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  1. You can hear it! The link won't work because you can't promote other sites. Go directly to blogtalk radio and put in a search for "dinar", and it brings up all calls related to it.. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/dinar/
  2. Similar news: http://tinyurl.com/6kabx6j Sumerian news/Baghdad The Iraqi Government has passed a budget this year Sunday, unmodified after increasing three billion dollars to become worth 81 $ 9.3 billion, with a deficit worth $ 13.3 billion, a Government spokesman confirmed that the Cabinet Finance Minister grants authority to borrow from the World Bank and IMF. And the Iraqi Government spokesman Ali Dabbagh said in an interview for "Sumerian news," the Cabinet of Ministers approved at an extraordinary session, held on Sunday, to counterbalance the year 2011, valued 96.6 trillion dinars ($ 81.9 billion), after you make modifications and the addition of three billion dollars. " Dabbagh said that "balancing operational expenses included, i.e. salaries and wages in particular, rose $ 56.4 billion, while capital spending of $ 25.4 billion, total income estimated 68.6 billion dollars on the basis of the export of 2.2 million barrels per day at $ 76.5 barrel including 100,000 barrels of Kurdistan". Dabbagh said that "the value of deficit 15.7 trillion dinars ($ 13.3 billion), which will be covered from recycled surplus amounts in the balance 2010, internal and external borrowing and savings realized from increasing oil prices." In another context Dabbagh said that "the Council of Ministers the granting of Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi power to borrow $ 4.5 billion from the IMF, and $ 2 billion from Bank". Cabinet decided, at its regular meeting, held on 26 September, to approve the allocation of $ 900 million to buy aircraft F 16, on the amendments in the budget bill for fiscal 2011, also agreed to amend a barrel to $ 76.5 million establishments and 200,000 barrels per day. Cabinet approved early last month, the general budget for the year 2011 deficit of $ 12 billion will be borne of amounts recycled last year budget and borrowing both internally and externally, stating that the projected revenue estimated at $ 66.7 billion expenditure amounted to 78.7 billion, or $ 12 billion dollar deficit, as the computation of income from export of crude oil at a rate of 37 per barrel averaging 2 to 250 thousand barrels per day, including 150,000 barrels of crude oil exported from Kurdistan. Sumerian news was received, last month, the amended version of the draft general budget law of the Federal Republic of Iraq to FY 2011 final amended after adding speculative cost hosting Arab Summit in Baghdad. Bill amended to keep federal public budget revenue estimates for FY 2011 amount former (78.705.237.500.000) BD (seven hundred seventy-eight tirlion five billion two hundred and thirty-seven million five hundred thousand dinars) as key accounts, but the increase in budget deficits and expenditure so allocated $ ( tirlion (ninety-four hundred and five thousand and ninety billion and fifty-nine million, six hundred and thirteen thousand dinars for FY 2011 parses as (field 3 total expenditures) (table b expenditure by ministries) of the Act. The draft budget before the amendment stipulates that are allocated an amount of (92.980.582.970.000) two ninety nine tirilion and 180 billion, eight hundred and fifty million, and seven and ninety thousand dinars for FY 2011 parses as (field 3 total expenditures) (table b expenditure by ministries) of the Act. As Bill calculation of revenue resulting from the export of crude oil on the basis of the average price of $ 73 a barrel, and the average export capacity (2250000) barrels per day ($ 150,000) barrels on income derived from crude oil exports by province of Kurdistan. The Bill also provided that ministries and bodies that are not linked to the Ministry by being "closer" all amounts of cash grants, obtained under agreements with foreign Governments or institutions, as income to the federal Treasury and the Federal Ministry of finance for reassignment for purposes which have been granted, in coordination with the Federal Ministry of planning. The project must be credited all amounts of cash that you get ministries and bodies that are not linked to the Ministry and irregular provinces province, after acceptance of the Cabinet, whether from foreign sources, Federal Minister of finance to the Federal Minister of finance for allocation of funds of the Ministry or the non-Exchange Department in accordance with the purposes for which was granted.
  3. <<a big safe, a giant pile of cash>> Seriously? are people going to be walking out of a building with millions of $? I hope not.
  4. overall capital gains in all areas is 69% to boost the economy. Your taxes are based on your income ect... The stratigy is to increase taxes on the people who are making money. Therefore.. the Bush admins has expired and the new taxes started today. DOES it not make sense our taxes will improve the economy????? US gets higher taxes and our new found wealth as we spend it here. ************************************************************************************************ Bush tax cuts were EXTENDED: http://www.fitsnews.com/2010/12/17/bush-tax-cuts-extended/ Thought for Capital gains you had to have your investment for 3 years (?)
  5. im "hopin so" lol bad that this changes are for something good to come in the very near future

