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  1. someone please explain to me how this works, If this is how the theory of the lop works, and how the two currencies co-exist like this. $25000=$25 $10000=$10 $5000=$5 $1000=$1 $500=$.5 $250=$.25 $50=$.05 Can you only lower the value of the bills that have three zeros on them or do all the currencies issued have to follow the same value trend? If so they will have to have ALL NEW Denominations printed as well as coins minted. If i am wrong please tell me how.
  2. This article is a great find IMO. Because it speaks directly about raising the value of the currency to facilitate the use of the small values of coins. GLTA GO RV!!!!
  3. Babosa


    Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of the currency and press the "convert" button. To show Iraqi Dinar and just one other currency click on any other currency. The Iraqi Dinar is the currency in Iraq (IQ, IRQ). The exchange rate for the Iraqi Dinar was last updated on July 22, 2011 from Yahoo Finance. The IQD conversion factor has 5 significant digits. it seems the coinmill is using the same currency exchange that all the other "glitches" are tied to sorry guys and gals but all glitches seem to be tied to yahoo finance.
  4. Babosa

    IQD/GBP Up 9,868.8604%

    posted something very similar to this last night, same effect, different rate but on a phone app. phone currency converter
  5. Babosa

    phone currency converter

    You all can post forex rates all you want, it has absolutely nothing to do with this post. this post was intended to show another currency converter showing a rate that was different than i have seen in a year of using this tool. I'm not saying the rv happened. simply that my phone app was testing a new rate on the iqd, which i consider to be a good thing.To the people in here that are all so high strung about every post, CALM DOWN. If you have done your research, and are not dependent upon the GURU's info, you would know this investment is coming along and would find ways to be positive about what is getting ready to transpire. Chin up, be positive, GO RV!!!
  6. Babosa

    phone currency converter

    It was pocketools currency converter on android.
  7. Babosa

    phone currency converter

    IF this comes true Bobosa is VERY relaxed
  8. Babosa

    phone currency converter

    Totally NOT manipulated. I took these myself from one phone on to another phone. Of course the quality is not that great but I'm not saying i cashed in at this rate, just caught a glimpse of something positive i wanted to share with you all. Bash it, Trash it or whatever makes you feel better about yourselves, but it was real and it happened tonight. the time stamp is in the pics. GO RV!!!!
  9. Babosa

    phone currency converter

    I took a picture of this cause i knew nobody would believe me. I use two currency converters on my android and they always show the same rates for almost a year now, But tonight when i looked i saw this. One pic is IQD to EUR, the other is IQD to GBP. The converter has change back to normal since then but i cant believe this is just a fluke. tell me what you all think. These pics are taken by another phone. I hope its a good sign. GLTA and GO RV!!!!
  10. Is this not what we were looking for? we wanted them to announce lower denoms, And with coins even? sounds like about a 1 to 1 w/ the dollar and i'm fine with that. GO RV!!!!!
  11. Babosa

    Lots of Good News

    I'm a bit miffed as to how you can hold someone's opinions so high you would ask them not to comment. What does it really matter to you what he says? There are probably to few here that will look at all the possibilities and aspects of this investment. I find Keepm's points of view grounded and realistic, although negative at times, it definitely brings interesting angles to the table. I too hope he is wrong on some of them but would NEVER ask him to keep quite. Not trying to offend anyone, but America isn't America without the opportunity and right to say what you want when you want. Stay Grounded and positive. GO RV!!!
  12. here you go. Nice post!
  13. Babosa

    Line chart at FOREX

    I think you will find the reason for this cut-off date of feb 1st here, un operational rates of exchange many of the currencies were updated and effective on the first of feb. hope this helps.
  14. He did mention the dollar in the video, said it was not in the basket of currencies. That would not be good for an already declining U.S. Dollar if it was no longer needed to trade for oil. Other countries would rid themselves of the declining dollar, flooding our market with the extra money, further devaluing what used to be the #1world reserve currency. JMO.

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