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  1. I hope you are right, Sandfly. It sometimes feels like that slippery snake can get away with anything and everything.
  2. I'm glad I didn't see this early this morning. It might have pushed me over the edge when dealing with my boss today. Guaranteed if this happens and I can afford to pay off my house, I will be gone so fast her head will spin (and she will wonder why she hears Johnny Paycheck in the background).
  3. I pray you are right! My heart believes you are correct but my brain says that this is Iraq. They've had forward motion before and then come to a complete stop. (Please be right! Please be right!)
  4. I may have trouble sleeping this weekend. This is the first weekend in years that I have felt that way. Here's hoping!!! Happy New Year!
  5. I know what the official timeframe was for them to return, but under Abadi, I have seen them come back to do a few things and then recess again. That's what I am hoping for here. The article was pretty clear on Next Sunday, which has always meant "this" Sunday in previous articles. I promise not to be too broken hearted if they work this weekend and get it done.
  6. Cashing in would make for a lovely Christmas present.
  7. Might I recommend the Dallas VA hospital? it's known for being the finest worst VA hospital in America - by their own ranking system! Maliki could make himself quite at home. With their excellent care, he'd be out of there in no time (even if it's in a body bag).
  8. lobster = fowl language Step away from the pot.... We love you Mr. Parrot..... follow the crackers back to your friends and away from the tank....
  9. They need this. I'm glad to hear it's happening.
  10. Maybe i am reading this too early in the morning but does anyone get a sense of when tbis will be discussed in parliament? (Drops mic and looks for coffee)
  11. Ok, so let's see it already. Quit talking about it and just do it.
  12. Laidback, sounds like your grandfather was a wise man!

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