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    woodworking,motorcycles, fishing in the gulf,gym time,enjoy working on aircraft,private & military jet
  1. Jose

    Your Best Years ARE ahead of you!

    girl your such a breath of fresh air. Just now starting to feel the effects of my younger years, working out regular helps ease the sprains broken ribs and so forth but as long as ican ride my cruiser and listen to some old gold on the way to the fishing spot, ill be one happy dude.
  2. Jose

    Good Music from the 70's

    Its so cool to hear that the younger generation of today [Tiffany 23] enjoys listening to the music i grew up with in my teen years. While everyone around was listening to spanish music i enjoyed soft rock and some zz top, van halen etc.
  3. No wonder im allways in trouble. Twenty three years of trying to figure out my wife i thought i had it figured out . THen one day she told me to shut up and i thought she meant stand up. lights went out for a couple of hours. lol
  4. Original spike Hello a couple off years ago after reading about a company that was selling these chips you mentioned , used to keep track of cattle and how much they consume {feed, water ,etc] . i wasn't to concerned about it. THen a couple of days later while researching some tech company stocks to invest in the same company showed up. several million chips had been ordered by an agency for again to keep track of cattle. well like i said this was a copuple of years ago. Two weeks ago as i was driving to the store listening to the radio i heard a talk show host speaking of how some people have already had these chips put in them without knowing. Same company name came up again. sorry for not being much of a writer. company name verichip.
  5. If my relatives want to get reaquainted i hope they are good swimmers.
  6. excactly, The only thing i want to worry about is whats the weather going to be like early in the morning when i ride my motorcycle out to the coast when i go fishing the rest of the day in my new boat.
  7. Jose

    Preparing the people

    I found Adams book very informative and helpfull to get started then looking at news and browsing the web on the subject. And of course there are a lot of helpful people on this sight, as well as some with a good sense of humor.
  8. Jose

    Ratio 16-1

    Smaller bars if you plan to hold a resell, silver eagles in case the dollar crashes since silver coins are recognized all over the world
  9. good morning to you all and thanks for making this an enjoyable morning.
  10. Jose

    Veitnamese Dong

    Poin taken. If not in my lifetime maybe my sons. Enjoy reading your posts. later
  11. Jose

    Veitnamese Dong

    Just read three positive articles on asian markets in another site that deals with currency news. Are we allowed to post other website names here?
  12. And he is probably just one of them.
  13. Jose

    Ullminati Society

    Wonder if they tie in with the Rothchilds,Rockefellers,Trilateral commision and all the other groups or societies.
  14. Jose

    Mop and Deflators

    always enjoy reading your posts scooter. they bring much hope (Having Only Positive Expectations).

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