  6. Hi again. My email add is bpazativ @ embarqmail .com. Give me a shout out whenever. Talked with my brother just now and he told me that Fed ex is not delivering orders anymore. UPS hasn't delivered for a while. Could be a good sign. Cbi website is down. I am excited. Anyway hope you had a wonderful Christmas. God Bless

  7. I tried the "click here to email me" and got a message that I have to be VIP?

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I thought of you a week ago or so, when we were eating at a buffet in Vegas (when my daughter was flying in). We got a phone call from a dinar friend who was excited about things lining up for the RV to take place any time now. I wish there was a way to privately give you my phone # or email to be in touch when it does take place. Exciting times!

  9. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. God Bless

  10. If your still conflicted/confused visit the site and look for the Safe Keeping tab on the left site of the home page. I hadn't noticed that tab before. Has this changed recently there?? Safe Keeping Application We are currently not offering any new Safe Keeping orders. If you are an existing customer, your account is still active and your Dinars will remain in Safe Keeping. If you wish to login to your account, kindly click the following address: https://www.dinartrade.com/customer In answers to your question. i work at a credit union here in Utah. We do not insure what is kept in safety deposit boxes. If a fire were to happen there is no way of proving what was in the safety deposit box therefore you are out of luck. Just a little warning. Other financial institutions may do it differently. Hmm, learning quite a few tidbits on this thread! Best not to assume, best to ask for sure. Thanks.
  11. key word- WOULD (hoping so anyhow Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki also addressed the congress, indicating that a new Iraqi government would be formed by the constitutional deadline of Dec. 25th. Prime Minister Maliki's comments indicated that he may be having some difficulty in putting together his cabinet, despite assurances that he would meet the Dec. 25th deadline. http://www.voanews.com/english/news/Iraqis-Kurdish-Leader-Calls-for-Self-Determination----111720604.html
  12. A wondering I've had too, is maybe it will RV prior to this, and then Joe Biden's going to be taking the credit for all they've done to make it happen. I couldn't think of a better Christmas surprise for my twins that both need money for Grad School. How nice would it be to not have to worry about paying back student loans!
  13. Further down in that link: Ambassador Rice: Well, with respect to Iraq, you may note that there are a number of Iraq related issues and events that naturally fall on the Council’s calendar in the month of December: DFI, UNAMI, Oil for Food—all these issues are there, and in light of the recent progress that has been made politically in Iraq, we thought, as Council president, that this offered an opportunity to consolidate discussion of these issues into a high-level event, which is in effect the equivalent of our thematic debate for the month, and invited Vice President Biden and senior counterparts from capitals to participate. And we’re looking very much forward to that. We think it’s timely and an appropriate opportunity to focus Council attention and higher-level Council attention to the progress in Iraq.
  14. Let me begin by saying that on December 15 we will have a high level event on Iraq, we’re very pleased that Vice President Joe Biden will come to the United Nations to chair this meeting on Iraq in the Security Council. It’s an important opportunity for the international community to recognize the very real progress that Iraq has made, both in terms of government formation, as well as the significant steps that have been taken to terminate its Chapter VII obligations http://usun.state.gov/briefing/statements/2010/152309.htm
  15. I RECIEVED A PHONE CALL SAT AT. 2:30 MY PEOPLE ARE TELLNG ME THEY THINK THAT THEY RV AT 3.87 . AND WE WILL SEE THIS ON FOREX MONDAY MORNING. It's Sunday night here, but it's Monday morning in Iraq. Forex has dropped to 1131.50. What makes the most sense to me, is Joe Biden's announcement on Iraq at the Security Council Meeting on Dec. 15th.