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  1. Hey Marie, just sounds like someone pumping.... don't be too alarmed, that site lets manny pumpers on there and that is one of the manny reasons I left... Have a great Monday
  2. just enjoying life taking a break from the cyber world... talking to real people and having fun... not a bad deal it was great
  3. Hey Tiff, I would normally agree with you but in your first post you suggested taking away guns... did you know that in cities where guns are not allowed there is a huge crime rate above the rest of the nation... do you know why?..... Because all the bad guys are the ones with the guns... so as for me and my family we will keep our Bible on the table and Our GUNS on our hips. That gun toatin' Bible carryin Conservative that Obama warned you about...
  4. I seen this video and had to wonder, Is this how he really sounds when you take out all of his, Um's.... and Well's..... and all of those uncomfortable pauses you know when he doesn't have a teleprompter in his face. any way have fun folks
  5. don't know why you got red rocked for this one but it is true I have read a lot on the circulated dinar because a buddy was going to sell me some. Oh well, some people just live to red rock I will + you back up (not like a mod needs it LOL)
  6. Hey man good to see ya on here, I will see ya at work and if anyone messes with ya I will come on here and talk to them LOL have a great day see ya in the morning
  7. Hey All, I will be taking a break from DV for a while... sorry, for the few that like me.... and for those who don't then today is a great day for ya. I have been spending a lot of time on here and when people bash or harass it fires me up all of this and the fact that I am Active Duty seems to be taking a toll on my family and friends to include the ones I only talk to on facebook so I am taking a break from the virtual life style...I am going to talk to people in real life or over the phone where I can actually hear their voice. I will probably stop in every now and again to say Hi but that is about it. Adam you are a great host, and Mods you are the best on the Internet... keep doing what you do best Love ya'll like a fat kid loves cupcakes (even you that bash and harass me)
  8. Sorry Guys just woke up, I was just getting off a 24 hr guard shift when I posted this LOL, looks like I didn't make the point I was trying to make at all... the point was suppose to be about the building up of Iraq... sorry about adding the other stuff goes to show you what is really on your mind when you are tired. I had just gotten off a FaceBook chat with a good friend of mine in Iraq and he was telling me some of the stuff that has been going on over there... forgot to ask about the stages being built rumor sorry guys... but he was telling me about how it seems to have gotten a lot more violent there these past three weeks or so and how he can't see anything positive happening when he is driving by blown up cars and kids begging for stuff in the streets... he is Infantry like me, always looking at the worst and praying for the best. That is what really prompted the first of this post I guess sorry if it seemed to have lost some people. I truly hope that the RV is soon and I would love for it to show up over night but I would have to disagree with Gut a lot of these people who blow themselves up or plant bombs just do it because they think it is the right thing to do and hope to be rewarded in "Heaven" for it... but he is right some do it to help their families and that is a sad fact and for their sakes I pray every night that the RV would happen so they wouldn't have to be put in those situations... Love Ya'll a bunch and I truly do apologize if I offended anyone. Have a great day I am under about 5 inches of snow in some places here on Ft. Riley. I truly do thank each and everyone who posted you all gave great comments, in the future I promise to go to bed before posting LOL... stay safe
  9. Hey my brother was accused of being a terrorist threat when he was 16 because we shot bottle rockets off a bridge... depends on what they mean LOL
  10. Hello all, I have never posted something like this before but I felt it time I would like to share just a few things going on in Iraq and my opinion on the RV... Please if you are a basher and you know who you are... if you don't got anything nice to say just don't say anything or hit red or green buttons... if you have a valid opinion and it is backed up by a logical thought or you just want to say something nice then you are more than welcome... please after reading rate it by hitting the stars in the upper right corner and by clicking the Green or Red "Venting" buttons in the bottom right corner... Goings on in Iraq as of 2/8/11: Baghdad: #1: Iraqi Defense Ministry officer Major General Dr. Ihsan Ali was killed in a blast due to a bomb planted at his house’s door in Al Ghazaliya region. His car was set ablaze and his house was damaged in the bombing, Alsumaria News reported. The security source also said that another IED blew off in the same venue of the attack, after the arrival of Army and police forces to the area, wounding two soldiers, a policeman and a civilian. #2: Gunmen raided a house in Al Moushahada region, northern Baghdad, on Tuesday and forced the owner and his son to go outside where they opened fire on them and killed them on the spot. #3: In another incident, the same source said that "two Katyusha rockets fell in Baghdad's Tigris River, in front of the Green Zone," giving no further details. Note: Kinda makes you wonder what is going to happen when they RV if they don't have any security to protect things like this from happening what are they going to do when people are flooding the banks to cash in what they do have... Diyala Prv: #1: A roadside bomb exploded near the offices of the Iraqiya political coalition, wounding two security guards and a civilian, in Baquba, 65 km (40 miles) northeast of Baghdad, police said. Iskandariya: #1: A police officer and a woman were killed in two improvised explosive device (IED) blasts in Babel on Monday, a local security source said. “Two IEDs went off near an Iraqi police patrol on the main street in al-Iskandariya district, (50 km) northern al-Hilla city, leaving a police officer in the rank of captain killed after his vehicle was destroyed,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. “The blasts also left a woman who happened to be near the attack scene killed,” he added. These are just a few things I found while surfing