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Iraqi News Iranian Forces violate Iraqi borders

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Not good. Why can't they just blow away? More drama to stop the RV.

This incident is not going to blow the RV. Iran likes to antagonize. IMO Iran doesn't want a strong Iraq because it will cause more problems within their own country and they'll have to resort to banning the media while they kill protesters.

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I think that you might find that this is a good thing ... after all, they removed barriers and stepped one meter into Iraq ... the last time that they did something like this oil prices went up dramatically. With the inverse relationship of the dollar vs oil ... IMO it sets this up to be a prime opportunity FOR revaluation not to stall it. I agree that an incursion deep into Iraq with a number of heavily armed, motorized battalions would obviously be detrimental ... but this smells more like a ploy ... I mean, come on, ONE METER! It opens a window if not a door of opportunity without any real afront.

Besides, if you think everything in the news with regard to Iraq is going to be/has to be "perfect" for RV ... you are going to have a very long wait ... ask yourself, when has it ever been perfect in Iraq?

Lets wait and see if oil isn't up on Monday amidst scares featuring this "incident" and see if all of our prayers aren't answered mid to late week. Just a thought.

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