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  1. denster

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 October 2018

    I waiting 😛 it will be interesting to meet you Adam.
  2. This is the way it was , Not the way it’s going to be. Things have changed 😎
  3. denster

    New mall for Iraq as economy grows

    I just wanted to reply here this Babylon that’s in Iraq 🇮🇶 is not the same as , the Babylon that’s spoken off in Rev 18 . The old Babylon fell in 607 BCE . That’s the one in Iraq 🇮🇶. Revelation 17:18 talks about god put a thought into the heart of the leaders of the nations to turn on the modern day Babylon the great , it is a world Empire of false Religion you can find it in chapter 18 -19 -20 I don’t usually talk biblical things here on the Dv site but I talk truthful things sense the subject came up . When Adam started this site ,I don’t think he wanted to get into these thing.
  4. denster

    New mall for Iraq as economy grows

    Botswana gave the right information on Babylon
  5. denster

    CBI News 05/27/2018

    I think your right the oil prices seem to float once it is set at a good rate then float around thats what they do with the stock market.
  6. GID emailed me and said they were low on dinars and if i wanted some they would be at a higher rate . They will go up in price .
  7. I see all this happening,do you think they talk about raising The money 💰 a good value
  8. I didn't think this was going the right direction,I've been on standby for a wile
  9. If you want to attach Investors then the money has to rise to a level that can make money,the return here is too small,so the Governor is right raise the money too a better balance
  10. denster

    RV Text message service

    This is a return texts we may be surprised when this thing happens
  11. denster

    New CBI Announcement 11/28/2016

    Yota you always give good info.
  12. denster

    Atlanta News Article Wed p.m. June 10

    Sence these Companys like GID and Sterling are being looked at by the FBI how good are mine.
  13. denster

    Babylon the Great

    Babylon is the world Empier of false Religon, in the 20 chapter of Rev it talks about that, they have a kingdom over the King of the earth. The people who are the most knowlageible are Jehovah's Witnesses go to they have the best Research tools there.
  14. This is all Crazy stuff , I try not to let it destact me,what ever happen to a one dinar bill, Raise the value and we are problem.

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