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  1. pal, there is a backscreen at banks im not saying there pinging, but there are screens! I wish i knew what you thought you knew and i would be a rocket scientist.
  2. well einstein, when do you think it will happen? you seem to know so dam much
  3. Im looking to helping out a salesman at the local ferrari dealership lol
  4. lol so adam said it, its the gospel. lol no one knows not even the great almighty adam If I was half as smart as you thought you was I would be a rocket scholars teacher!!!
  5. okie is as good as the other liars why single him out? lol
  6. speedy1


    you can buy at 5/3
  7. If it comes at a dime you made out like a bandit!!!!!!! take it for what its worth. it will be alot more than that just dont be greedy.
  8. its really him and i kinda always semi believed him
  9. man we said the same dam thing today, i agree
  10. that is not good I dont care how you look at it
  11. speedy1


    It does have a date on the very 1st post
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