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  1. rdm5130

    Expired Account?

    I just renewed mine after waiting over a year to try, kind of forgot about it and Dinar for a while, sent the letters and updated application, everything re-set within 4 days. Also saw nothing has changed in the year plus absence ☹️
  2. I just tried to log into my Warka account and it states my "account has expired", has anyone had this happen? I've had no problem logging in for years, but all of a sudden. Thank you, Rick
  3. I'm in Naples but could drive up to say Ocala if interested. Have 4 million to sell at $850. per. All uncirculated. Message me if interested. Rick
  4. I have up to million for sale in SW Florida (Naples), all uncirculated, will sell all or part. Asking $850 per million. R
  5. rdm5130

    Selling 4 million uncirculated

    Not sure what happened here but meant to say have 4 million uncirculated will sell all or parts, asking $850 per million. Live in southwest Florida. Thank you.
  6. Have 4 million uncirculated to sell $850 per. selling in Southwest Florida.
  7. rdm5130

    Client ID and password

    My client I'd is my account number. Good luck
  8. rdm5130

    WARKA Internet Banking site

    Thanks it works for me.
  9. rdm5130

    Warka login

    I found that on y iPad it doesn't work but any PC it does. Hope this helps.
  10. rdm5130

    Warka login

    Still no luck, thanks to all who responded
  11. rdm5130

    Warka login

    Thank you all. Tried all links still signs me in then goes immeadiately blank, no tabs to check balances ect. Has allways worked fine before. I'll send an email to Warka and see what they have to say.

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