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  1. Keywords: government moving towards a free economy and activating the private sector Thursday, March 23, 2017 Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Mahdi Keywords, said that the government is moving towards a free economy and activating the private sector. According to a statement to be honest, he got the beholder News / NNA / copy of it, said: "It I receive World Bank delegation headed by Mohammed Hassan Abdel Qader Chairman of the Group to improve the Bank in Iraq, the business environment, and during the meeting, offer a range of topics pertaining to the Iraqi economy and the environment of investment and location of the Iraq analogy global indicators of the economy and business. " The Secretary of the Council of Ministers, said that "there is a gap between the improvement and progress witnessed in the land of economic and investment reality in Iraq and the information-gathering mechanisms that feed these indicators and thus do not reflect an accurate assessment of the national effort and the international effort in this area." For his part, display Abdul Qadir according to the statement "the current programs carried out by the World Bank in Iraq as a program to improve the work environment and the associated company registration processes and obtaining licenses and conclude contracts more efficiently according to international standards, also touched on the need for openness to the provinces and the development of investment Strategies optimal her like Basra ". For his part, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, said that "the Iraqi government said moving toward a free economy and stimulate the private sector and the concomitant trend of procedural and legal amendments." Keywords and added, "The Secretariat will spare no effort to support Iraq's highest rise on according to World Bank standards," .anthy indicators
  2. Abadi back to Baghdad after the conclusion of his visit to Washington March 23 2017
  3. Saudi Arabia is moving to cancel the debt of 15 billion dollars on Iraq March 23 2017 Saudi Arabia announced its direction to cancel the previous debts on Iraq and the opening line of flight from Riyadh to Baghdad and Najaf. This came on the lips of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al - Jubeir during a meeting in Washington today with his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim al - Jaafari on the sidelines of the international coalition meeting against al Daesh where they discussed progress of the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Riyadh, and evolution over the past period, and ways to deepen and open up new prospects for cooperation common in all areas. The two sides agreed on the need for exchange of visits between officials of both countries, including the minister of trade and industry in the coming period; to increase the volume of trade exchange
  4. KARBALA COUNCIL VOTE ON THE DISMISSAL OF THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNCIL ON MALIKI March 22 2017 Voice of the Council of Karbala, on Wednesday, on the dismissal of the Vice President of the Council Ali al-Maliki. He said the Karbala Provincial Council member Mohammed al-Moussawi in a press statement, said that "Karbala provincial council held an emergency session and voted on a second dismissal of the Vice President of the Council from office." Al-Moussawi said, "was voted by 15 members out of 19 attended the session." The Karbala Provincial Council voted on Wednesday, that the Council voted on the dissatisfaction with answers Vice President Ali al-Maliki.
  5. Advocacy: Abadi plans to form a cross-sectarian bloc and will run for a second term March 23 2017 MP for comprehensive Khip Ameri of the Islamic Dawa Party, on Thursday, convinced his party and all regional parties on the candidacy of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for a second term in the upcoming elections, noting that al-Abadi plans to form a large block cross-sectarian. Amery said in a statement / information /, "The Dawa party is convinced and all regional parties concerning the candidacy of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for a second term to head the government," adding that "what we achieved Abadi qualifies him to be prime minister again." He said al-Amiri, that "the next stage carry a lot of surprises and changes, notably al-Abadi's determination to form a large block cross-sectarian." The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said earlier he does not intend to run for the upcoming parliamentary elections or run for prime minister again.
  6. Kurdish parliament warns against dealing with Massoud Barzani, the outgoing March 22 2017 President of the Kurdistan Parliament Youssef Mohamad warned on Wednesday, international energy companies from doing business with the Government of Barzani outgoing as unconstitutional, pointing to prepare an official statement in this regard. Said Mohammad, the Kurdistan parliament will issue a formal statement in which countries of the world urges the risk of dealing with Barzani, the outgoing and the current government, adding, that the statement, which will focus on oil and gas and public loan contracts He stressing warned to take to deal with the government of Barzani being unconstitutional position. Little, said Massoud Barzani, the outgoing smuggled hundreds of millions of barrels of oil for its own account, while citizens in the Kurdistan suffers a significant deterioration in living conditions that led to violent protests in all regions of the Christan to demand the ouster of Massoud from power and to demand overdue salaries.
