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  1. The budget has been published.
  2. Got one for my Chase business account too!
  3. Didn't like this, hope we can prove otherwise. Top 10 investment alerts for 2011 Affinity fraud • When someone abuses membership or association with an identifiable group to convince a potential investor to trust the legitimacy of the investment. Inverse and leveraged ETFs • Exchange-traded funds that offer leverage or that are designed to perform inversely to the index or benchmark they track — or both. FOREX trading programs • Involves foreign currency exchange markets in which the value of one nation’s currency, as compared with another currency, fluctuates on a continuous basis. Structured investment products • Securities derived from or based on a single security, a basket of securities, an index, a commodity, a debt issuance and/or a foreign currency. Promissory notes • Offered to retail investors, they carry significant risk. When investing, higher returns are accompanied by a proportionate amount of risk. Start-up companies on the verge of “going public” • The lure of getting in on the “ground floor” of a hot startup business is a classic temptation for investors. Investment pools purchasing nonperforming loans • Despite the ads on late-night TV and the Internet, or the stories told during seminars and sales pitches, turning a profit on nonperforming loans is complicated and difficult. Automatic trading software packages • Employ due diligence on those selling the programs or promoting them to ensure you are dealing with licensed professionals. Iraqi dinars • The likelihood of investors seeing any return on their dinars is slim to none. Unsuitable variable annuity sales practices • Aggressive marketing of variable annuity insurance products are a concern, especially when seniors are targeted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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