership. And may indicate a desire to get things back to square one call by the Iraqi to adopt the option of early elections if the government fails to meet the demands of the Iraqi people, within a period of 100 days without achieving positive accomplishment. Trouble early elections Some politicians, even from Iraq, they see that the call for elections, the proposal involved the desire of Allawi Bekhatro balances to ensure his new prime minister. Without a doubt, Allawi, is popular in the good of the Iraqi street as it represents many of the political model variant of the forces of political Islam. Under the current circumstances, the orientations of Maliki and his plans for the rest of his second term does not fit, never the desire of Allawi in power. Head of state law remains the government thinks on her head under the banner of the majority winner Mrhqp cabin, and the bursting of partners by two and one in the government and the other in opposition, he wants this type of political factions in the opposition with both feet. Quoted reliable sources of all the leaders are close to Maliki, said he does not like to work with multiple warheads, a large block, so think of the invitation components of the Iraqi enlist their support during the last period. One of the leaders in Iraq said the past week, when Allawi was threatening to withdraw to the press, said that ministers would not comply with Iraq’s Allawi’s decision to suspend their participation in the Council of Ministers. For this, Allawi, and by threatening, because it is aware of what is going on in his list. The tone is not acceptable A deputy state law, which is Hussein al-Asadi, said that the escalation of the media by Iyad Allawi, aims to get more political gains, “and that his tone” is not acceptable and will be reflected on the Iraqi street and put the security negatively. “ The Iraqi in the twenty-seventh of last May confirmed that the dialogue with a coalition of state law is a waste of time, and threatened to Allawi in the day to withdraw from the political process if agreement was not implemented in Arbil. If completed Maliki government majority, which is probable, with the support of the Sadrist movement for this option, Allawi is in big trouble, they will find the components of the umbrella of the mass large, sit down with al-Maliki in his new Cabinet, and will remain the National Alliance in the solution of the Agreement on Erbil and Council policies. Allawi will end up empty-handed out, what did not happen the Iraqi leader to re-consider its policy again. http://almadapaper.n...n=view&id=41996 **********weve talked many times over allawi and maliki never gonna agree to share 50/50 or 51/49 even of the powers of the prime minister maliki, it would be so bad if they were to share power 50/50 as weve already seen allawi would never agree on any thing maliki had to bring for such as important laws or anything really..imo, because allawi has lost site of what he originally was about..imo..he was about the people and doing good things for them, but as maliki basically stole the election from him, allawi became vendictive and hate has took him over towards maliki, which i can understand how he must feel to think hes got the PM sewed up to just have maliki who is quite the fighter and strong minded and knows all the ends and out of ways to get his way..sweep in and steal the elections from him and become the prime minister, even tho maliki promised allawi to share weve seen for the last 6 months thats not possible to do and allawi has seemed to forget his commitment for the poor iraqi people who still wait for the government to be seated and for a better life…and now the government is reduced to allawi almost daily throwing fits and storming out or threatning to leave or calling for new elections which just isnt possible and has shown how weak allawi is to handle situations under duress imo. iraq is such a hard and rough country in the infantsy of democracy they have one chance to get this right, to prove they can leave the sectariant ways of a 2000 old history and become a civilized and democracy nation, and the 1st step they have to do is show that all these tribes that has hated each other for over 2000 yrs can be in the same room and sit at the same table and form a government without any outside interferance, they have to do this on there own..they have to show the rest of the middle east that if iraq can do it any country subjected to slavery and dictatorship caqn be free and have a democracy of there own, yes they have fought for a long time to set there government, with there history this was inevitable, but there comes a time if 1 wont give in for the betterment of the people and maliki is already the prime minister its up to allawi to concede some and quit worring so much about haveing as much power as maliki and set the government so security and the government can do there jobs for its citizens..there in critical times they have to set the government and announce it to the world..hey look at us we did it, now were ready to move on to the next stage as a team and were now ready to accept all the