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  1. changのもう一人の馬鹿! Spec Investor, you didn't get the above-mentioned joke - so pathethic!
  2. Insanity is hereditary. You must have got it from your children and from some previous bashers here. LOL! Spec Investor, you must have eye-disorder all the time. Please invest in optical matter for your eye care and I hope you won't go blind after an RV.
  3. Laugh it now: you have twice don't understand how some of us bashed one another with a brain whilst others bashed without even the bonehead at all. Linduh2, I spelled out the joke on you. Please forgive me. LO softly! Because you are a girl.
  4. Hey! Anyway, I am neither a Malay Muslim nor an Indian Muslim.
  5. I think you should look at your own mirror first. When you see him/her inside, that one is truly the drug addict in reality. Don't insult us Muslims. Do you know how many Chinese drug addicts in the world? Check it out before you are the real pot calling the kettle black. I am not a drug-addict but you have already talked like one. You don't take jokers as drug-addicts because drug-addicts couldn't talk - they simply shake their heads like a drunken man. And please don't go away, I want to forget you exactly as you are! LOL, my foot! chang e the manner you post now or be chang fool!
  6. COB, eh? Can Obama Buy? LOL! Perhaps, he might be jealous of Donald Trump and bought IQD secretly. Couldn't tell till Obama queues up behind us wearing Muslim turban like the Talibans to disguise himself. LOL again!
  7. I ThankyoulouderMonster! You must be a deaf Monster, perhaps. Wow, What an username!? You Monster chasing after girl or not?
  8. Yes Captain John! This is not a drill. Thank God! I'm feeling exhausted now. I need to drink some tapwater and wash my face to refresh myself once again, can I?
  9. Don't worry! SNB stands for Strictly No Bashing!
  10. No One Really knows why people must try to use so many horse shoes to aim at one miserable stupid iron pole. They should aim at PM Maliki's stupid head or neck to an RV success asap, right? If on his head, 1+ and if on his neck, bingo 3+, agree? LOL!
  11. Qman, you need to queue up behind us if want to try asking Obama as well!
  12. bobstick, I take the stick and you bend over bench: I'd do it for you real nice. Hey! don't be cheeky, eh? Because I fear you may hurt yourself. Rest assured that I am not a g ay at all - I am a normal Muslim with sanity. I was asking you to bend over bench with your head on and not in the sand like an ostrich and that was bad!
  13. gman51, be a good man, will you? Are you age 51 so impatient when it is so close? Just be cool and have faith for the last time.
  14. 私の同胞! Mongoの自爆犯が来ているのでここに隠しなさい! それはディナール投資家のグループではない! 彼はある! My fellow countrymen! Please hide here because Mongo's suicide bombers are coming! That is not a group of dinar investors! He lies!
  15. Hey, dudes & chicks, why not consult taxguy(username of someone) in our blog by pm him? Adam may help you do that. taxguy once told me he could help people find ways to minimize their tax problems. I believe there's no harm done by asking him.
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