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  1. God gave me this: God doesn't call the qualified:He qualifies the called and willing and if you never step up to the plate,you will never qualify to get into the game
  2. ctexada sounds like the people telling the story's need to read the good book. A story is a lie Revelation 21:08 But the cowardly unbelieving, abominable,murders,sexually immoral,sorcerers,idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone,which is the second death. May God have mercy on all these people telling story
  3. but in 10 days it could be the being of the saddest times of our life.You could change your love ones take away all of there troubles then there would be no need for God.All the things that you listed 10 day and no more worries your right it will be awesome.BUT WHEN IT HAPPENS WE NEED TO HAVE A FEAR OF MONEY BECAUSE ITS OUR KIDS AND GRAND KIDS THAT WILL SUFFER AND I NEVER SAW A UHAUL BEHIND A HURST
  4. archie


    wow K98nights you must be old like 100 I do not know any of those people
  5. archie

    Name my Boat.

    how about Blessing
  6. Pam & Brian a great post but you left out one fact God does not grant us time and we are only on this earth for a short time and no money are object is worth not making it to heaven God bless all we need is a little more Jesus
  7. Teresa83 I am so Bless to know there is still sisters in Christ that will stand up for GOD in America
  8. Get a Jar and bury it in the back yard. Just like the old days
  9. glad to see your still alive possum you make my day when you hear voices
  10. We serve a awesome GOD thank you my brother in Christ .....Amen
  11. I know 2 plus 2 = 4 and if it rv i will cry and i am with you just relax and enjoy the ride
  12. from one brother to another brother in Christ may God BLESS YOU AND GIVE YOU PEACE
  13. Adam thank you I will pray for you every day for GOD to give you wisdom and to protect your hart from all the bashing
  14. save your lives do post or start talking to a shrink you will need it if you go into the chat room
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