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Egypt announces a state of emergency for three months starting tomorrow

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Egypt announces a state of emergency for three months starting tomorrow

12:55 - 12/10/2017

Information / follow up ..

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced Thursday a state of emergency nationwide for three months from Friday.

"A state of emergency is declared throughout the country for three months from 1 am on Friday, October 13, 2017," the republican decree, published in the official gazette, said.

According to the decision, "the armed forces and the police force take the necessary measures to counter the threats and financing of terrorism, to maintain security throughout the country, to protect public and private property and to save the lives of citizens." Ending / 25 g

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Lets see what the coming days bring shall we ?.............................

Economic partnerships between Iraq and Egypt

By yota691, Tuesday at 09:39 PM in Iraq & Dinar Related News 

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Economic partnerships between Iraq and Egypt



11/10/2017 12:00 am 

Expert expects the "morning" to form a financial force between the two countries

Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf 

In the light of the growing relations between Iraq and Egypt, the government is moving to open the doors of cooperation in the fields of trade, industry and investment between the two countries, which may lead to the conclusion of joint agreements that contribute to the formation of an effective economic force in the region. 
"Iraq and Egypt are two pivotal countries in the region and can form or form an economic force, which is what the two parties have sought during the last period," said Saad al-Muhammadawi, an economist. 
"The two countries will complement each other. Iraq is characterized by its primary materials such as oil and minerals. Egypt has a long history in industries, especially manufacturing and others," he said. 
The expert praised the government's recent moves aimed at creating economic partnerships with neighboring countries and the region, because of their economic, political and even security benefits.
During his meeting with the President of the Arab Federation for the Development of Urban Communities Dr. Adel Rahoumah, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Dr. Mohamed Hashim Abdel-Meguid, discussed the presence of Egyptian Deputy Ambassador to Iraq Ahmed El Sherif and the Commercial Attaché in the Egyptian Embassy. Companies and industrialists in the Egyptian private sector, ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two countries in all industrial fields, and the possibility of benefiting from the Egyptian experience to promote the industrial reality in the country. 
The meeting, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Industry received "morning" a copy of it, "discuss the possibility of opening new horizons of cooperation and review investment opportunities available in accordance with the laws and instructions in place to develop Iraqi industrial companies in various areas, especially mining and conversion industries and the construction of industrial cities.
Abdul Majid said during the meeting, "the desire of the ministry and its keenness on the success of investments in Iraq and to provide all possible facilities by the departments of the ministry," noting that "there is a real need to strengthen industrial cooperation between Iraq and Egypt to develop the public and private sectors through partnership contracts and rehabilitation of factories and production lines and construction New industries and developed with the Egyptian companies giant and Almsrinip in various fields and to benefit from the expertise and advanced technology owned by those companies, especially that the directions of the Ministry of Minister of Industry and Minerals, Engineer Mohamed Shi'a Sudan and within its strategy On opening the field of investment with Arab and international companies advanced. "

He also pointed out that "determining the need to enter into investments in accordance with the prior planning and the need of the local market and in coordination with the Directorate of Industrial Development of the Ministry in terms of medium and small projects and the National Investment Commission in respect of large projects and giant," stressing at the same time the depth of Iraqi-Egyptian relations and seek to consolidate them In which the interests of the two brotherly countries ". 
For his part, the Egyptian delegation expressed his country's desire to develop and expand areas of joint cooperation in various fields and endeavor to ensure the success of projects that can be implemented by Egyptian companies in Iraq, stressing "the importance of the continuation of such meetings to see the latest developments and progress in the investment files offered, Developing the partnership between the two countries in the industrial fields. "

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