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  1. Oh but they still expect a full pay check. Take away their pay and fine them at the same time. The only language they understand is money.
  2. Time to trim the fat. Maliki's cousins get to keep 50% of their checks and must give the other 50% to their good ol cousin.
  3. bank story

    That 20 cm looked like the great Tallahassee blizzard in 30 years.
  4. I need a job that requires me to make a million a year and work no more than 30 minutes a day.
  5. They know that HCL /140 needs to be passed but they dont want to do it because the foxes are guarding the hen house.
  6. These yahoos couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag without taking 300 vacations.
  7. Haev the all rurn in their money and give them an ATM card with real purchasung power.
  8. Zionist entities.....looks like Iran has a bigger foothold than many have failes to recognize.
  9. Their only achievement is lots of vacations and wasting oxygen.
  10. $2.25 in the panhandle of Florida
  11. CITI Exchanging Now At 1 To 1.

    For years I have just lurked. Quietly reading all the articles and for entertainment the rumors too. This rumor has me laughing because they are saying they exchanged 25k at $1.14. Now I am no math genius but I am pretty sure this does not total $30k. Maybe they are using common core math.

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