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  1. Same thing happened to me. That is because of the ads at his site. Nothing happened at other sites like, etc.
  2. same thing to me too. Don't know why it happened this time
  3. Same problem too. Mine is supposed to expire by August 1st but unable to log in.
  4. it happens to me too. I reset new passwords when renew so to check when it expires likely every 4 months from now on. They used to charge me 15 IQD fee for annual renewal last time but not anymore this time
  5. I had problems with old link from past. I log in fine with new link: Have you tried this link?
  6. Easy Rider Have you tried this link? The admin tells a lot about HYIP rates and comparisons daily. I have not tried it. But long time ago I have lost quite big $$ through PTV.
  7. Is that true they won't be ready to have new currency till next year? Does it mean they can't RV till they have the new currency first in hand?
  8. I have heard this from other source. What's the holdup? If everything is supposedly done and approved, why hasn't the RV occurred? Simply put, greed of the Iraqi elite. The educated and monied people there are double dipping. The average education in Iraq is equivalent to a third grade education. Only the Iraqi elite are in the know. How would you like to buy GE stock at 15 cents a share knowing that tomorrow it could be worth $15 a share? The appreciation in stock values of the ISX, Iraqi Stock Exchange, is the hold up. This is foreknowledge but not considered insider trading. It is considered a black Friday situation for the Iraqi investors. The rich become richer in a gargantuan way. The value of the Iraqi dinar increases dramatically but the ISX stock prices will simply soar at the same time the ISX goes international. This is a home run derby for the Iraqi investors because they are making money on both the RV revaluation as well as the ISX stocks they own. The Iraqi elite, the monied, educated people of Iraq, were buying into the ISX internally, "in country" at nominal value. Thus the RV was not being announced on purpose so the ISX investors could make a phenomenal return on their investment. The United Nations finally recognized this and in a move to force the RV has moved the Dec 31st date to reimpose sanctions on Iraq back to Dec 23rd. Since the ISX will be closed from tomorrow, Dec 21st through January 2nd, 2012 due to supposedly end of the year closing operations, the Iraqi's will no longer be able to buy ISX stocks at dirt cheap prices. The last session of ISX trading will be today Dec 20th, 2011 and trading will resume on Tuesday January 3rd, 2012. We should see the RV announced within the next day or two as now there is no longer any benefit to the elite by them NOT announcing it and putting themselves back under sanctions removing their living standards
  9. Will this affect RV?
  10. I cant get in too. I would wait a little while. I think they 're doing maintenance work.
  11. yes I keep same account number and also password too.
  12. Mine has expired too couple of months ago. That I filled out bank application out again to renew annually. They will deduct 15k dinars from account. Here is the link: you can download application. Then submit it to Issa and Bank. I finally able to log in. You said you had account for 4 years. Didn't you renew it?
  13. I have set up Roth Ira LLC last year by I am required to hold dinars in safety deposit box at my local bank. The fees cost more than Entrust. If anyone interest, check Also check how long it will take to set up depending where the state you live to receive article. It took me about one month.
  14. here is the link u can use gift form
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