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  1. All 7 sources, huh? Help me out here. Sleepy, Sneezy, Doc, Dopy, Larry(?), Mo(?) and Curly(?)
  2. I bank at Wells Fargo here in the Milwaukee area, over the past two years I have briefly mentioned the dinar to a personal banker and also an investment banker (two separate branches), they both knew about the dinar and also owned it, each over 10 million dinar. I did not get into rates and dates with them. They both said they invested due to the dinars "potential", the investment banker said a lot still needed to happen in Iraq for the currency to rise significantly in value. Keep in mind this was 2 years ago and we have all seen the progress Iraq is making. My question has always been, did these bank employees invest due to the huge hype regarding the currency a few years back, do they know something we may not know or did the invest on their own accord knowing the potential of the currency and the economy in Iraq? Who knows, but my gut tells me there are a lot of people invested in the banking industry just waiting for something to happen as you and I all are.
  3. Same thing is happening to me, I signed up not to long ago also (by the way, you won't regret it, gives you a great sense of security), I have contacted administration and the did confirm that I am registered, you may want to do the same.
  4. [quote name='staunch' date='28 January 2013 - 08:45 AM' timestamp='1359380717' post='1099492'] Wow, I got 4 negs for that? I was in no way trashing OR EVEN DOUBTING the story or the author. Some of the stories in the rumors section are completely fabricated from the first word and all I was doing was wondering out loud if this one had some truth to it or possibly all of it. Oh well, we will see. [/quote] I think the reason you may have gotten the negatives is because, look at hooosier's join date. For those of us that have been around for a while know he is not the type to start rumors and in general a pretty conservative poster. This one perked my interest too, even though it is in the rumors section. Looking for forward to the rest of the story.
  5. [quote name='MANNY99' date='21 March 2012 - 03:04 PM' timestamp='1332360240' post='904639'] This article came out today it is already posted confirm what you heard thank you [size="4"][color="#FF0000"]central bank to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar gradually down to the day to start replacement where the value will be in the absence of a fluctuation Iraqi dinars, equivalent to one U.S. $ one[/color][/size] [/quote] Thanks Manny, I appreciate the research!
  6. [quote name='Woodrow Wilson' date='21 March 2012 - 10:31 AM' timestamp='1332343908' post='904315'] I came to these forums to make this post by way of an unfortunate close personal friend. This friend came to me over the weekend to give me some Dinar with the hopes that it would make him and his family rich, as well as my own. Rich of course is a relative term, as both our families do well in our respective industries, which mine happens to be in law. Now I'm invested in various "things" already, and my friend told me "The Story" a friend told him and so on, to buy Dinar because of its imminent revaluation. Of course, since Due Diligence is part of my profession, I made a call to a bank my firm does business with. My contact there first reaction was a subtle chuckle, and his next words were: "Give the colorful paper back to your friend and see if he can get a refund." This is purely a speculative "investment", I quote investment because the only one's making real money are the people exchanging this near worthless crap to dumb Americans. To put it in perspective, this is as rudimentary explanation as I can get. Like Iraq, our own country here in The United States has a [i]money supply[/i] problem: Of course, this has two ramifications, the first is inflation, which both countries share in variable degrees: The second, is the value of that money and what you can buy with it on a global scale, including FOREX (which you all appear to know Iraq is NOT a part of):[1][id]=CUUR0000SA0R# The final basic comparison I can show, bot scale of course is this: The scale is different, but the principle is the same, monetizing your own debt to keep afloat. If anyone think that a RV is going to make you rich, you are out of your mind. A lot of things have to happen before that is even in the discussion, not to mention the ridiculous RV speculation out there which if it ever happened (in unicorn land), would instantly take them out of the open markets as no country could afford their goods, including oil. If you want to "speculate" more power to you, you're free to do so, but the people selling this ****, to the likes of unsuspecting friends of mine, you're a ******* **** bags. [/quote] The only statement that alot of people here can agree with is "this is a speculative investment" , we all know that, especially the people who have been around for a while. You do realize that this is posted in the rumor section and it is titled "positive rumor/opinion". It is no different than you coming on here, responding to this post with your own OPINION. I hope you feel better getting all that off your chest. Feeling you had to get this off your chest and save all of us from ourselves. Trust me, there are alot worse investments out there than this one. No one will buy into this self righteous B.S. and your words will be forgotten in a matter of hours. Real classy how you ended your post also. And by the way God Bless you!
