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  1. Hey all, a google search yielded this juicy little bit of the puzzle CBI It appears to still be under construction.
  2. That's a pretty bold statement coming from a mere mortal....
  3. I understand sir, that this is only a "snippet" - Vice Minister of Finance of Iraq Iraq’s government has approved on Tuesday a proposed budget for 2011 size of 92.98 trillion dinars (79.6 billion dollars). Do you think the numbers presented here in this excerpt are wrong? jyo
  4. If this is accurate legacy, we need to stay informed. You do as you wish with this, but if it's the truth, best we find out now!!! JMO
  5. OK, one last time in english. If you divide 929800 by 796, you get 1168. If you divide 796 by 929800, you get .00085. Can someone PLEASE tell me if this approved proposed budget means that it reflects THE NEW RATE?
  6. Oh God, here we go again. This was posted already. A good find, but if you do the math, this comes out at today's exchange rate...
  7. Not to rain on your parade here folks, but if you do the math, it comes out to 1168 dinars to the dollar, and .00085 dollars to the dinar. It ain't rocket science.
  8. moethai:
  9. Yea, she seems pretty sharp. I just can't get past the squeaky voice.
  10. I thought they took his jet away! :lol:
  11. Damn, somebody needs to take a chill pill. If you can't enjoy a little comic relief, then maybe YOU need a break! Geez Ha-ha-ha...That was just too funny, mp. Great comeback!!!
  12. What could I expect to pay, and do I need an FFL?
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