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  1. Tony's emails were from a downtown Sacramento hot dog vendor and bluwolf got confirmations from Tony. 'Nuff said. Not falling for this stuff again.
  2. When I first started reading this I thought it was from the Onion. If true, it's sickening. If its just a contract oversight---if Mitt doesn't read his own sons contract hes helping fund and could miss that how could we have him as President? Sad day for Republicans.
  3. Very sad that this country is so partisan that we let it hurt the welfare of our troops.
  4. Clearly Okie is being fed BS by his "sources". But it's happened so many times that I can't believe he can't figure out what's real any more.
  5. Willard? SERIOUSLY? I thought Mitt was funny.
  6. You keep saying Iraq "pays out" the RV money when that's not how it even works!
  7. Since no one has actually answered your real questions, I'll try to help. These are my opinions, of course. 1. I believe the IMF is the ultimate authority. But the IMF is really the U.S. in disguise. haha...not really, it's a venture of many countries but we have the most pull. So the IMF, the U.S., the UN and of course Iraq (Shabibi---the Governor of the CBI) are "the deciders" so to speak. 2. Pros are many. Iraq benefits because their currency becomes internationally recognized and the value increases. Once this happens, it will attract investors to Iraq. Shopping malls, housing, Electrical plants, Factories that will offer jobs to citizens, etc. will all flourish. Outside of Iraq we all benefit by the exchange rate increasing. We can "cash in" as they say for a profit if the increase occurs. Other countries can benefit, including ours, because they hold dinar in their reserves. Governments won't likely "cash in" like us, but will work deals for oil purchasing at discounts. Many countries forgave Iraqi debt in the millions. They didn't do that for no reason. We've been dangling an RV carrot in front of their face for years. Cons? I can't think of any, but I'm sure someone can. Iran surely could. They would like to keep Iraq down. And no, Iraq doesn't have to pay out all the money that we get upon cash in any more than Microsoft had to pay out stockholders when their stock shot up and made millionaires. 3. Because no one really knows what's going on. Especially the gurus. They say they have sources, and while some may, they could all be being fed misinformation. Some just like to see themselves type. What background info do you know about any gurus? Can you trust them? Especially after years of date and rates that have passed? No way! The best thing to do is follow actual news articles, but even those can have a slant so it's tough to weed through them. But, the articles DO point to, IMO, an RV. The dropping of the zeros does not make sense without a raise in currency value and the CBI talks about it repeatedly in articles. They'll never outright say it, but it will happen. Are there gurus giving out misinfo? IMO YES. That's why you can't go by these weekly or daily predictions. Could some of the rumors be based on truth? Yes, it's possible. Just enough for HOPE! My best advice is to invest what you can, and then leave it and forget about it until it happens. Whether that's a week, a month or a couple more years, the retun can be outstanding. Just don't get caught up in the date and rate predictions and you will be fine. I bought in 2004, and didn't get into the boards until 2009. I have to limit my exposure! And yes, this is high risk but I've already made my money back plus some extra in the simple increases that have happened since 2004. I'm good. Hope this helps.
  8. When oil prices are high, I usually see it reflected at the gas pumps within DAYS. Thats a valid question. Hmmm..
  9. This is a great article and at a perfect time . Just like China and Kuwait, they denied that the RV was going to happen in the media and then like a couple days later---BAM! RV! I am excited about tomorrow now more than ever!!
  10. Make this a #1 issue in 2012 elections and we'll surely lose.
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