  7. President of Ebadi: I am sorry for the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq 3/22/2017 Received the visit of Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi to Washington to mark and clear, reflected on the commitments made by President Donald Trump himself for closer cooperation between the two countries in all fields pack. The Abadi Trump on their countries ' commitment to a comprehensive strategic partnership to benefit both countries over the coming years. The Prime Minister arrived, on Monday, to Washington DC, at the official invitation of President Donald Trump, carrying several files related to post - Daesh and the efforts of reconstruction and stability, as well as file and displaced persons. The Prime Minister discussed these files with Trump and a group of officials in the US administration, according to government data received (range). He expressed the US president, according to an Iraqi government statement, welcomed Prime Minister al - Abadi, asserting that "continued US support for Iraq and its people in the joint war being waged against countries Daesh terrorist gangs." The statement said Trump confirmed to Ebadi , " the US commitment to a comprehensive partnership with Iraq based on mutual respect in the light of the US-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement that define the frameworks of cooperation in the political, economic and cultural fields." The US President, according to a statement the Office of the Prime Minister, his eagerness to host the Abadi at the White House among the first heads of the world " in appreciation of the role of Iraq and in support of the close relationship that links between the US and Iraqi people and the importance of the relationship between the two governments." He praised the two leaders, during the meeting, " the level of outstanding military cooperation between Iraq and the United States in the war against Daesh military to liberate Mosul and the campaign." The statement pointed out that Trump Abadi and "agreed that the partnership between Iraq and the United States will continue in the long term to eradicate the roots of terrorism in Iraq and to strengthen his power in the military field and other important areas." The two presidents, according to the statement, " the need to cooperate with our partners Al68 from members of the international coalition countries to eliminate Daesh, the United States can continue to provide support and training to Iraqi forces until we achieve a decisive victory and lasting against Daesh gangs and terrorist link Kablyatea to an advanced level of ability and efficiency." The two sides stressed the "importance of strengthening the partnership between the two countries to include the political and economic fields through joint strategic framework agreement." He explained that "officials of the two countries will talk in the next coming months about the steps to be taken to strengthen economic ties and encourage investment and expand the horizons of cooperation in the energy sector, and strive to create new opportunities and strengthen cooperation in education and culture sector." And the US president stressed " the United States strongly supported the Iraq partnership with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will continue in coordination with the Group of Seven industrialized nations (7G) to help Iraq to achieve economic stability and implementation of reforms needed," and praised the "vision of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to build a strong and diversified economy in Iraq, is able to meet all the needs of the Iraqi people. " The US president expressed regret for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in 2011, saying "we had never withdraw." Previously Abadi meeting Trump, attended a seminar hosted by (USIP). The prime minister said that "the pace of US support for Iraqi forces in their fight to regain the city of Mosul from the grip of the jihadist organization has accelerated since the administration took over the helm of the Republic." Ebadi said, in remarks followed up (range) yesterday, "I believe that this administration wants to be more involved in the fight against terrorism, I feel a difference in terms of Bmgarap terrorism." The prime minister pointed out that " the organization Daesh still has yet funding despite shrinking, as well as do some countries , using terrorism in conflicts regional , " adding that "there are efforts to achieve stability in the city of Mosul , but Iraq needs more support and funding." He stressed that "Iraq has suffered and is suffering from media outlets that support terrorism." Abadi stressed that " the defeat of terrorism is not by military means alone, there are better ways to defeat, including the existence of a regional plan on it." He said that "Iraq has become a new democratic country, and the reform process that we do is not easy." The head of government expressed the hope that the future will bring "new blood from elections officials." "For us we saw administration and president in the United States are aware of the importance of Iraq in the region, and can both Baghdad and Washington to cooperate to eliminate terrorism." Coincided Abadi 's visit to Washington with the 14th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war in 2003. The visit, two days after a conference of foreign ministers of countries Al68 internalized before in the context of the international coalition led by the United States against Daesh in Iraq and Syria. And received Abadi, during his stay in Washington, the delegations of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The new two delegations, according to a statement of the Prime Minister 's Office, "its support for the reform measures undertaken by the government and Iraq 's success in the BIOS of these reforms", stressing their commitment to this support. The prime minister also received a number of American officials in the House and Senate, and Vice President Mike Pence.
  8. Alternate translation: while the commitment of the province to implement the oil agreement signed with the Minister of Oil.
