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  1. My take on this is that they can lower the price of the dinar , but it don't make any since why they can't rise the price it doesn't sound like a good RV we still have a long time , but don't hold me to it , they could go the other way UP.
  2. All this makes me wonder at the same time Treasurey Vault raised the buy back dinar , from$8.10 dollars to 8.75 dollars Why would they do that unless there is something behind it.
  3. It looks like we are on the road for a long wait, sanctions on Iraq could hold us up for a long time if this is true.
  4. So with a war is this going to stop an RV
  5. I must clarify a statement I made the other day, if they drop the 000.83 you would have $8030.000 you won't go broke. Plus you are holding $25000 thousand dollars notes.
  6. I don't believe the raseing of ooo.83 will break you , thats.83 or 83 cents to the dollar. If you have a million, you will have $800 and 30,000 thousand dollars
  7. It's funny reading all these post, I believe they would have to remove 000 zero's anyway to revalue the money, then the number would be small like 83 to 85 cents to the Dollar, then raise the valve. What do you think.
  8. I know a man from Iraq, who told me to buy some dinars and one day I would be well to do . Just a thought, Friends.
  9. Don't lose confidence in the Dinar it will come up in valve, they are already to low. The oil country's around them have high valve to there money ,
  10. I have a question for the group What effect do the Iranian militias have I on an RV
  11. I just started with Diversified Robotics and have ask all the right Questions, and found out that the walls of protection are layered in a way that the hot system they built is strong, Dezined by and CEO of Diversified Robotics for more info contact Denster .
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