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  1. MSgt of Marines

    UN lifts ChapterVII...

    Attention to Detail next time Dip$%^&!
  2. MSgt of Marines

    UN lifts ChapterVII...

    I was told that The UN voted to lift the Chapter VII Sanctions on Iraq today! Link I hope this is really True! Adam What are your Thoughts?
  3. MSgt of Marines

    BOA Rumor 9-24-11

    Wasn't that dated the 24th which was Saturday?
  4. This Morning OKIE said the rate is $3.68 What happened to the other .01 is that Okie's cut if we send him our Dinar to cash in for us? :-)
  5. MSgt of Marines

    Just for fun, what countries are we from?

    African American living in Oklahoma city
  6. This is an opinion you could have kept to yourself
  7. If the amount of dinar you purchased caused u to be financially strapped.. Shame on "You" for not being smart enough not to do so!
  8. MSgt of Marines

    Franks 7-9-11 Update...

    Go RV!
  9. MSgt of Marines

    Prophetic Word on Dinar - Long

    both gold and silver had a drop in value recently so decide carefully on what u invest in
  10. MSgt of Marines

    Is it true? Did RV happen?

    Steve and Okie are Parasidic twins joined at the crotch!
  11. MSgt of Marines

    Is it true? Did RV happen?

    If Steve were in front of me with flames covering his entire body and he yelled to me "it hurts" I wouldnt believe him until he passed out from pain. "He is just so full of it"
  12. MSgt of Marines

    Question about Silver

    Let me guess ... you have a site that you want to send me to to buy. right?

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