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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong...what else?


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I agree if you could play that just right you could do well. I know someone who thinks that the dong will go first but believes that the window of opportunity will be so small, if you aren't positioned AND attentive you will miss it. Of course this is all just speculation and there is no factual info on which to base this. And so we wait.

I've read that the Dong will just continue to grow in value as the economy over there continues to grow (and America's continues to fade). I have a little stash of VND but if the dinar comes through, I'll be buying a big stash - if it's available. I got a million for $60 from a local bank.

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We know the Iraqi Dinar is on the verge of a huge revaluation. We also have some pretty good info that Vietnamese Dong will go big. What are the other currencies that will show more (or are rumored to revalue more) than a 10x revalue rate? Anyone have an inside track on this?

In case these other currencies don't revalue at the exact same time, I'd like to know what other currencies I can reinvest the returns into to double-dip on this basket of currency restructure/revaluation.

Thanks and Go RV!!!

the Afghan is being set up as next big rv in 1950 it had a value of $1.70 to the usd....before lithuim and adjustment for inflation

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