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Image Comments posted by MyLadiesDaddy

  1. 13 minutes ago, nannab said:

    Your girls are beautiful !  Oh and your kinda cute too. :D

    Awwwweeeee now that's how ya do it. :hug:



    6 minutes ago, pokerplayer said:



    Bwahahahahahahaha, now that has got to get a purple one !! That comment was simply awesome nannab !!!



    That's how to get Santa to get you what you want for Christmas. 

  2. I have taken that very same photo and can tell you two things, first Marines DON'T smile for that photo.

    and Second, those photos are not taken until the last week of Boot Camp, as that is when you're pretty much considered a Marine for the first time. 

    Rather is a POS. 

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