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  1. email me at Thad1812@mail.com
  2. I am actually originally from Pensacola. Went to Catholic High. But no I am in Colorado.
  3. I'll take it if you take paypal.
  4. Even if this were true the math would be wrong. If 1 million iqd equals $250k then that means the 1 iqd is 25 cents not 2 1/2 cents. At 25 cents (or .25 dollars) I would be exchanging some too!
  5. Ok, sent.
  6. Ok, what's your paypal account?
  7. I'd like to buy 1 mill if you do paypal
  8. If there is a million left after everyone else in line I'd like to purchase it via paypal.
  9. Are you still selling? I have not gotten the paypal account to pay yet.
  10. Let me know where to send the paypal to and I'll send it off.
  11. I'll buy a million via paypal if that works for you.
  12. Do you still have dinar to sell?
  13. What kind of an effect would that have on an increase in the value of the IQD?
  14. I think that puts those bills in the fake category beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  15. There is a way to tell that the picture is fake by just glancing at it. The "25 dinar" has the english side showing. The bottom of the dinar where the value is spelled out in letters should say "Twenty Five Dinars." But the first two letters appear to be "Fi." It may spell out five but you would need the Twenty in front. A 3rd grader let alone a bank wouldn't make a mistake like that.