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  1. Yes, I have already made a request to all of my family to not place me in a hospital if it looks anything like Covid. The mere diagnosis seems to initiate this same old fix over and over and over, even though it isn’t that effective. Usually as time goes on they find other treatments if that one isn’t working. Apparently not this time. The only treatment now is “Da Vax”. I’d rather die in my own bed then die in the hospital. Friend of mine pulled her intubator out over night first night in the hospital in her sleep. The doctor walks in the next morning and asks her if she is feeling better, she told him “Yes,thank you!”. He released her. Story sounded so stupid, I dicided them and there, not for me.
  2. I like this part!!! ”Specialists point out that the most prominent change included the governorates of Najaf and Muthanna, with a rate of close to 80%, represented by the arrival of new faces, which suggests that independents may constitute a nucleus of real opposition within Parliament, something that we have not been familiar with over the past two decades. “ ANND…… ”Civil activist Haider Abdel-Saheb told "Al-Sabah": "What is new on the scene now is that the emerging and independent parties who emerged from the womb of the October uprising, and their number ranges between twenty to forty seats."”!!!! 😃
  3. I cant figure out who speaks the most BS, Psaki or Biden. At least Biden is always honest and declaring he is going to get into trouble for talking! I suspect we will see $100 a barrel before the end of the year. The whole world is giving the Biden administration the middle finger! (While Chanting " LETS GO BRANDON!!!! "
  4. I haven’t been vaccinated. They probably won’t even let me on the plane to go celebrate anyway….
  5. I really have no expectations of getting my money back. As soon as ISIS hit the scene in 2014 and I saw Iraq going down in flames, I accepted the realities of Iraq. I’m not sure if we created the 21st century Iraq, or if the 21st century Iraq created this shell of a country we call America……
  6. I'm in, Though confused by their silence, the website is still up and running which indicates they are in fact still open for business. I have had my doubts as it's been two years since I have been able to access my account. I am curious as to if they have stayed open but under new management. (as in the CBI turned the bank over to another bank in Iraq once they dropped the guardianship). They apparently still have store fronts for citizens to bank out of, even though they have been seen protesting the bank not allowing them to withdraw their funds from the bank... (There is a reason Iraqi's keep their money in there mattresses....)
  7. The CIA is probably back in Vogue, compliments of Biden and his trusty pen signing off more executive orders. The CIA is most likely the The Great Oz behind the Red Curtain controlling our government today. Even if they did start dissolving the CIA, do you really think men with such a diabolical history are just going to go get another job somewhere else? Oh maybe go to work for the highest paying bidder, China….. The CIA was never American, only self serving, kind of like our Congress... 😡
  8. The news media never lies just a little. They have completely gone so far overboard, their arses are glaring for all of America to see now. It’s almost as if they are absolutely determined to take America down, and as quickly as possible. They are running on a schedule as the 4th turning has been predicted 2025 to be our next event….. 😡
  9. Powerful people do what ever they want worldwide, in every country, without being held accountable for anything….
  10. Biden has probably given Iran the go ahead to place Iraq back into the wicked webs it weaves. Meanwhile… Back at the ranch…. America/Biden will focus on Syria and look the other way while Iran slips back into its comfy Iraqi shoes…. 😡
  11. Its kind of dead for now. Ye be just banging your head against a hard Iraqi brick wall right now trying to awaken Issa K Mohammond..... if he is even still there..... Patience is a great commodity with Iraqi business..... 🥴
  12. Biden knows, and that's why it is A-OK with him to put as much leaked info out there as is humanly possible.... He is the laughing stock of the world.....
  13. My greatest concern at this time is that today it is worse then it was when Obama was President. And I have some really warm memories of what a cluster flock it was in Iraq back in those days. 😳 😱 😭
  14. And Dominion has already been contracted by Iran to facilitate the vote counting. Of course this kind gesture by Iran is solely based on good will towards their Iraqi brothers! 😂
  15. I don’t know about inside intel, but the Saudis just shouldered Iran out of the way so they can actually do something for Iraq for a change. A real partner for a change!! I am pretty sure the Saudis are not going to leech the blood out of Iraq like Iran tries to do!!! Before long Iraq will be totally self sufficient. They won’t even be calling on Iran to buy some electricity off of them!!! Im just praying Biden doesn’t somehow find a way to screw it up for us. I’m not even sure why he is keeping Executive Order 13303 in place. That makes me a little nervous….
  16. I truly wish they would arrest some of our senior officials here in America. I can't hardly stand to watch my own country going up in flames.. and well on our way to a crazy race war. Most Americans weren't even aware of this crap until our democratic House kicked into over drive and brought it about... They didn't hate Trump, they just hated not having total control, and Trump was the only standing in their way. Oh wait a minute, lets put Trump on trial again. Third times a charm! And now those crazy assed nutty smucks are taking our country straight to hell in a handbasket......
  17. I’m with you usndiver. I have their info stored incase I get it. They said to wait till you are sick to call, so I’m just on stand by should I develop symptoms At least Americans do have options and Fauci can kiss my arse. They can all kiss my Red White and Blue Arse!
  18. Not only did they remove the video, but they even closed the posters account! Just like a scared little rabbit, YouTube again runs away from the truth....
  19. So now we are only looking at the HCL and Article 140 left to do? As best I can tell, the Kurds and Baghdad have already hammered out the HCL within the 2021 Budget. As happy as everyone seems with the HCL agreement within the budget, it is pretty much just needing a vote and a stamp of approval making it an official law. Correct? So Article 140 is the only loose end left. Right? It is another item not necessary to raise the rate either, as I understand it. Please feel free to correct me on these two points. 😄
  20. Who is the author of this opinionated, misinformed load of crap anyway?
  21. Not gonna happen, I call BS on them asking for it all when 250,000 barrels a day has been agreed upon for years now... 🤔
  22. You know CL, the thing that absolutely amazes me is how Kamala was knocked out the run right out of the starting gate because no one liked her, yet here she is. Also, with all of the far better choices out of the 20 candidates starting out in that presidential run, how in the hell did Biden beat out his opponents? Another thing I scratch my head over is how in the world did Bernie do well in any political process when he wears mittens like this:
  23. That whole POS-SOS/Gov mess was just a big ol’ **** Show all the way around. More proof in the pudding is the way they were all doing the exact same things to pull off the coup of the century. All of those states executive branches apparently have people in high positions who couldn’t be honest if their lives depended on it.
  24. Its always the hooks put out there to entice people to do your bidding. I suspect that if we get our way, there will be limited terms for all of them in the not too distant future. These people, Republican and Democrats, spending 20, 30, even 40 years in Congress is nothing short of absurd. New blood is the lifeline to good health. I feel as though America is officially stuck in the Twilight Zone now. Soon we will enter double digit inflation in the midst of a failing dollar, sitting in line at the gas stations waiting to see if any of that $5 a gallon gasoline is left in the drum, as we dodge drive by bullets flying randomly, all the while watching pedestrians getting swept in to vans by human traffickers.. That's not even one year into Joe's first year in office!! Oh BOY!!!
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