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  1. Well .. and me without my sand dial.. lol After three or four years, Iraq will witness an economic move that surprises the world.
  2. They need ball park vendors .. Camel get ya hot camel here..!!
  3. Other Conventional Fixed Peg Arrangements The country (formally or de facto) pegs its currency at a fixed rate to another currency or a basket of currencies, where the basket is formed from the currencies of major trading or financial partners and weights reflect the geographical distribution of trade, services, or capital flows. The currency composites can also be standardized, as in the case of the SDR. There is no commitment to keep the parity irrevocably. The exchange rate may fluctuate within narrow margins of less than ±1 percent around a central rate-or the maximum and minimum value of the exchange rate may remain within a narrow margin of 2 percent-for at least three months. The monetary authority stands ready to maintain the fixed parity through direct intervention
  4. (i) Action by a member or its fiscal agencies that of itself gives rise to a spread of more than 2 percent between buying and selling rates for spot exchange transactions between the member’s currency and any other member’s currency would be considered a multiple currency practice and would require the prior approval of the Fund. (ii) An exchange spread that arises without official action would not give rise to a multiple currency practice. (iii) Deviations between the buying and selling rates for spot transactions and for other transactions would not be considered multiple currency practices if they represent the additional costs and exchange risks for these other transactions. MULTIPLE CURRENCY PRACTICES—POLICY
  5. Float currency

    Maybe in which the dollar is in also?
  6. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he will refuse to allow the Iraqi parliament change the KRG’s share of the 2018 budget. He insisted Erbil’s demand for 17 percent belongs in the past, but assured his commitment to paying the salaries of KRG employees despite “big problems” with the payroll lists. “We have now set the share of the [Region] to one based on the population ratio. There is justice in it,” Abadi said on Tuesday. The 17 percent share was based on an outdated political agreement that his government will not remain committed to, he asserted. “The parliament wants to change it. I do not accept it,” Abadi said of reported attempts by the Iraqi parliament to bring the KRG’s back to 17 percent, up from the 12.6 percent Kurdish officials have claimed has been allocated in the draft 2018 budget law. The International Monetary Fund has said the 12.6 percent share will not cover the KRG’s expenses. Abadi: I won’t allow the KRG to receive 17% budget share By Rudaw 2/1/2018
  7. Imagine if we had the same infrastructure fund!
  8. Float currency

    LOL and why goverments WILL regulate them!
  9. Float currency

    A fixed exchange rate is a country's exchange rate regime under which the government or central bank ties the official exchange rate to another country's currency or to the price of gold. The purpose of a fixed exchange rate system is to maintain a country's currency value within a very narrow band.
  10. Float currency

    Revaluation is adjustment of the value of a currency in relation to other currencies. A floating exchange rate is a regime where the currency price is set by the forex market based on supply and demand compared with other currencies. This is in contrast to a fixed exchange rate, in which the government entirely or predominantly determines the rate.
  11. Float currency

    KAP sitting on blue couch too long!

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