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  1. well if article is the standard we go by then its easy to assume we have 2 more years to go with an three year stand-by arrangement!
  2. i beg to differ .. the reason they were granted an additional 17% was for the gassing of them.it also includes the reserves because they are a federal entity as the main GOI! if the shitte and sunni didnt want to give them the propper share as in article 140 KIRKUK and 117 for the shares putting it in the constitution seems like a waste of paper.
  3. Article 117 of the constitution recognizes Kurdistan as a federal region
  4. The kurds are entitled too the 17% as required in the constitution! Why shouldnt they recieve it?
  5. does say oil AGREEMENT .. maybe we should hold off parade untill oil LAW if we need it
  6. i guess my jaunt at humor fell on deaf hears .. i apogolize
  7. sure wish i had those fancy computers.. mine only says 1184...
  8. Not sure its offical until da fat lady ..err Abadi sings ..
  9. Went all the way to Iraq just to see if it would work?
  10. heck put dirt in the proper places of my fat folds i could look like that!
  11. thers all ways another sunni man ready to take over!
  12. new site is reading 1184 https://cbi.iq/
  13. ahh but we did pick this fight.. when we decided to do something of the kurds being gassed!