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  1. If you want to attach Investors then the money has to rise to a level that can make money,the return here is too small,so the Governor is right raise the money too a better balance
  2. Yota you always give good info.
  3. Sence these Companys like GID and Sterling are being looked at by the FBI how good are mine.
  4. Babylon is the world Empier of false Religon, in the 20 chapter of Rev it talks about that, they have a kingdom over the King of the earth. The people who are the most knowlageible are Jehovah's Witnesses go to they have the best Research tools there.
  5. This is all Crazy stuff , I try not to let it destact me,what ever happen to a one dinar bill, Raise the value and we are problem.
  6. When they start to print the One Dinar bill I think it's time to revalue
  7. When the oil revenues are shared with the people,do they have to rv's first, What is your take.
  8. Adam I am In Agreement with everything you said,I don't comment much I don't think people really care much what I say, But you hit the male on the head, good post worth waiting for "Denny".
  9. Thanks yota I read Everthing you put out .
  10. This is funny comming from yota , I will keep my money too.
  11. #2 looks like a farewell reply butAdam it's all cool with me.
  12. One day you will wake up and see the money. In the mean time listen to some music , sound cloud the denster
  13. I don't commit much here , But I think things are changing for the better, I do look here every day.
  14. Yes i have seen him on highway #3 upper calif , he gets lost quick.