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    The New Iraqi dinar has only been out since 15 Oct 2003. Not quite 7 yrs but close. I agree it will be on CNN/FOX or one of the Forex sites. Hope it is soon!
  2. That's why I posted in RUMOR.. Only pass on the info. Anything I hear from now on I keep to myself. Now in Medic's newest post he has given a 90 day notice of the RV at .83. Believe that to be 1 Aug. He always says he doesn't give a date, So we shall see......
  3. Med says to (09:07:44): WHY WOULD THE U.S. TURN INTO THE NEXT GREECE Med says to (09:07:57): WE ARE NOT IN THAT KIND OF SHAPE Med says to (09:08:03): THE U.S. IS REBOUNDING What's he smoking? Where are the jobs? This guy hasn't a clue! With the Massive entitlements and spending we will be just like Greece. Med says to (09:05:28): MY PREDICTION IS 2010 Yes and you also predicted before Christmas 2009. Did you forget how you told everyone on DS they would have a great Christmas or is your mind going? This post is just more of his BS look what I know, same old same old. I'm your leader in DS and DV here drink some more kool-aid.
  4. Duhh...... I do believe this was posted in the the RUMORS section. Do you understand what a RUMOR is...................Duhh!!!!
  5. Credibility???? One should go back and take another look at what Kuwait did come out at with their RV/RI. I do believe it came in a $1.10 and then went to $7.80. I will take whatever it comes in at, just letsget this thing over with.
  7. Further update, My son's Army buddy in Iraq informed him all the local Iraqi traders that come to his base to sell goods, i.e. DVD's and such were not on base selling the past two days. He does not know why. Like I said before take it for what it's worth, I posted in Rumors section. Pbeach
  8. More Medic BS. Same crap different day. Butterturd the yesemmmmmm.
  9. Sorry, yes Dollars to Dinars. Can't type worth *$!!!!!
  10. Contact called my son (Army buddy) last night which was daylight hours in Iraq. He said they had been detail to guard Iraqi banks due to the large number of Iraqi trying to change dollars and other currencies back into dollars. Like I said take it for what it is worth. I did post in RUMORS...
  11. My son who was in the Army just talked to friends in Iraq who said the the Iraqi people were jamming the banks in Iraq to exchange their dollars and other currencies for DINARS. Contact in Iraq said they had to guard Iraqi banks because large of Iraqis trying to get to the banks. Believe they may have heard something about the RV comings. Take it for what it is worth but did come contacts in Iraq.
  12. China sends word to the US. This is not a request………..they are telling the US to once again to go back to the days of Fort Knox and support the American dollar ……….with gold. If the US was once the country we use to be I'd say to China go *# yourself!. What are they going to do. Hey China we no longer trade with you or anyone who does!. There would be massive unemployment there. but then again we have a girlie no experience Prez who loves to says how it's Americas fault on everything so who knows.
  13. How has Med been credible? Has he ever been right? NO! He said it would RV before last Christmas and we (DS) would all be having a great holiday. No RV yet. All he does is research the internet comes up with articles and puts his spin on on them. I never said I knew more. Where did you read that? Have you been drinking more of his kool-aid? Just because someone comes in and has ten gazillion post doesn't mean he know's anything? To me you lose your credible when you do come on and post something and then it turns out not to be true.
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