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  1. Don't have any name, number, etc. from the guy who posed the issue to me. But if I DO get something, I'll post it for you Dallas gents. Going to be there myself on or about 1 Oct. to bring mother in law home to Granbury. My son lives in The Colony and was born in TX at Beech Army Hosp. when I was stationed at the old Ft. Wolters in '69 as an instructor pilot. Plus I married a Denton TWU girl 48 yrs ago. So I've got an "anchor baby" in TX should they decide to secede.
  2. Probably out of ignorance. Whereas we've seen articles about the non-feasibility of the more prominent "wild" claims of "millions to be made for hundreds of investment" it does sound too good to be true and probably it won't be as high as the virulent optimists predict. But the reality is that if Iraq is EVER to be more than a footnote and if it EVER gets its act together to capitalize on the great wealth that is there, the investment, though risky and long term, is reasonable. Energy is STILL the key to economic growth and if the info on the undeveloped western oil reserves is accurate, Ir
  3. LOL. 6 yrs a member and 21 posts, not exactly a proficient nor prolific lurker! But thanks. Got the info from a fellow "dinarian" not a member of this net and was checking it out amongst people whose opinions I generally respect. It seemed a new wrinkle, apparently on and old scam. But one must do his "due diligence." So many of my friends in "this" ask me about new things and I tell them to never eat their seed corn. If you can hold out do so, if not cash in and get rid of the anxiety. Losing a few bucks is better than losing your hair over this. It IS interesting how the scammers
  4. Sorry to have wasted the time of the group. I'm not fully conversant on what is a "serious" question and what is not. I didn't "get the memo" defining the terms. From the tenor of responses, I'm not certain what "serious" means here. For those of us "new" in the game, everything is a learning experience. This certainly was.
  5. Appreciate the input from the more knowledgeable here. The point of the post was to ask this august group their considered opinion on a legitimate question not to propagate a falsehood. If we can't ask questions here and get reasoned responses, then this forum is useless. For those whose opinions that this was a scam, thank you for you input. That was my first reaction and your opinion seems to confirm it.
  6. Recent I heard about a speculator in Texas who suposedly is buying dinar now at $2 per IQD. His process is similar to the traders; make an appointment, go to his office, validate and turn in your dinar and after about 3-4 weeks your account will be credited at $2 per IQD less federal tax on the exchange. He will allow only one appointment per individual. Thus, if you wanted to "test" the system by cashing in a smaller amount, YOU could not come back later. However, you could make an appointment in the name of your spouse or significant other to complete the sale of your IQD. The idividual
  7. Please Dinar-ify me as a VIP member. I have been a VIP member for several years until 8 June when I accidentally lapsed in my 3 month dues. I re-established my VIP status on 14 June (have receipt) for 3 months. I also requested to be Dinar-ified "many moons" ago when this option appeared. My member name does not list this. Please correct the situation as I have RE-ESTABLISHED my VIP status via the online payment option and have the receipt. Thank you, Rasent2
  8. Adam, I do not have pics of my dinar but I am a renewed VIP member. I've requested the verification before, but it has not been acknowledged. Please dinar-fy me with the badge. Robert Skiba
  9. I don't have a pic I can insert. Please badge me. Thank you, Robert Skiba
  10. If this is a scam then: Have you sold all of the dinar you bought in 2010? If YES, what the HELL are you still doing on this net? Trying to convince yourself that you are right by getting someone else to sell off? Or do you just like to rain on the parade of others? If NO, then why not? Trying to get someone to take your 2010 dinar off of your hands at some profit? You probably bought at about $1020 per million in 2010 (with fees) and now the purchase price is about $1040. Trying to make a $20 profit on a scam? Isn't that a scam? Well the buy back last year was $860 per million, went
  11. Well, they shouldn't get too upset. The "entertainment" media has a 30 yr deficit in understanding. It wasn't until Mel Gibson's "We Were Soldier" that I saw ANY, and I mean ANY realistic portrayal of what I went through as an assault helicopter pilot and even that portrayal was relatively tame against reality. Although the scenes of troop insertions and resupply under fire, puking after those insane night resupply missions, and the brief pretty real scene when the chopper was hit and the pilots killed. The "tic tic tic" of the rounds hitting the aircraft, the head on views of tracers coming a
  12. I do not think that speaking out through the UN (e.g. such as your links to petition on Iraq's behalf) would sabotague our investments at all. Considering the apparent ineffectiveness of the UN in Iraq over the past 20 yrs (from before the 1st Gulf War), I would consider it an exercise in near futility. But any effort to advance the cause is a positive action. However, in comparison to petitioning our own government on their behalf, it could prove more effective and less damaging to our personal financial information integrity than letting our government know more than they need to about our
  13. I believe they consider all "money" as THEIR money (since they print it, back it and distribute it) and we only get to USE it! Scary isn't it? The only money that is OUR money is whatever they aren't aware that we have :-( Buy gold and bury it in the cellar!
  14. Offering no disrespect to you or your position, we see things a bit differently. I reciprocate your feelings of respect. As you are a Muslim, I can appreciate that your willingness to do whatever you feel appropriate to ameliorate the suffering of the people of Iraq is itself a means to be of value to all of us as investors. Certainly, as much as the RV, removal from Ch 7 et al would benefit us as investors, the benefit to the people of Iraq would be immensely greater on a more fundamental level. Approaching any "petition" to assist Iraq (for whatever reason) through an international body,
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