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  1. I thought i was going crazy and thought i dreamt of those last 3 pages lol.... where did they go??? also i know its been brought up time and time again and the talk is the same with iraq, i just hate those "dropping off 4 zeros" to me there is no proof its off the .0000XXXXXX rate and not the 100,000 note value. we just have to wait and see. i am not trying to be negative nelly but i just cant see it being at 1:1 let alone $2. i would love nothing more than for it to be that high, im just not getting my hopes up. Hopefully we see an increase very soon though !!!!!!
  2. U think that high?? I can't see it going that high there money is less than the dinar and Adam's thinking 10 cents max. I'm just hoping one if these pop.... And pops quick I'm gonna have to look into this island, thanks for sharing the info!!
  3. So the big question... When is their rate going to move??!!?! And how high will it go??
  4. A friend of mine used=
  5. I got all of mine from eBay. I just make sure that the seller has good feedback
  7. Does fils mean cents? And DI mean dollars?.... Wonder how credible this is!?!
  8. I just hate those words - "project to delete the zeros" I want to think and hope it will be off the 0.00089xxxx (or whatever it is) vs the zeros off the notes.
  9. I have been buying Dash here n there for the past year.
  10. Sorry to hear... Hopefully we are just just around the corner. Although it looks like a certain someone (not naming names) doesn't want it to happen with all the negatives they are giving ppl.
  11. How do we know the zeros are off the rate = 0.000038xxxx (example) vs 4 zeros of the notes 100,000 = 10 ??? I hate the delete the zero topic I feel like there isn't 100% proof it's 1 or the other. So your saying once they get a single rate they are going to remove the zeros next? If so how soon after? If they have a law written wouldn't it b a bam bam thank you ma'am thing. Single rate now remove the zeros? Plus do u think the law is still in effect, didn't they do the law a yr or so ago? U posted alot of stuff, some was like 5 + yes ago. Hoping they don't change their laws/plans like Iraq does.
  12. What is unifying the rate going to do? Besides the fact that there is only one rate now?
  13. Also what are ur thoughts on Iraq? Rv at .10??? Lower/higher?? I always thought Iraq would be the bigger return out of some other currencies, but imo I feel like Iran might be, but what do I know.
  14. Please do lol.... No offense screwball but you remind me of those meme pics of Homer Simpson by the bushes, u back into them, change teams and come back out..... Like all of a sudden someone comes in here spewing out info like it's in a book.... If ur right, where have u been hiding, u get stuck in that Bush? Lol
  15. So what's ur take on the Rial? What do u think it will come out as 1:1????? Seems u are following the Rial pretty closely. When do u think it will RV? Weeks/months /year(s) ?? I'm still thinking the dinar will b the better way to go, I just can't see the Rial going higher rate than the dinar. If Adam thinks .10 for the dinar the Rial should b lower, don't u think?
  16. I took it as a single rate as in right now they have 2 rates a street rate and a global?? Rate (which are close only a few 100 or so apart).
  17. Why not make a few trips to the bank with a few family members? And also to different banks... I'll take a nice vacation to Canada and exchange X amount of dollars per day if they rv at a decent price. Or even stay on the US side and go to the Canadian side (Niagara falls) and then exchange it.
  18. Only a few hours to the Canadian boarder. In what way? They plan on raising their rate??
  19. Couldn't you exchange it for Canadian currency first, Then to USD?
  20. Thoughts?
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