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  1. Mine in Columbus, Ohio stopped selling last week. They said it was too much trouble.
  2. You are not just 'cashing in' bro. You are selling your Dinar to another investor who will be hoping it climbs even more. Once all of this starts it will be a constant ebb and flow just like every other currency traded. We just happen to be in on the ground floor for Iraq's "IPO" That's where many people get confused. When we are selling, others will be buying by the millions hoping it goes up a dime, a quarter and make them cash also. Some people on here has been waiting 6 years for their 'instant fortune'. Hope this helps. People will be cashing in on this for years to come as Iraq grows
  3. Has this been posted yet?? SORRY, I saw today's date on top, but then found it was from last February. Sorry guys
  4. Fifth Third Bank. Sorry about the confusion. buds
  5. I'd be more than happy to post the branch's number. You rate today for selling was also WAY LOW. West Columbus - Lincoln Village Branch the sell rate was 0.0006 It use to be 0.0008 = So as of right now if you bought from 5/3 and then sold right back to 5/3 you would lose 150$ for every 250,000 you bought. just sayin; --- I think we'll all be OK soon.
  6. OK, remember this is the RUMOR section. My teller at 5/3 here in Columbus told me that they will not be selling Dinars starting tomorrow morning (Thursday). My branch actually stopped selling them today. She said it has nothing to do with RV or anything, but our branch had 50 buys last week alone and it's suppose to just be a courtesy for customers . Now, I called 2 other branches here in Columbus and they both said the same thing. Now, if Iraq prints new money, and we only have a set time to exchange it, where would we go to exchange it? I KNOW that's a lot of "IFs", but I just wanted to
  7. thompson25......... I already wrote that I wasn't posting anymore, but I don't want to be rude and not answer you. I personally could give a fat dead guy's booty weather someone pluses or minuses me. Heck I don't even know what it is. I have posted a couple of questions on here and one conversation I have had with my bank teller --- (here's a hint, DON'T EVER DO THAT!!!) Anyway, I got a ton of flack for asking questions and really got hammered when I wanted to share a conversation. So, I'm done posting. I like this place so I'll keep reading seeing people claw each other to death daily.
  8. OK, this is my last post. I'll sit back and read until the big day happens like I did before I joined. I got into this because I think it's fascinating and I like following how a brand new country will evolve. It's like watching history unfold right before our eyes. The Iraqis have endured such suffering and hardship for so many year that I believe many of them don't KNOW how happy they can be if the government does their job right. Just think, 10 years ago (or less) you could be taken from your home and maimed or killed just for losing a sporting event. I have my movie stuff going great a
  9. LOL, I AM confused! That's why I asked. hahaha I just trying to get some opinions on what y'all think will happen. I mean NONE of us KNOW how this will play out. It's a FACT that we keep reading that Iraq wants to get the larger bills out of circulation. I've read a bunch of news reports. My confusion is if I'm an Iraqi Citizen and I do work for someone from US and he pays me with a 25,000 bill and the change happens will that Iraqi citizen then go to his bank and get a HUNDRED BILLS? Or just ONE that is worth more? Hey, If I'm too ignorant then close this and I'll go back to color
  10. OK, I was laying in bed last as the cold Ohio winds blew and I was thinking that IF (BIG IF) the re denominate the bills to get the big ones out of circulation what would we do? Could this be how it all goes down? We go to the bank and trade our 25,000 notes for a thousand $25 notes, right? That leaves us with the same amount of Dinars, just smaller bills. Now, if that happens then sooner or later the value of them would rise gradually and we would just keep them and play them like stocks? When the economy is stable and the Dinar rises ( and it WILL RISE) say a quarter on the US dollar th
  11. From reading this board I have learned that contractors over in Iraq are being paid with USD as of now for work they do. Correct? This might be an easy answer for some of you guys, but I'm having a hard time grasping it. ready? here we go..... Sooner or later I think Iraq will have to get contracts on their own to rebuild. Shopping malls, water plants, roads, hospitals and every thing else a society needs to function. heck, they need WALMARTS!!! LOL So I know they are getting USD now, but when they start doing contracts in their own currency I think the value would be something better t
  12. I just got back from buying my last batch. Same teller. I asked her if she heard anything new and she said "NOPE" I asked what she'll do Monday morning and she said " I'll keep selling them just like this until someone tells me different." So, no news really. I'm at where I want to be on this so unless I hear something of importance I'll get my post count up to 1000 by saying. "Good job" & "Thanks" or the famous by now "blah, blah, blah" hahahahaha Just kidding. Thanks for helping out with all of this. I hope we all hit it big. buds chuck PS: the rate today at 5/3 was 0.001065700