responcibilities of the wealth of iraqs rich country and to do with it as a team to build iraq up to its faded glory and regain its place in the world as the richest country in the world…they have to set the government and if they cannot agree then the majority vote b is all thats left and they will do this if they have too, no body wants to lose there jobs , nobody wants to start all over except allawi who has become so consumed with hate for maliki he cant seem to do the right thing and only wants malikis government sacked and wants new elections which none of the rest save a small amount wants..its time to just do it take the majority vote set the government announce to the world we did it, and rv that currency before inflation eats there country up..all imo. next article……….. Connections determine the price of international calls and domestic telephones Agencies - The Ministry of Communications will call the international price of 250 dinars from telephones and 5 dinars to call the Interior and 10 dinars farther from the center of cities. A spokesman for the ministry Smirali goldfinch in a press statement that “the Ministry of Communications has decided that Internet services are free for citizens and for one year because it was still weak and under construction.” He continued, “The Ministry of Communications is working to upgrade telecommunications in Iraq through the expansion of services and activate the technical and electronic. The telecommunications ministry said it had begun work on the ground to transfer the phone payment system of ground futures prior to the payment system by installing a high-level scientific program p …. I *************ok just wanted u all to see these… **international price of 250 dinars from telephones and 5 dinars to call the Interior and 10 dinars farther from the center of cities.** ummm do u think this is post or pre rv prices…lol…just sayin…ok next one…….. 08/06/2011 Cabinet approves law on salaries of employees of the Interior Baghdad morning The Cabinet decided yesterday to change the working hours in the ministries and state institutions, providing always one hour, beginning next Sunday and until the thirtieth of September. He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement received »Sabah» copy of it, that «the Council of Ministers decided to change working hours for all ministries and official state institutions, to start at seven am to two in the afternoon, starting from Sunday, June 12 to 30 September 2011 «. And the most beautiful Dabbagh other resolutions of the Council of Ministers adopted at its yesterday the approval of the draft law of service and retirement for the internal security forces and the law of the Federal Supreme Court and to transmit them to the House of Representatives, as well as to transmit the draft law the First Amendment to the General Budget Law of the Federal No. 2 of 2011 to the House of Representatives. According to the statement have been mandated by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Construction and Housing to reconsider the distribution mechanisms of housing units built and accelerate the distribution, in addition to the assignment of 11 hospitals on the companies, and to approve the payment of allowances to feed protections for workers under contracts similar to volunteers http://www.alsabaah....ow.aspx?ID=8929 *********im so glad there gonna start working more i bet the iraqi people are too, as they face rebuilding there country and haveing to pass so many laws they need to work more..imo. couldnt believe they went on vacation with all the problems that were faceing there country..***ok next one…… 08/06/2011 Following the launch of advances and loans to staff BAGHDAD – Haider al-Rubaie Filaih Showed economists fear of a possible rise in inflation rates in Iraq a year after the operations grant staff loans and advances, emphasizing the importance of follow-up to market fluctuations during the period equivalent to the distribution of those sums among the beneficiaries, stating that the process of pumping a cluster of large cash in the street resulting in naturally high rates of inflation, pointing at the same time the possibility that markets are construction materials, real estate, as well as car prices rises significantly in the coming days after the distribution of funds among the beneficiaries, arguing that increased demand for residential buildings or the construction of additional units, or on their way to buy cars, the resulting to the rise in prices may occur in line with periods of credit. The Rasheed Bank confirmed receipt of requests for direct lending and credit personnel in the ongoing work and $ 5 million dinars, and salary per cent, and the advance of the marriage by the state’s departments .. As he announced his intention to provide banking facilities and loans to the private sector up to one million dollars per loan, as well as its intention to open three branches of Islamic banking practice in both Baghdad and Najaf, and Basra during the month .. The general director of the Rasheed Bank Kazem fistula during his speech for the (morning): that