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  1. I just meant that one statement is always followed by another rebuttle and no one really knows exactly what's going to happen until it happens.
  2. sorry that came out wrong I meant no disrespect I was just saying that we are gonna agree to disagree.
  3. I could be wrong but we won't know until the very end in the meantime there's no need to fight argue over it.
  4. I believe that is incorrect . They are talking about removing them from circulation not from the actual note itself. From the articles I have read they indicate the old and new currency will coexist together and for a given time period the 25k note will honor the increase in value for that given amount of . Thus if the value is say one dollar after the increase in value then your 25k note will then be worth $25,000 American dollars. Not everyone agrees with this and I could be wrong but I truly believe this is how it will play out. I believe so but it could be me that is wrong.
  5. the way I look at it is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I personally like the guy but that doesn't mean the others will. I do not dislike and I do not get mad at anyone for not liking him either. I just hope that this will work out sooner for all those rather than later and hopefully at the end will all be happy.
  6. Lol, I listen to him and In my opinion he is no where near a plumper but your entitled to your opinion.
  7. Now that is funny, yes he is traveling for work but I did think we would of heard something by this time. We probably won't hear from him until Monday the seventeenth.
  8. Your absolutely correct, just my opinion is that if you can't say something politely then maybe don't say anything. The freedom to say what you want is great but some people should think before they post. This is just my opinion
  9. How many people will this site loose before everyone realizes that the ones were loosing actually know a thing or two about what they are talking about. It amazes me that some adults have a very low maturity level and do not think before they tear into someone. I for one am very appreciative for anyone that takes the tI'me to try and keep us informed. Its sad that we have to loose them just because someone misunderstands or takes something the wrong way. Its tI'me to take a good look in the mirror and realize were all humans and even yourself can make a mistake. I really hope this RV happens soon so that we do not loose anyone Else. Also remember this revaluation isn't for us it is for the country of Iraq. Have a good day to everyone and thank you for all the people that look at everything open minded. Sorry Bondlady this was not justified and I for one appreciate all your(free!!!!) work you do for all of us. God Bless
  10. Yup, I agree! Thats what I would say, maybe 86-1.17. Thats to start (just a guess) and it will slowly go up. Heck it could come out like adam was saying and be under .50
  11. You need to educate yourself! If you did thou wouldn't get negative 22. you are way off from whats going on, no I do not have the time to explain everything to you so its in your best interest to find out whats really happening.
  12. Are you in drugs? Do your research better! Its a very good possibility he will be gone and the troops are going to be under different titles. They are not leaving, this is just a bunch of ull. I bert any I've that theres no way the troops all leave. Its my opinion, no link but I'm betting I am correct. Maliki being booted would be great for all if us, hes the hold up. I do not see this going into next year at all! Shabbi is ready! Were looking at it happening any time, I personally think if the government keeps delaying, shabbi will just do it. Jmo
  13. I couldn't of said it better myself. I listen to him everyday and he is the most educated, grounded, stays away from date and rate, individual I have found.
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