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might be a while

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As all of u can tell I've been here for a while and have heard just about everything from all of our gurus. Some of them really mean well. I want this thing bad bad bad but I have been told by our contractors that are returning fro.m greanzone that this thing is far from being over they are talking years so its depressing to hear these things. The reasons are mainly because the government is so corrupted . I know they are not in the so called know! But reallythats all we really got for true facts. Bottom line yes I believe we will have rv of some sort outlooks like we are in for a long ride yet. Your friend jim.

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just stay positive...the info coming from verifiable sources remain personal opinion is most civilian contractors are not necessarily in an environment where they would be privy to what the government of Iraq does behind closed doors...the same as contractors here, be they truck drivers, steel workers, etc as well as their management people, would not be privy to what our government does behind closed doors...doesn't that seem logical? I wouldn't place any bets on what the contractors say. There are some positive vibes out there. Stay expectant for good news in the near future (no matter how long it takes :) joking) just my worthless opinion

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