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    Proud husband & father Brookie is my daughter
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    Seeing new places,history
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    US merchant sailor
  1. looking Forward to the day he knocks it out of the park You GO Okie, you will be right one day..... soon we
  2. No one, slow day what else you going to do, no harm in a little joke right?you didn't buy a star did ya. Lol
  3. As long as it comes with a deed , I will break into 50 lots and make 100 tomes my investment. Who would buy , same clowns that buy stars.
  4. Well Okie you just keep posting, I have always believed it will R/I @3.22: 1. I thought it would have been by now . I don't care when and I like your # better than mine. I hope you do have the last laugh . I will be laughing all the way to the bank ! Here's to ya bud!!
  5. brookie

    RV Done

    That would be sweet, but I'm not gonna quit my day job just yet. Thank you for the post.
  6. Dude last year you were talking about the stars. Most of his stuff comes off the UN site. Most folks just come here for a good time. But Woody is right if they don't want his stuff on here Leave it where you found it. If they want to read it there they go to face book. Woody boot me If you want . Y'all ain't what you use to be any way. Now you want run good folks down the road. Darn Shame
  7. brookie

    Bad News

    I read that news clip if it's not a smoke screen there is no explaining it away! Take a deep breath a wait for the drop!
  8. I got a fortune cookie opened it and it said " DUCK" you never know what lif will through your way.
  9. Oh that ain't a fact they said just last year they would be using both Forms at the same time. It was in the news. Some folks just like to get worked up is all.
  10. Thanks for all you put out there Scotter. I liked reading your post. Come join us on face book . It's just news and some folks talking. It's rare for anyone to be rude. It would be good for folks that do not know of you to here your Thoughts. They would appreciate your efforts as I have overcthe last Year.
  11. Maliki received a call from Ban Ki-moon to visit the United Nations .. And the last one decided to move its offices to work in Baghdad Baghdad (news) .. submitted to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s invitation of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to visit the United Nations in New York, invited by the Under Ban Ki-component of Sean political Lynn Pascoe, the day to Maliki during a meeting assembled the Office of the latter in Baghdad, Maliki called to strengthen the role of the United Nations in all areas of development in Iraq. The source said that as prime minister (for news) earlier on Sund
  12. brookie

    No rate

    There is no rate on yahoo site today and with all the news maybe more than a glitch. Here is to hoping.
  13. We should tell to get bent. Take all they have and leave them to tend sheep!
  14. Now is as good a time as any. The whole country is 50%?off . With just a small fortune a person could set themselves for Life
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