the internet I am sure there are more things that are happening we don't know about... last week we heard of kidnappings. What kind of society that is wanting to be a part of a free and global market, attempting to change the world as we know it by making their currency worth more than the Euro and close to the KWD but can't stop their Defense Ministry Officer from getting blown up...? In My opinion Iraq has come a long way from where they where even a few months ago but the more news I read it seems like we might be in this a lot longer than some of us expected... Sorry not something people want to hear heck I don't even want to hear it but facts are facts... look, countries are built like sky scrapers and those of you in the big cities know how long it takes those people to put the foundation in the ground before they even start on the stinking thing... now I do agree that RVing the money is part of the foundation but it isn't the whole thing they have just finished the hole to put the concrete in and with the GOI and the Budget not being "Official" there are a whole lot of the pieces to the foundation not even in place yet... IMHO, I think once the GOI and the Budget become "Official" and the real RV ball starts rolling it will be like sledding down a hill start off slow, then as natural resources come more and more into play it will get faster... Dear Friends, I feel that the RV will be gradual because their is so much at stake... now like most of you I would love to wake up tomorrow and see an $8 RV but I would also love to see them get something right for a change and if that means they come out at .10 and it goes up from there than so be it there are a lot of families over there that need this thing to work right for once so they don't end up back in poverty because the GOI failed. This isn't all about us it is about them too they need this more than we ever will. In closing, I hope all of your dreams come true when this amazing opportunity comes to fruition but, please keep your feet firmly on the ground and your loved ones close to your heart because no amount of money can make you truly happy or make someone truly love you
  11. I am cool with a .86 RV it would pay off all my debt and I would owe nobody anything except of course Uncle Sam the rest of my enlistment and Taxes
  12. Shoot man I am ready for them to let us start drilling any where including off shore and here in the midwest
  13. Well now that we know where Okie and TK get their intel we just need to know which restaurants are selling them to these guys LOL
  14. Bump, Thanks for keeping us informed some of us just don't know what goes on behind the scenes and sometimes don't see what it is you all truly do keep up the hard work and again thank you for keeping us informed.... hey how do we report people who decide it is ok to harass us on our profile by things malicious to our character I usually just delete the posts is their some way of letting you all know?
  15. Just goes to show how much some of these stars care for our country
  16. Wow keep we now have agreed on two things this year... LOL... We truly do have some of the best debunkers on this forum and will continue to shut stupidity down in its tracks no matter how it gets here look how manny problem children are not here anymore... GO DV
  17. The half time show even sucked come on now the V in LOVE went almost all the way out and that succubus freak was all over slash... is it just me or could none of them sing tonight....
  18. Video: Christina Aguilera goofs up the national anthem By Doug Farrar Perhaps she was too concerned with breaking Patti LaBelle's record for turning single-syllable words into entire paragraphs during the singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner," but noted ex-teen queen Christina Aguilera botched the national anthem something fierce before the Super Bowl. Aguilera started out all right, but she had a problem with the ramparts -- specifically, the "O'er the ramparts we watched" line, which she left out altogether. .. Aguilera tried to make up for it by combining two lines -- "What so proudly we watched," instead of "What so proudly we hailed", but let's just say that it was too late to reverse the error. Twitter blew up, and all Aguilera could do was to oversing every word from there on out, which she most certainly did. Read more and see video:
  19. LOL, I am waiting for the Army Times article that says "thousands of troops leave the army because of striking it rich via the IQD" or something like that LOL by the way guys I did a search on this guy and he seems legit we might need to get a web guru after this one P.S. Replied to your message Jack
  20. IDK sometimes this guy is ahead of the curve on this kind of stuff... I remember him talking about the collapse of the housing market and the market, then one day it happened. He also preached about owning gold when it was about $400 an ounce now it is around $1400 there might be something to this JMHO
  21. All this disruption in the ME reminds me of something I read once in an old book some of you have read it too it is called the "Holy Bible" sounds like the last book is coming true...
  22. Man you beat me to posting this I seen it come across my T.V. around 8 and thought it was HUGE news now all he needs to do is RV this freaking currency and Iraq will be the "house upon a hill" for the middle east
  23. Looks good and thanks for the post... I don't know if anyone tells you this but you do a great job of bringing the news to us every day thanks again... now bring news of the RV LOL
  24. I was babysitting a bunch of drunk infantrymen (you gotta know us infantry guys are nuts) when one of them pulled me aside and let me in on a little secret that he had been holding back from everyone else (IQD) he told me about what he had invested and others that he knew where involved in this when I was relieved of my duty (since I don't drink) I got in my car and drove home to do some research. My wife talked about it for almost a month and I spoke with a well off money guy I know who thought it was a great idea and bought some himself that day. We searched for the best deal still skeptical just bought about 250,000 IQD not much since then we have been buying more and I have been talking to more of my friends about the potential of this investment. Some have bought in and others just poured glasses of hateraid for me to drink LOL...
  25. next time my wife lets me go to the bar I am so using that one LOL
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