  7. [quote name='sufer223' date='20 March 2012 - 09:53 PM' timestamp='1332298424' post='903780'] To bad this rumor is probably about 3-4 years old I've read this before I swear. They were right about gold skyrocketing in the past few years compared to where we are now. [/quote] I value your opinion. But this is not 3 or 4 years old. This is what I have been told first hand by people who do business in the middle east. I have been around way to long on these dinar sites to regurgatate a rumor to get peoples hopes up. Trust me I have seen them all and even fell for some of the rumors in the beginning of this venture.
  8. [quote name='Alex38' date='20 March 2012 - 06:52 PM' timestamp='1332287552' post='903550'] Agreed. I would think it NEEDS to come out at least a bit closer to the USD. [/quote] I would love to see the rate at around a dollar also initially. But this is a rumor like any other. Just wanted to share with everyone what may happen.
  9. [quote name='sonny1' date='20 March 2012 - 06:43 PM' timestamp='1332286995' post='903533'] i love the post, thanks wisconsin. lol [/quote] Thanks Sonny, just trying to stay grounded. Been in this way to long and seen too many people fall into traps set by pumpers and less reputable dinar sites. Thought I would share a more realistic point of view.
  10. [quote name='umbertino' date='20 March 2012 - 06:26 PM' timestamp='1332286015' post='903514'] Quote This gentleman is invested over 1 million USD on the dinar End Quote Holy xxxx. [/quote] That is what I thought also. From what I understand, they are selling the IQD on the black market over there at 2200 to 1 instead of the 1170 to 1. So just imagine what he holds in physical currency. It is mind boggling.
  11. I have been holding this rumor/opinion pretty close to my chest for the past month or so, mostly because I don't buy into the rumors that are posted on the sites. I like to follow the news and see where it leads. I have owned dinar for the past three years and have been a member here for quite a while, I tend to remain very grounded on this investment, having the opinion there will be a straight RV, the only question is when? I dont even care about the rate, because it will be more money than I invested and I am very thankful for that. I will give you a little background on the people that have told me this. One is a man of arab descent whom I work with. He came to the US around 20 years ago, one of his former jobs was piloting one of the Saudi shaws around the world. He is a very smart business man who just recently invested 40,000 USD on this investment. Someone I trust very much when it comes to business opportunities. The other gentleman is one of my co workers friends who is a very successful businessman in the middle east and Europe. He travels through Baghdad quite often and talks to some of the more prominent Iraqi business owners and government officials regarding the economy, the banking sector and the currency quite often. I know he deals alot with import/export of hospital equipment and agricultural stuff. This gentleman is invested over 1 million USD on the dinar. My coworker and his friend speak weekly about what is going on in the middle east. particularly in Iraq! This is what I was told about a month ago: This will happen, we will see a straight RV. What is being said by some of the businessman is, this will happen sometime in May. The rate will be 9 IQD to 1 USD but investors will be able to cash in at 13 IQD to 1 USD due to the bank spread from the CBI. (This coincides with the 7 to 10 cent rate Adam was guessing at) The rate will move up around the USD within a year. No word on a cash in period. Also invest in Gold, it will skyrocket. I was not real happy about the rate, but like I said before it is more money than I invested and am thankful to have found out about the opportunity. This is a rumor or opinion, but it is from someone I trust. The last thing I want to do is lead DV members astray, because I am sure there are alot of people out there struggling financially. You can take this or leave it, you are free to your own opinions, bash or dont bash. God Bless!
  12. [quote name='leesburg' date='13 March 2012 - 10:43 AM' timestamp='1331657012' post='894197'] it is my opinion that when they say they will delete 3 zeros.. your million dinars will turn into one thousand dinars ,, through an exchange process .. of 1000 to one .. now why people are happy for this is beyond me .. but they are .... i for one am hoping for a 3 or 4 dollar revaluation of this dinar along with the deletion of these zeros or .. just keep the zeros and rv to anything more .. a penny .. a nickle ..a dime .. anything .. i for one will not be kidding myself about what i have been reading about the zero deletion .. good luck to all.. hold your dinars ..dont sell till something happens .. you have a good chance of making some money here ... becoming a multi millionare .. ..that would depend on how much dinar you hold ..... i guees there is no debating this ,.. because it is exactly what we all have been reading .. i can see why no one will say anything .. .. theres no debate here [/quote] Hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst as any smart investor should be. All the news articles have looked great lately. I would even take a 5 to 10 cent straight RV, But until it happens no one truly knows the outcome. Good luck to everyone and God bless!
  13. The sad part is, there are actually people out there that will believe this!
  14. This was a good read up until the end when he said "I agree with Tony!"