the bank began promoting requests lending and credit employees of the State in the ongoing service and permanent staffing, noting that the resumption of grants came to contribute to the reduction of the housing crisis faced by Iraqi citizens and will be the amount of loan (100) that the salary does not exceed (50) million dinars in each case .. He suggested the Director-General to the process of granting loans and advances come for specific purposes and put the bank is to buy housing units, or build a piece of residential land, or start a building, or buying a piece of residential land, or purchase of housing units within the projects complexes housing, indicating that the mechanism of grants will be for through the Department of the borrower, which pays his salary, and in the form of monthly meals spread over (24) months from the month of June, 2011, with taking into account the need of the employee candidate for the loan. The fistula between the interest rate imposed on all loans to be granted by the Rasheed Bank (five million per cent salary and advances to marriage) of 6 percent of the size of the loan or advance. To that stated fistula that Rasheed Bank instructed on the granting of advances marriage to the staff of the state and the (3) million Iraqi dinars interest rate of 6 percent and a repayment period of three years including a grace period (3) months and will guarantee insurance advance to the National Insurance Company in addition to the Performance Guarantee staff on the permanent staffing .. Meanwhile, the Director General of the Bank of good done to a package of measures which he said can support fact industrial in the private sector in Iraq in general, indicating that the Rasheed Bank works to provide facilities and bank loans, new private sector more than a million dollars for the factory one, which able to revive the reality of industrial sector in Iraq and enable it to enter the field of competition with imported materials from abroad. in turn, warned the Economists of the risks of high inflation rates during the periods will equal the Granting of staff such advances and loans, indicating that the injection of a cluster of large cash in the local market will contribute to lift inflation and will increase the prices of goods and materials, particularly within the construction work .. The researcher added economic Hilfi Speaking (morning) that the process of support staff is important is the responsibility of the State at the present time, but Hilfi noted that the granting of advances and loans of this size and this period sponsor of price increases remarkably can absorb significantly the monetary value of those loans .. and noted Hilfi the decision to Rafidain and rational to grant loans of this size for the purposes of construction or purchase of housing units or land plots that can increase the prices in excess of the difficulties of achieving that goal, calling for the division of the grant process does not affect the market especially local property prices and Lima achieve the highest degree of interest http://www.alsabaah....ow.aspx?ID=8907 *********now most of u know inflation in iraq right now is what ive been saying that we need to watch out for …inflation is also what shabibi is watching out for, shabibi has said he wont allow iraq to go past 10% inflation for 2011, shabibis main responcibilities imo and some fact also..per his monetary policy was to stableize the iraqi dinar and curb inflation, the dinar doesnt seem so stable right now with the drying up of the 000 notes and inflation sky rocketing, in every thing now, electricity because it was so high to buy caused it to spike in huge amounts causeing a huge burden on the citizens to pay, and then we had all the food that had to be imported, no other country as iraq had said had to have rations for 30 millon people and iraq was just not produceing much to combat inflation where food was concerned so like electricity they had to import a whole lot of food to feed a starving nation causeing more spikes in inflation, then we see in the article above how building supplies now have added to the super inflation already all over iraq and as iraq becomes not only a massive boom town for oil and gas but construction projects all over iraq rebuilding there infra structure and building millons of homes, buildings, apartments, causeing building products of every kind to sky rocket in prices from importing these items from nails to lumber to every thing, then we see automobiles appliances clothes shoes basically every possible need in any kind of product for what ever indistry we see SUPER INFLATION…imo shabibi cannot allow this to continue he has to change monetary policy quickly, imo hes tried to wait for the government to be seated and announced so they could move on to the next stage but because of constant crying and stubborn bickering between maliki and allawi has put shabs controlling inflation in jepordy imo and now shabibi is faced with either going ahead and rving the currency to combat inflation or wait for a comple and formal goi.