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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

The Story of Your Enslavement


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Don't worry about the negative comments Deb. The investment in the paradigm is so deeply ingrained for some, it is impossible for them to shift their perception. Its an excellent video.

Hmm? Guess I won't check it out, then.

Not like you to be so sheepish E.

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By passed the evolution dribble and went to the enslavement part.

The message was lost in the arrogance of the narrator.

How to "leave the farm"?

What are they saying, suicide?

No, we need to take the farm back and get rid of the "farmers"

Yes, everyone that has any honesty left realizes we are in trouble, and that the main source of our trouble is the government itself.

If the government refuses to enforce ethics within itself, then how can we expect it to enforce ethics in the global corporations?

Any attempts to penalize those large corporations has resulted in hurting the millions of small local companies that were the true backbone of America.

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