  9. The United Nations issued a statement on the flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk March 21 2017 The United Nations expressed, on Tuesday, raising concern about the governor ofKirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim aware of the Kurdistan region above the castle province, warning that any steps "unilateral" may cause danger to the state of peaceful coexistence. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) said in a statement seen by agency Nun , news reporting, she expresses concern "about the recent decision of the governor of Kirkuk fly the flag of Kurdistan region of Iraq over Kirkuk Castle , " noting that " the Government of Iraq has made it clear that according to the constitution, Kirkuk among the powers of the central government and it should not raise any flag in the province it is aware of Iraq. " The mission warned of "take any unilateral steps that might endanger the state ofharmony and peaceful coexistence among the various ethnic, religious and righteous groups to consider Kirkuk and tons her and would like to live and work together in the post - regulation Daesh and build on the spirit of unity and cooperation of all the ingredients in the fight against organized terrorist. " The mission expressed "deep appreciation for the substantial sacrifices for the people of Iraq in their struggle against the terrorist organization Daesh , " pointing to " the sacrifices and victories achieved by Kurdish Peshmerga forces along with Iraqi security forces." The governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim lift, on Monday, the Iraqi flag along with flag of the Kurdistan region on Castle historic preservation, while the Kindle conservative symbolic flame to mark the start of the festivities celebrating Nowruz. The representatives component Turkmen in Kirkuk province , refusing, in the March 17 , 2017, decision of the governor to raise the Kurdish flag on conservative circles, as they called the council refused to discuss this decision, considered that it works to "create discord" between the components of Kirkuk. He said Karim, on Thursday , March 16 , 2017, that the flag of Kurdistan does not belong to the Kurds alone but is for everyone and for other components that live in the region and components including the Turkmen and Arab, as he emphasized the commitment to maintain the application of the oil agreement signed with the oil minister. Also issued a Turkish Foreign Ministry, on Monday, a statement on the lifting of the Kurdistan flag on the province of Kirkuk, and noted that the preservation of different cultures, such as such decisions represent a danger to it.
  10. Abadi meet with Trump at the White House March 20 2017 Network Iraqi position President, "Donald Trump" received in the White House, the Iraqi prime minister, "Haider al-Abadi," which his country is fighting a war against al Daesh the support of an international consortium led by Washington. This is the first Iraqi prime minister 's visit to the White House since the "Trump" power on 20 January last. It is scheduled to be "Abadi" agenda , who arrived in Washington at dawn on Monday (Sunday night EST United States), Bus files and issues, as it will discuss with the US president and other senior officials in the administration and Congress was dominated military operation against Daesh and the fight against terrorism and efforts to Baghdad to deal file with the displaced and the humanitarian crisis caused by the Daesh, and the government plans to restore stability to the liberated areas. Among the issues to be addressed by the two sides, military cooperation and economic assistance and rehabilitation of the Iraqi financial system. It has facilities for Ebadi and defense ministers delegation , "Irfan Hayali" oil "Jabbar Allaibi" external "Ibrahim al - Jaafari , " and the Construction and Housing , "Ann wholesome Aussie", accompanied by President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan Region , "Fuad Hussein." He will meet "Abadi" During increase the number of American officials, including the deputy president, "Mike Pence," Foreign Minister "Rex Tillerson," Speaker of the House, "Paul Ryan," and members of the House Alchiokh.osahark Abadi in foreign alliance, which will be held in Washington in the 22 countries of the ministers' meeting March / March. And it decided to "Trump" Managing remove Iraq from the list of countries covered by the second version of the travel ban is in response to calls by the Iraqi government in this regard and pressure from the foreign and defense ministers Rex Tillerson and James Mattis. The US judiciary has suspended a travel ban is again hours of its entry into force on 16 March / March before.
  11. SAAD AL-HADITHI: KIRKUK MUST BE COMMITTED TO RAISE THE OFFICIAL FLAG OF IRAQ MARCH 20 2017 Said the official spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister, Saad al - Hadithi, said on Monday that fly the flag of Kurdistan on government buildings in Kirkuk, it contrasts with the Constitution and contrary to the powers of the provincial council law. Saad al - Hadithi permits in the press, "The Iraqi constitution is clear and explicit in defining the powers of local governments in the provinces and in return define the powers of the federal government in Baghdad, as well as the provinces of irregular Law" province ", and Kirkuk , one of these provinces." He explained Sabri, said that "all the issues of flag - raising on government buildings in any of the governorates not organized" province "back to the federal authority, unified Iraqi flag is the official flag , which raises by local governments , " adding that "Kirkuk is among the provinces that You must abide by lifting the official flag, which represents the symbol of Iraq. " The spokesman added that "any action and acted unilaterally by any local government in any of the governorates, contrary to the Constitution and incompatible with the powers , " noting that " the only Almsttnat Kurdistan provinces of Administrative Law."
  12. Urgent official holiday on the occasion of Novruz holiday (Iraq New Year, tomorrow) 20/03/2017 [Where-Baghdad] General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced disable office hours tomorrow on the occasion of Novruz holiday. According to a brief statement of the General Secretariat received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that he "will disable the working hours of tomorrow, Tuesday, 21.03.2017 on the occasion of Nowruz holiday.
  13. Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi to meet Donald Trump 20/03/2017