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  1. IQD 0.0015 on Google! looks right IQD USD 1000 0.84 2000 1.69 5000 4.22 10,000 8.45 20,000 16.89 50,000 42.23 100,000 84.46 200,000 168.92 500,000 422.30 1,000,000 844.59 2,000,000 1689.18 5,000,000 4222.96 10,000,000 8445.91 20,000,000 16,891.82 50,000,000 42,229.55 100,000,000 84,459.10 200,000,000 168,918.20 IQD rate March 20, 2018 USD IQD 0.50 500 1.00 1000 2.00 2500 5.00 6000 10.00 12,000 20.00 23,500 50.00 59,000 100.00 118,500 200.00 237,000 500.00 592,000 1000.00 1,184,000 2000.00 2,368,000 5000.00 5,920,000 10,000.00 11,840,000 20,000.00 23,680,000 50,000.00 59,200,500 100,000.00 118,400,500 USD rate March 20, 2018
  2. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Investing .com has a change now. Not sure if it will change in a few minutes! USD/IQD - US Dollar Iraqi Dinar 118.00 -1066.00 -90.03%
  3. CBI News 03/20/2018

    Translation: The annual reports of foreign reserves showed a positive performance in 2017 compared with the performance in 2016. The foreign reserves of the CBI in 2017 grew by 7% compared to 2016. At the level of investment portfolios, the investment portfolio increased by 38% due to the expansion of investment In addition, the investment portfolio in gold witnessed a positive growth of 15% in 2017 due to the increase in the value of gold equivalent in 2017 than it was in 2016. The Central Bank of Iraq's investments in Islamic sukuk The Islamic Bank of Islamic Development recorded a 50% increase in 2007 compared to 2016. The annual performance of the risk was positive, due to the 15% rise in the euro between 2017 and 2016, the pound sterling by 10% and the Australian dollar at 8% Geographical distribution of investments The foreign reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq are distributed among eight countries, the United States of America, France, Switzerland and Britain. There has been a marked development in the foreign investment management mechanism following efforts to establish banking relationships and the use of electronic trading platforms such as Bloomberg and Reuters, where a large proportion of foreign reserves are currently self-managed, managed by correspondent central banks.
  4. Keywords: Banks of Kurdistan will be subject to the control of the Central Bank March 13, 2018 The governor of the Central Bank Ali al-Alaq, on Tuesday, the agreement of Baghdad and Arbil to subjugate the banks in the Kurdistan region to control the Central Bank of Iraq. Alaq said during a press conference with the Minister of Finance of the region in Arbil, that "it was agreed with the President of the provincial government to exercise the branch of the Central Bank in Erbil work and supervisory authority and control over the banks of the region and non-bank financial institutions." He added that "the central bank has the direct support of the Prime Minister of the region and the Minister of Finance to facilitate the work of the Central Bank branch and the performance of its oversight work for the development of the banking sector in the region and provide ways of coordination between them," adding that "was also discussed on the licensing of government banks belonging to the region and Their status and their legal adaptation to make them subject to the Bank and its control and in such a way as to enable them to develop their role. " He explained that "the agreement was reached between the government and the region to avoid double taxation between the two sides, and the banking sector will be the first link to solve this problem so that the branches of banks in Baghdad or the region are not subject to tax accounting twice and recognition of the debt issued by the central government or territory under the agreement or under the method Which is tax-related. "
  5. Trading currencies

    They now have a new currency that resembles the pattern used by the giant economies?
  6. Google the rate! Big change!

    Both AOL and Yahoo return $.001
  7. CBI News 02/26/2018

    Salary Localization Project February 26, 2018 The project of reforming the payment mechanism for employees of the institutions and the government departments This project aims to pay salaries to state employees through cards issued by banks operating in Iraq. The project aims to reduce the total cost of paying salaries and maintaining cash within the banking system. Employees benefit from obtaining a bank account that enables them to deal with all ATM machines and points of sale inside the country. As well as the benefit of all other banking services offered by banks such as access to loans and others, in addition to the use of cards from safety rather than keeping cash, and that the strategy of this bank in creating a competitive environment safe for banks to provide And that the employee has the right to choose the bank according to the best financial and banking services and the most suitable prices. Banks contributing to the project of settling salaries: (Bank of Baghdad, Byblos Bank, Middle East Bank, Credit Libanais Bank, Gulf Bank), Bank of Baghdad, Bank of Iraq, International Bank of Development, Industrial Bank, Iraqi Islamic Bank , The South Islamic Bank). Project Documents The decision of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in their books numbered 10/1/1/29805, TR / 4/22631, SG / 10/1/5/27448 dated 2/11/2016 and 17 / 7/2017 and 23/8/2017 ... To download click here The form of the legal agreement that the ministries can adopt as a guiding model when contracting with the relevant authorities ... To download click here The payroll file format to be issued by the system of salaries ministries and institutions to be adopted in the transfer of funds through the payment system in a safe and efficient ... To download click here Our books numbered 9/2/17977 and 23/296 and dated on 25/12/2016 and 5/3/2017 ... To download click here For more information and to answer your inquiries, please call 07812010971 and email .
  8. Oh well... Parliament postponed its meeting for one day (Wednesday) The House of Representatives held its scheduled session next Tuesday one day to be held on Wednesday. "The reason for the completion of all aspects of the financial budget for the current year 2018, in order to vote on Wednesday.
  9. Appears to be an old report from 2016 Iraq Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report - Movement on Long-Delayed Hydrocarbons Law Appears Unlikely August 2016 32 pages ID: 4263091
  10. The conference was probably just a PR ploy. Iraq has 154 billion barrels of proved reserves, ( about 15 trillion dollars at $100/barrel) A GOI minister has stated that with additional exploration this total will easily double.
  11. The Iraqi dinar replaces the dollar as the global reserve currency?

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