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  1. Pd has proven that kuwait and Jordan banks are trading under limited circumstances. They had a cc at noon explaining the situations and confirming with there contacts.. Or y'all can just keep kicking the can around here. Haha jk. Cheers
  2. Hahahaha . And you just joined yesterday!!! Welcome 
  3. Ford, GM seem good to buy..
  4. So true! Thanks so much!
  5. I'm Sure this is all part of the plan, don't freak out.. Rate given on the 7th, Gov back in session on the 9th, cash in for us on the 10th!! Hopefully
  6. Not buying that... All banks will be begging you to cash in with them. This info is probably from a low level employee that got info from higher up to curb speculation.
  7. Wow! This sounds great. Like they want to get it ALL done tomorrow!
  8. I trust this dude with my wife . Hahaha
  9. To bad monsanto already beat them to it!
  10. Forex will have a spread.. Cool though.
  11. Why would it not be logical to think he is saying a 100 dinar note at 1000 times the value.? I'm pretty sure that's what he means. These translations can be tricky!
  12. Glad to see peeps supporting alex! He only wants the best for the world and our kids.
  13. Suck on that don't promote other sites!! 