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  1. Thank You , hope it's good news
  2. Ok , so the OPEC meeting is over, now what? what are we looking for? what can we expect? can someone explain in plain english please? thanks to Adam for all his hard work

    as for myself, i see closing vip post rv to a story in the bible, some may have read it, about Noah { may just be me though } thanks Adam for the opportunity to come along for the ride with you, look forward to the future whatever it holds
  4. We Have A Date.

    WHAT???????????? NO RATE TO GO WITH THAT BURGER????????
  5. Questions For Adam's Update 12-14-2016

    Just curious, we were all hot and bothered and on the edge of our seats a couple weeks ago, now nothing. Are you hearing anything you can share with us? Many of us wait to hear from you oh wise one. Thanks to you and the mods for all you do do . oops a funny
  6. Adam Montana MONDAY 28 NOV

    Great news thanks
  7. Question about Mod Review

    I troll , but in a boat, with a lure
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 5 October 2016

    hahahaha oct 8th is also my birthday , would be a great birthday present
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 21 Sept 2016

    hope all is well mr. adam, you have a large extended family here if you need anything all you have to do is ask
  10. name reserve

    I am having problems with getting a name reserve , can a mod , or adam please message me , I have sent numerous e-mails to support , but have gotten no response
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 31 August 2016

    just spill the beans already....we wont tell lol
  12. Questions For Adam's Update 8-31-2016

    i am a vip member, but i am not comfortable with doing the offshore thing,so i will be cashing in and taking my tax lumps and moving on. my question is if it rv's at .10 and is on a float be it managed or free, will it be like the stock market where it may rise or fall in value? or will it it just rise ? i ask that because i may have to cash in part of what i hold to get out of some strangling debt,then wait and cash in the rest later. thanks
  13. Adam Montana Weekly 20 July 2016

    so what exactly if you can share is left to get the HCL done,was there not an agreement made sometime back as to the specifics of it? if so why do you think they have not made it into a law?
  14. spoke too on my end back to the dragging again, oh well i know it will be fixed soon

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