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  1. I saved a ton of money on my car insurance. I sold my vehcile and bought more dinar with the proceeds.
  2. I've read that the Dong will just continue to grow in value as the economy over there continues to grow (and America's continues to fade). I have a little stash of VND but if the dinar comes through, I'll be buying a big stash - if it's available. I got a million for $60 from a local bank.
  3. I'm with you on this one. If one of these currencies creates a windfall - why not risk a little of the profits on another currency which might do the same thing? I heard somebody mentioning Libya and Afghanistan. I'm not sure about other revalues - but it might be a foregone conclusion that having foreign currency when the US dollar takes a dive would not be a bad thing - so Swiss Francs and Chinese Juan and Japanese Yen have been mentioned in that regard. But for those who have dinar but no dong - if the dinar revalues first, you'd be a fool not to invest in dong. And vice versa.
  4. In fact - if you look at Adam's last chat, he said he's afraid nothing will be done until after Ramadan. Not good news there, but I don't think we'll have to wait that long.
  5. The problem might be that they upgraded their site and introduced some programming errors. On the other hand, they might have done that intentionally to look like they had made such an unsuccessful upgrade. Bottom line is that they are unavailable to sell any dinar or dong right now. If they thought a revalue was imminent, it would make sense for them to go "offline" in some fashion while it's happening.
  6. Maybe I'm being stupid here but I don't get it. If lifting the debt ceiling takes us into no man's land where the interest we owe exceeds our ability to pay it off: Why would the US - if the treasury indeed holds trillions of dinars - stop an rv which could reduce the debt we have to the point we are way below our current ceiling?? And then the additional taxes that are collected will add even additional funds to the US coffers. The logical answers: #1 - we are not stopping it so we have to scramble to meet the debt ceiling deadline. #2 - Obama wants the econcomy to fail either to allow the one world government to become a reality with US resistance - or so Obama can push his Marxist reform.
  7. I don't have to Google it. I read the book 40 years ago when I was in college. A customer gave me a copy at the store where I worked. Interesting stuff - much of it hard to swallow - but I've seen plenty of evidence of the coming of a one-world government. It would be a Brave New World but wouldn't be a pretty world.
  8. I listened the other day to a broadcast that revealed a strategy that had been compiled by a couple of socialist professor types on how to bring down the United States through debt accumulation and poor fiscal policies. The people presenting the documentation indicated that Obama is pretty much doing things according to their plan. Is it possible that Obama does not wish for the dinar to revalue and rescue the American economy (for a season anyway)? Lifting the debt ceiling would not have to be done in that eventuality - if the US truly has trillons of dinars. And raising the debt ceilng above the point where the govt can even make the interest payments on the debt seems to be the last nail in the coffin. Just thinking aloud here. From the peanut gallery, it does seem to me that a master scheme has been orchestrated to convert the US to socialism. The Trojan Horse has been pulled inside the gates of the city. Can even God stop it now? Watch the events unfold and be amazed. I sincerely hope one of them is the changing of the world economy through a dinar reval.
  9. I just called the 5/3 bank near my home and asked about rates for Dong and dinar. They no longer sell Dinar and the buyback price was $600+ per million. I can get $800 from DinarBanker so I was very disappointed with the discrepancy. To buy 100 million Dong it would be $6000 whereas to buy it at DinarBanker is $9000. This mixed bag of results left me shaking my head about where to get the best exchange rates. In any case, I established that this bank is unaware of any rv.
  10. Kim Clement did not mention the month of July. He said summer. Frank was the one who pulled July out of that prophecy. Again this weekend we got nothing. The something will appear suddenly. I'm predicting August.
  11. Not so fast! I won't be cashing in if the rate is much below a dollar. And if it is around a dollar, I'm not cashing it all in. Thanks for the post. I'm going to call my 5/3 bank on Monday and ak them about that and ask if they sell Vietnamese dong.
  12. [OKIE OIL MAN] I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTE---THAT IS FAITH---1ST IN OUR FATHER--SAVIOR---HOLY SPIRIT---AND DINAR SHOULD BE BEHIND COUNTRY FAMILY AND CHARITY [OKIE OIL MAN] THIS AFTERNOON WOULD BE AN EXCELLENT TIME IF YOUR INDOORS TO SHUT OFF THE COMPUTER AND DO SOME READING IN YOUR BIBLE Okie made these two statements of weight here. The poor guy is the butt of all the criticism of people who have no source of intelligence other than people like Okie. He has contacts feeding him information - so most of the stuff originates from the testimony of his witnesses. He might be relying on the reliability of these witnesses a little too much but he can hardly be accused of being a pumper. I think we all should take his advice and chill out. This thing is going to happen when it happens and none of us can expedite it by reading or posting about the latest events and rumors.
  13. Where do you get that kind of action? You'd want to be sure there is not much possibility of default. That would rule out several municipalities.
