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  1. CBI: Prices of banknotes and coins sold to amateurs and related associations June 04, 2017 T Releases selling price 1 Crew Papers of the International Edition Canceled 250 dollars 2 The crew of the banknotes of the local edition canceled $ 100 3 Banknotes currently in circulation Outside Iraq 250 dollars Inside Iraq 300000 dinars 4 Ancient Coins (Revival of Babylon) $ 100 5 New Coins Crew Canceled 75 dollars The price of one banknote per category Edition 2003-2013 1 250 dinars 5 dollars 2 500 dinars 5 dollars 3 1000 dinars 5 dollars 4 5000 dinars $ 10 5 10,000 dinars $ 15 6 25000 dinars $ 30 7 50000 dinars $ 60 8 JD 50 withdrawn from trading $ 1 International Edition cancellations 1 1 / 4 dinars $ 2 2 1/2 dinars $ 2 3 JD 1 5 dollars 4 5 dinars $ 10 5 10 dinars $ 15 6 25 JD $ 15
  2. CBI News 10/15/2017

    CBI Training Courses Oct 15, 2017 Training Course (Credit Rating for 29-2017 / 10/31) Nomination (specialized training program for financial experts and bankers) Establishment of an integrated training program (documentary credits) Training Course (reading financial data, historical events, analysis and predictability of associated risks)
  3. Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq attend meetings of the IMF and the World Bank October 15, 2017 Headed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail formed a delegation from this bank and went to the United States of America to participate in meetings of the IMF and the World Bank this week. It is hoped that the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq will meet on the sidelines of these meetings with a number of central bank governors (the Governor of the Central Bank of Holland and the Governor of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia), as well as a meeting with the Chairman of the Arab Monetary Fund Treasury, State Department and many other economic and financial figures.
  4. You should read this post and make your own decision. (for some reason there are a lot of entries about religion)
  5. Sorry, This post points to the strong suggestion that the currency will be lopped. The source is a CBI pdf dated back to 2012 and referenced on the new CBI website.
  6. Hello Botzwana, No, I am not getting out of this. I am now investigating the 50k note. I hope we haven't overlooked it as a major player in Iraq's future.
  7. Hi LGD, I've been musing about the issue after finding this post about the CBI restructuring the iraqi currency. If I was the CBI Governor, how would I tackle the hoarding of the Iraqi dinars? 1. I would make the new lower denoms more valuable than the old 3 zero notes we hold. 2. The old would still be good to use for 10 years, but... "only in country." 3. The new currency would be the exchange / international currency This is how I see a way to get the tons of currency back into the hands of the CBI. I think I read an article about this happening, but I can't find it now. All this is just my opinion. Thanks for asking.
  8. Al-Abbadi: We will never recognize the results of a referendum and the region is part of Iraq spokesman for the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, said on Monday that the Iraqi government does not recognize the results of the referendum of Kurdistan and will not deal with him because it is not legally binding for the federal government. Saad al-Hadithi said in a press statement that "the government does not recognize the results of the referendum and will not deal with the results of the value is not legally and does not entail any effect or legal obligation of the federal government and will not change the reality of Iraq constitutional or legal provided for by the Constitution of its borders and geography and constitutional extended from Zakho To FAO that the Kurdistan region is part of Iraq. " He added that the Iraqi government will never recognize the results of the referendum because it is contrary to the Constitution, and will not change the position of Iraq provided for by the Constitution, "stressing that" the government is committed not to hold any referendum or dialogue on the results of the referendum. " In the same regard, al-Hadithi said that "we have asked the concerned countries to stop dealing with the region regarding oil and border crossings and there are assurances and commitment by these countries to maintain Iraqi sovereignty over the territorial integrity, including the Kurdistan region," stressing that "the return of the Iraqi government on these two files can not Dealing with the Kurdistan Regional Government. " He also pointed out that "the government is striving to take the necessary steps to maintain the unity of the country and maintain the state of living and brotherhood, including Kurdish citizens," noting "We are keen on them and the safety and security and interests of all the Iraqi people of all components, including Kurdish citizens." "There is a regional position supportive of the Iraqi government and the international will of the Security Council, the United Nations, the Arab League and the neighboring countries, which include Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, the Security Council statement and the American, British, French and Russian positions on the need to respect sovereignty, Iraq and the failure to approve the referendum of Kurdistan and rejected the consequences and consequences of it. "
  9. There is another: في مداخلة ألحد االعالميني بان النظام الكونفدرالي اصلح للعراق , اجاب السيد في االجراءات التي نص عليها الدستور ذاته بان يصوت عليه ثلثا اعضاء مجلس النواب واجراء استفتاء شعبي لكل العراقيني على التعديل Google translation: In a statement by one of the media that the Confederate regime was correct for Iraq, In the procedures provided for in the Constitution itself, by two thirds of the members of the Council MPs and a referendum for all Iraqis on the amendment
  10. Thanks LGD Iraq has been saying they are going to delete the zeros and they are not suffering from Hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is not the issue. The deletion results from Turkey's actions are the same as the CBI's results as it pertains to this post: Turkey: " A small container of orange juice that once cost 1,900,000 lira will now put customers back 1.90 new Turkish lira." Iraq CBI: "As long as the amount of new smaller numbered money covers the trading of the same amount of products" The result is the same. This fact is all I am trying to provide.
