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    Anyone know what percentage of Americans hold the dinar? Any guesses? Just wondering.
  2. I can't believe I actually took the time to read this. I saw the title, "What The Heck Is Going On? IQD Is Over $16 on iQ Cards??" $16!!! And I still took the time to read it. They even misspelled the word Qi.
  3. Selling Dinar

    Same here. Thank you for the quick easy transaction, USAWon!
  4. Selling Dinar

    What's your email?
  5. Obama Plan To Take Our IQD To Fund ObamaCare.

    I would describe this rumor as the great chef Gordon Ramsey once described one of the dishes his student had made: "That looks like crap on top of crap on top of crap."
  6. 1 Million Dinar for sale - Pensacola

    email me at
  7. 1 Million Dinar for sale - Pensacola

    I am actually originally from Pensacola. Went to Catholic High. But no I am in Colorado.
  8. 1 Million Dinar for sale - Pensacola

    I'll take it if you take paypal.
  9. CitiBank Exchanging Right Now At 21/2 Cents.

    Even if this were true the math would be wrong. If 1 million iqd equals $250k then that means the 1 iqd is 25 cents not 2 1/2 cents. At 25 cents (or .25 dollars) I would be exchanging some too!
  10. 10 Mil for Sale - Birmingham, AL

    Ok, sent.
  11. 10 Mil for Sale - Birmingham, AL

    Ok, what's your paypal account?
  12. 10 Mil for Sale - Birmingham, AL

    I'd like to buy 1 mill if you do paypal
  13. 4 Mil

    If there is a million left after everyone else in line I'd like to purchase it via paypal.
  14. Selling

    Are you still selling? I have not gotten the paypal account to pay yet.
  15. Selling

    Let me know where to send the paypal to and I'll send it off.

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