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  1. Thug...Ha Ha...Nuff Said!
  2. SW, that's a damn fine opinion and the exact reason I'm in it! Bravo for this post!
  3. If I remember correctly, there were several of these "coming days" articles posted a few weeks ago. Then they say it's not a priority. And now, again it's coming soon. What to believe....
  4. I got the e-mail as I was updating my wife about the latest Dinar news. It was exciting at that moment. First time that I got one from Ali. It just reinforced all of the positve things that are going on right now with our investment!
  5. I think I need an umbrella drink & a beach ASAP!
  6. If you join VIP, Adam has already negotiated discounted spreads with several major banks. When the RV happens, he will e-mail your VIP certificate.
  7. I was blessed with twin grandaughters at 43 years old. They are now 13. Best T-Shirt ever...If I would have known grandkids were this much fun, i would have had then first! Congrats!
  8. Ha Ha Ha! I,m glad I went to page 2, cause I was fittin to post the exact same thing. Nice work!
  9. This is the first time in a long time that I have read 3 pages into a topic. Great positive news, discussion & vibe! Kudos to all involed and let's visualize this thing done!
  10. That's about the rate I always hoped for since I got into this in 2009. Adam's opine of .10 made sense, and then all of the articles about 1.00 to 1.17 came out and that was a much better rate than .10. Nobody knows Jack until it actually happens, so I'll be dreaming & manifesting that $3.63 rate!
  11. I cook with wine...sometimes I even add it to the food! WC Fields
  12. My son has been a song writer for many years. My wife & I decided to invest in him, instead of yacking at him about a "real" job. We started a music publishing company 5 years ago, with him. He has now partnered with a guy who's father was a song writer in Nashville. We now have a recording studio & a music catalog of well over 1000 songs. Lots going on!
  13. Haven't been on here much in the last couple of weeks. First I've heard about big screens going up all over the country. I would say that THIS IS HUGE!!!!!
  14. I'd certainly rather read an article saying that they are actually trying, instead of the doom & gloom we seen for weeks now! Hoping everything is complete for the RV behind the scenes, and what we've been seeing is smoke & mirrors! Get it done!
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