  13. Hey at no time have ever said I know ANYTHING about this stuff. I have been reading and trying to learn as much as possible and keep it lighthearted. What I said in the post was my teller at my bank told me to get bought what I was going to buy because she got a memo saying they MIGHT FREEZE SELLING THEM and they would send more instructions Monday either way. They have already stopped selling to people without accounts. Plain and simple. No huge intel. Why do I need 1000 "Thank you" post to write what my teller said to me? buds chuck
  14. What the heck does my post count have to do with what my teller told me? HEY! Obviously you haven't read my OTHER 17 post. I don't hide who I am or what I am asking when I don't know something. I did a very quick check to see how many of Teresa12's 1200 post actually has HELPED anyone. Here are few very helpful ones from Teresa12: 1. Uhhhhh today is Saturday 2. Great News! Thanks! 3. ME TOO MAN! 4. OH BROTHER! another one of these stupid threads 5. :Dlooks good Scooter, 6. :DThanks Chief! You da man! 7. blah blah blah! <--- my personal favorite 8. thank you VIPER! 9. Hey
  15. I just read on another thread in this forum that another member was told the same thing at their 5/3 in Florida. So, my teller buddy must be right on. I'm going to get there nice and early and try to get me last buy in. Just in case they do freeze it. buds chuck
  16. I'm in Columbus (Galloway) and You can read all about me by just Googling Dead Guy Chuck or Dead Body Guy. If you like campy horror movies, check out my new one called ThanksKilling about a homicidal TURKEY!! LOL buds chuck
  17. I'm going to sneak in tomorrow morning for 1 more buy. I'll ask again then if any more memos. Or anything else that they have been told. buds chuck
  18. I went into my 5/3 bank in Columbus with my nephew to get 100,000 and I was standing there. The teller knows us since we have been in buying Dinars so much told us that they got a memo from the home office stating specific to the IQD they MAY BE freezing sales of them starting Monday because of talk about Revaluation. Now, she's our buddy and this is what she said to us. I have no proof except we have been in 10 times to buy Dinars and she was letting us know that we should finish getting what we want because of this memo. She made sure her manager wasn't looking when she told us. She did
  19. I just can't help but think about Kuwait. Iraq's next door neighbor. Iraq has under rule by a fool for so many years, but Kuwait has thrived with the same resources. If Iraq just follows Kuwait's plan then there's no reason why the money wouldn't be worth about the same. Someone else said it a couple of days ago. Why would you buy any oil from Kuwait when you can get it from Iraq for pennies on the dollar? Trust me, I'm no genius, but I think neighbors have be on keel with each other especially when they sell the same product. They have to be equals. I keep hoping and praying the people
  20. wow... I thought this would bring out a lot of answers and fun statements. Like "I'm going to reinvest in " add funny line here", but I guess most people just plan on cashing in and paying the huge tax. You know, you can find a villa in south Spain with private beach that is HUGE for less than 1/2 million. Me? I want a Pawn Shop... LOL buds chuck
  21. OK, let's have some fun. We are all on the 'poke and hope' boat with our investments, but IF and WHEN we hit our fortunes tell me where we should put our new found wealth so we get to KEEP most of it. I was thinking if we have enough of a time frame to exchange our IRDs for USDs then I would exchange 50K in my bank for 'traveling money' and fly somewhere with the rest and open my new offshore account. Tell me your plans or give me some suggestions. This should be fun. buds chuck
  22. Thanks for the insight. So I am correct in saying a suit that would be $30US would actually cost 25,000 dinar? I mean, if you walked in a store for a suit, would you see a price tag that says 25,000? Or a case of Coke would have a sticker on it with $4000 on it? Just curious and THANKS for the info. chuck
  23. Well, I have to be honest and say no matter WHAT happens with all of this, I am learning quite a bit. International news, offshore banking, the cost of living in Aruba hahaha BTW, it's too high, find another warm spot. It's fascinating to say the least. I've had a pretty exciting last couple of years by doing some movies and things, but this takes the cake. By listening, learning, and some luck we all might be able to see how the other side lives. Best to us all and I'll still be reading and browsing scuba and swim wear. LOL buds chuck
  24. Well, I went back to 5/3 today and got 250,000 more and it was a DIME cheaper. We both laughed and I told her to make it go UP not down. BTW, the tellers out my branch are very friendly and 2 out of the 3 have Dinars. I see UAE, Dubai, Saudi and other oil rich countries building beautiful, clean and massive resorts. I'd love to see Iraq get organized and become a world leader in oil and tourism. I know it's pipe dreams, but they have the resources. They just need to get the value up and be paid for what they trade. Heck, no one had even heard of Dubai 15 years ago. Now it is the cleanest,
  25. I'm here to learn, but I have read a couple of times on this thread that some of you guys just want to march into your bank and have them exchange and deposit after the RV? Slow down cookie!!!! LOL...... I know I'm a newbie, but you have to do mucho studying or even talk to an adviser if you are invested in say a million or more. Not just your bank guy. I know I'm having great dreams and hopes like all of us are, but have an action plan ready EITHER WAY. Like someone said earlier, I'm hoping to trade in SOME of mine here at home, but a good chunk of mine will probably need sunglasses and s
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