******* ..all imo…ok next one ……….. Iraq’s oil revenues increase 34% thanks to high prices Posted 08/06/2011 10:36 AM BAGHDAD (Reuters): Hussain al-Shahristani said Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister today that high oil prices boosted Iraq’s oil revenues to reach $ 34.1 billion in the first five months of this year, an increase of $ 8.7 billion or 34 percent from the budget figures. With the steady rise in Iraqi oil production and exports, government officials say they expect to cover the projected shortfall in oil revenues in the budget of 2011 of $ 13.4 billion. In February, the Iraqi parliament approved a budget of 82.6 billion dollars in 2011 on the basis that the price of oil $ 76.50 a barrel, and crude exports 2.2 million barrels a day. Shahristani said during his appearance with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and other members of the Council of Ministers on state television that the average price of Iraqi oil reached 103.60 dollars a barrel in the first five months of the year. He added that this means that there is a surplus of $ 8.7 billion in the first five months. He added that this is 34 percent above the expected figure in the budget in that period, which amounts to $ 25.4 billion. He said he expected the price of Iraqi oil remains higher than expected for the remainder of the year. The al-Shahristani and endanger the Maliki government’s performance during the period identified by the percent on the Prime Minister to his Government tried to improve public services in light of protests over poor living conditions and corruption. http://www.babnews.c...ew.asp?ID=40301 ********ok now weve covered the inflation part, now we see where there making so much money off of oil and gas and the IMF is also waching this you cannot keep a 1170 rate on your currency and your country be makin money hand over foot and still keep a crappy exchange rate..imo..the IMF will not allow that to sat like that to have a under valued currency , so we see inflation kickin butt and the profits from oil kickin butt and the chance of a majority to vote for maliki to finish and announce the government if allawi doesnt wanna play kick rocks dude…just get r done…your country is waiting to be proud of you and waiting to have a life, quit starveing your people with such high prices they cant afford to live..sit ur tails down set the goi, pass the hcl emplent article 140 and activate the arriff taxes and pass all the crucial laws that will bind iraqs future together and allow them fulfil there destiny of once again becomming the richest country in the world…this is what you all have invested in …what a great investment to have been a part of, sure the ride has been a crazy one, no doubt made worse by all the gurus and the rumors that hasnt seemed to have ever been right about any thing, i stick with the news because its the only stability ive found in all of the years ive been on this ride..i seek the truth in this investment and imo theres been very little truth in the rumors and suposed intel…i hope ive helped you in understanding and researching your investment in some small way, ty for letting me share our findings with you all, ty and God Bless,***go iraq**go rv…………drops the mic an walks off…..BondLady Didn't quite know where to put this one, it's not quite a chat, not a rumor but can't go in news because of her own breakdown of each article and her opinion so here it is. Mods, if there is a better place for it be my guest . Bond Lady, As always thank you so much for your breakdown and thoughts. You're very much appreciated!
  3. Yup, someone on DV has a wife that works at a TD and he posted this morning that she called and told him "no more dinar". I hope it means something but I guess we won't know until something more comes available to us. Thanks for the post Tony.
  4. I sure hope the pressure is on, their security situation is absolutely ridiculous.
  5. Possum and Momma invented Okies coolaid concoction. I think they make the moonshine that he puts in it.
  6. OMG Possum, you rock! I took your advice and went one step further kicked him in the face as I hopped off his desk. I'm so glad you gave me permission for this, you're the best.
  7. No, I know. I was agreeing. It's hard to tell sometimes in just written word, sorry. Me personally I'll be keeping my guns so I have something to fight with if kaos should occur but personally I think Kobuk1 is trolling for some drama here like he did last week, and doggone if I didn't get sucked in.
  8. I'm all for gun rights but oh man not going on a forum and suggesting that anyone commit a crime, especially getting unregistered firearms in the hands of just anyone.
  9. I really hope you're kidding. Filing a false police report is a criminal offense and can be punishable by a fine and jail time not to mention if you were dumb enough to file an insurance loss you're also looking at time for insurance fraud.
  10. I agree Kim, before i joined DV I would read these things on sites that didn't have comments available so I didn't know any better but to believe them. At least on here anyone can read the post, read the comments and see that they are liars.