  11. I think the info below shows that another country thought it was a good thing. Iraq's neighbor, Turkey cut off 6 zeros! I spent some time investigating Turkey's solution to their 6 zeros problem: Turkey's Money Loses Its Zeros With the new year, Turkey got a new currency with a lot fewer zeros on it. The New Turkish Lira marks an end to decades of hyperinflation that, before the changeover, had a simple latte costing around four million. Turkey's money has shed some of those pesky digits The new money looks quite like the old. The colors of the bills haven't changed and a picture of the founder of the modern Turkish state, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, still graces both notes and coins. But what's missing are the six zeros on every bill, which meant almost everyone in Turkey was a millionaire or billionaire, even if they weren't rich. Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan "We are very happy to have rid Turkey of such a shame, of multi-zeroed banknotes," Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan told reporters after he drew some of the new currency from a bank machine. "We are happy to reinstate the dignity of the Turkish lira." The sky-high denominations of Turkey's old money -- the smallest coin in general circulation was worth 50,000 -- was something of a national disgrace for the country, representing out-of-control inflation and repeated economic crises. During the 1950's, one dollar was worth 2.8 lira. But at the end of 2004, 1,350,000 lira were necessary to buy one greenback. In 2001, during one of Turkey's worst-ever economic meltdowns, inflation hit 70 percent. "The Turkish lira has been like funny money … and now at least in cosmetic terms it will look like a real currency," Tevfik Aksoy, chief economist in Turkey for Deutsche Bank, told the Associated Press. Copies of Turkey's new coins By chopping off the six zeros, coins, long almost worthless, will come back into widespread use. A small container of orange juice that once cost 1,900,000 lira will now put customers back 1.90 new Turkish lira. Economic turnaround While a new currency has been a Turkish goal for years, the government only put a transition program into effect last year, since for the first time in decades, the inflation level returned to single-digit territory, 9 percent. Behind the change is Turkey's astonishing economic progress over the past few years, helped along by the country's sticking to a $16 billion (€12 billion) austerity plan put together by the International Monetary Union. It was one of the factors that helped convince EU leaders in December to open up accession talks with the mainly Muslim country this coming October. Grappling with the new Shoppers first got a taste of the new currency on New Year's morning, and many seemed amazed by the small denominations. "I'm a little bit confused about the whole thing," said one woman. "I'm so used to the six zeros." Cooks prepare food under signs that show prices in both old and new Turkish lira. But according to financial experts, the transition has gone over fairly smoothly. Prices in both the old and new lira will be posted in stores and consumers can still use the old-style money for a year. While there aren't any firm accusations of price gouging yet, some sellers are using the transition to raise their prices. It recalls widespread perceptions in Europe that many retailers did the same during the transition to the euro in 2002. "Before we sold (these necklaces) for two and a half. Now we'll ask for three," said one grinning seller at an Istanbul market. "It's not a price hike, they were just too cheap before."
  12. Yes, the PDF is on the new CBI website. ( item # 7, Restructuring of the Iraqi currency )
  13. I put this pdf through BING transator and got this: I. At the horizontal level: delete the three zeros -Transfer 30 trillion dinars to $30 billion by deleting three zeros of currency The current and replace it with a new currency which makes it easier to deal with numbers that are less numerous At the level of federal budget accounts, bank budgets and Schat, as well as Balancing the family's cash (individuals) without arranging any change or alteration to income or wealth Cash for natural and moral persons as well as non-impact on engagements Obligations between natural and juridical persons are a blight. He's been shot by generating a function. Homogeneous mathematical degree zero Degree of Function homogenous, As long as the new money is illiterate, the smallest number covers the commodity package exchange itself. now I'm totally bummed
  14. I tried 3 different translators - same results اولا- على المستوى الافقي : حذف الاصفار الثلاثة- تحويل 30 ترليون دينار الى 30 مليار دولار عن طريق حذف ثلاثة اصفار من العملةالحالية واستبدالها بعملة جديدة مما يسهل التعامل الحسابي مع ارقام هي اقل عدداعلى صعيد حسابات الموازنة الاتحادية ، موازنات البنوك والشرآات فضلا عنموازنة الاسرة النقدية (الافراد) دون ان يرتب اي تغيير او تبدل على الدخل او الثروةالنقدية للاشخاص الطبيعية والمعنوية فضلا عن عدم تأثيره على التعاقداتوالالتزامات بين الاشخاص الطبيعيين والمعنويين آافة. وهو مايطلق عليه بتوليد دالةرياضية متجانسة من الدرجة الصفر Zero Degree of Function Homogenous،طالما ان آمية النقود الجديدة الاصغر رقما تغطي في التبادل الحزمة السلعية نفسها

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