  14. I don't have confidence in keeping my money in US dollars. After we cash in on the Iraqi Dinar revaluation, what are the best options for making safe investments? #1 - gold? #2 - silver? #3 - another metal? #4 - Chinese Currency? #5 - Vietnamese Dong? #6 - Silver stocks? #7 - Swiss francs? #8 Israeli government bonds. #9 - Israeli oil company stock. I've been contemplating all of the above. Anybody have feedback on any of these channels? Any other things to pursue?
  15. I thought the presence of IQD on Forex indicates that the dinar is recognized and internationally traded??
  16. I've seen reports of 5/3,Chase, and Bank of America. I called the 5/3 bank near me and they are handling dinar. You might try calling around to find a bank.
  17. Tarot cards probably do work sometimes - the devil does have some knowledge. Funny - I've listened to Kim Clement before and I just never could get into his style of speaking. I once heard him prophesy about Ford Stock. Sound familiar? George Robinson also had a word about that. God works in mysterious ways. He's been working in the lives of his believers who have latched on to the dinar. I think he's working in the lives of non believers as well. I just encourage you scoffers to open up your minds and give pause to consider that the universe could not have created itself. You might share in this dinar blessing. Then again, if God supernaturally pulls off this flow of finances to allow his kingdom to expand, he might somehow cause the dinar purchased by scoffers to turn to dust. I'm not predicting that would happen - but if it should, I hope you will wake up and smell the heavenly coffee brewing. The world is changing rapidly. Much of what is happening is unbelievably bad - but some is wonderful. Take your eyes off the ground and discover the wonder of the universe - and the Creator thereof. Please note that Clement did not even know what Dinar was. He said there would be nothing nothing nothing nothing and then something. You've already witnessed that. When you see the something, how will it impact your life. And how does it profit you to gain the world and lose your soul?
  18. Hmmm. Forex was not updated this morning but is now. Showing 1147 bid and 1189 ask. That was at 7:04 Eastern There were two and a half hours for something to change.
  19. Excellent point!! Pumpers would keep you hanging on. If this thing does pop, nobody is going to be angry at the pumpers - except people who gave up and sold their dinary back.
  20. I understand what you're refering to. In my new book I have a chapter entitled The Apostles Greed. But this does not apply to Mr. Robinson. George owned two car dealerships - and has enhanced his personal wealth through lucrative investments. He doesn't take money from the flock - he gives it and gives his time in service.
  21. George Robinson is not a clown, and he's not seeking attention. Have you seen him on this site or any other blowing smoke? He was interviewed on a couple of Christian programs and shared this information that he felt God had given to him (along with info he had received earlier on Ford stock and silver - both of which came out very nicely). It was his intention to share the blessing with some fellow Christians so that they might use the money for the kingdom of God. He has not claimed to be a prophet. He is a man of God - and already rich - so he doesn't need any windfall from the Dinar. The only reason I joined this three ringed circus of the dinar is because of George Robinson. I thought the bickering was bad on a college football forum. The posters in this forum make those football fans look like peacemakers. I've never believed in "get rich" schemes. First of all most of them are pie in the sky and secondly, things we have should be earned. The greed I've seen here as the frothing at the mouth and gnashing of the teeth at the prospect of achieving instant wealth is sickening. Like many lottery winners, some of the people who cash in here - if this ever does happen - will be back to their usual wealth status or worse after a period of time because they don't have enough wisdom to fill a thimble.
  22. I just called. She asked me if I have an account and I said "not yet." She said that they will give cash up to $2000 without having an account there. Basically you can't expect (nor would want to) walk into a bank and walk out with millions of dollars in cash. I have no problem opening an account there. If this pans out I'll need lots of banks to spread the money around to keep it FDIC insured. Looks like the one I called. I dialed 865-985-7853. A gal by the name of Kelly answered. She said they can cash up to $2000 in cash for non-account holding customers.
  23. I just called the closest bank to me (Knoxville) and asked about cashing in Iraqi dinar. They said they could do that. I didn't even mention the potential reval but she brought it up. She said they are aware of the speculation on a reval and might have to change their procedures in that eventuality. She said for large amounts of cash, they'd have to order it.
  24. Hi Happy Girl. Sorry I didn't answer before. He is right on. It was a chat session. I just did a select and copy and pasted the text into a notepad document after he was done. If you want to pm me concerning being friends on facebook, my email is scaramouche9999 at yahoo . God bless!!
  25. Dexter, I will not bash you - though I am going to question what you have done. I pray that you can see the difference. Surely your education in the Assembly of God church included the premise that there is a dark side of the force and that spiritual forces that seek your destruction are waiting for you to give them an opening into your life. King Saul got himself into hot water with God for consulting a fortune teller. My suggestion would be that you spend some time in prayer seeking the Lord's voice in this matter. The valuation of the dinar may dictate where you live next year - but it is far more important where you will live in Eternity. God bless you and keep you!
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