  11. Sorry, knew I forgot something. My link
  12. I think NO WAY, but I guess anything is possible in the world of the IQD and crazy governments. Here's to hoping it just finally ends no matter the rate. +1 for ya, thanks for braving the Okie rumor haters
  13. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the first hundred days out of the planning and Maliki said during the Cabinet meeting the day before the deadline, he would work during the Hundred Days and the second with his cabinet ministers to accomplish what has planned For his part, stressed the government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, the government will not extend the time limit set by the Hundred Days to improve services, Dabbagh said during a press conference, said that the deadline cent on set by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the ministers and governors to improve the services will not be extended. Dabbagh said the government will deal with the coming days as the deadline cent on the same pace of work, noting that the "assessment of ministers and directors-general Hundred day by the political blocs to which they belong will not be taken into account, but their work will be evaluated within the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers In the meantime, set up a syndicate auditors and accountants in the capital Baghdad conference to assess the performance of the government within a hundred days. The participants in the conference that the government did not provide very little within the deadline, noting that the government did not develop a plan were not discussed with the House what can be achieved during this period, and stressing in the same time that the Iraqi citizens did not touch any development was not yet known what you were you want the government to determine this time
  14. Thanks hun, I've always said it and I'll say it again. I like reading the rumors for fun but I CHOOSE to open that link and I know what it is I'm about to read A RUMOR, but I wouldn't bash or neg the messenger when I knew what I was opening. Some are more believable than others but none can be taken too seriously until proven. Now if I came on here and said "hey, the RV just happened it' came in at 1.15 and I just cashed in, I'd say neg away because that's just me flat out lying to you.
  15. CoolKat, It's funny but people see that it's an okie update and they can read that it says "don't read this if you don't like doozies" but they still click on it and then neg the messenger for it. It's like they're compelled to do something they've been warned against just to be negative nancy's.
  16. I like the rumors and doozies right along with some other people but I do love that it's not right in with the news now. Put it where it belongs in a tab that you have to click on if you want to read it.
  17. * OKIE-OIL-MAN PUTS REPUTATION ON THE LINE June 6, 2011 01:22 pm · Posted in DOOZIES · Comments Off Okay guys . . . here is the latest . . . I have multiple sources worldwide that states the RV has occurred . . . and that the IQD will be on the forex sometime today [Monday – 06/06] . . . I am waiting to hear from a U.S. Bank that I was just informed that is cashing in today [Monday – 06/06] . . . . I am awaiting confirmation of that fact . . . we are now seeing the largest transfer of wealth in history . . . I will keep you current with the Intel . . . I am on top of it . . . praise the Lord Gotta give it to the man no matter how often he's wrong and as wrong as he always is he just doesn't give up. It's just so funny that it says he "Puts Reputation On The line". hahaha
  18. Love the way you look at it smee2, he is our nut. Not really "worried" umbertino just something that makes me go hmmm.
  19. Haha, wouldn't that be funny if possum and momma were behind all the major gurus. Eh, K98nights is right, possum is all in good albeit silly fun. The others I can't say that about.
  20. PVS you're totally correct, the first time I saw this it had said it came from our site. I personally think it's a lot like the gurus posts that we've seen. I have no idea who these people are (really) and either does anyone else unless you knew them before the investment. They could all be about as legit as possum as far as I'm concerned and that to me is kind of crazy to even imagine believing any of it.
  21. Noticed that the last two Possum posts have ended up on another site (DD) in the "doozies" section. First off it's made me wonder who in the heck can take anything he's said and bother posting it on another site as even a rumor. Secondly, I know on here we can all laugh about his posts and say to ourselves "possum's at it again, lol" but I really wonder if people read it on another site and take any of it seriously.
  22. Mind sharing? Sorry, I just saw in the second line of the description where you said it wasn't available. Not familiar with bloomberg but hopefully it is something.
  23. Nothing on their website gets changed on Friday and Saturday as those are their weekend. Nothing will show changed until tomorrow.
  24. Great find PPG but you need to attach the link so it doesn't get moved to rumors.
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